Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gajanan meets kartikeya.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gajanan seeing parvati hug kartikeya and he wonders she is my mother, why is she calling him son? Kartikeya and parvati look at ganesh. Ganesh then says is he my elder brother? Parvati smiles and says yes gajanan, he is your elder brother. Son then smiles and is happy, he goes and hugs kartikeya. As kartikeya hugs gajanan, he smiles and thinks my brother is an idol of happiness. But how is he my brother? Son then laughs and says I will get to play with my brother. Parvati says son come with me now, I will give you food. Son says yes mother I am hungry anyway. Parvati and gajanaer?n. Kartikeya says to mahadev, father you had given mother a wish that she would have a son after I defeated tarkasur, but he has an elephant head. How did gajanan become mother’s son and my

brother? Lord Shankar says there is a long story behind that son.
There indra dev is in his court addressing the gods. Sachi is coming with water and thinks what swami did today was wrong, he insulted mata parvati and her son. Indra dev says gods, do you think what I did was right? How can anyone be made a god so easily? It takes karma and proper hard work and dedication to be a god and no one can be made god just by birth. All gods say yes devraj what you did was right, we agree with you. Sachi thinks I am guilty now, I have to ask for forgiveness from mata, swami insulted mata parvati, for the gods, mata parvati and lord Shankar did not have a son so that everyone could be safe and he insulted the entity who sacrificed so much. Sachi goes to the statue of parvati and says mata today I feel sorry for what my prabhu indra dev has done, he insulted you and spoke against making your son a god. Suddenly the trishul falls down from the hand of the statue. Sachi says the trishul fell down, is that a bad sign? She gets scared.
Kartikeya is finding his staff used for fighting and cannot find it. He heads towards his room and then looks behind and thinks there is someone who is following me. Kartiekya goes inside his room and thinks now I know someone is here, I have to be ready to fight whoever it is. Kartikeya looks behind and it is gajanan. Kartikeya says brother you here? Gajanan says yes brother, I came here to meet you and I found this staff. What is this? Kartikeya takes it and says brother it is not something to be played with. I practice with it and fight demons with it. Gajanan says brother such a small nose you have. Gajanan says see brother, look at my nose, it is so beautiful and long, I like it but you have such a small nose. Kartikeya smiles and says okay brother, but it usually is like this only. Gajanan says no brother, you are jealous of me that is why you say that. Kartikeya says why would I be jealous of you? There is nothing with you to be jealous of, you have a huge stomach, I don’t. gajanan then takes an apple and eats it and says look at your body, it looks weak but look at me I eat a lot which is why I am so healthy, mother gives me fruits everyday and I drink milk everyday, see I am so powerful, it seems you should eat this too. kartikeya smiles and says brother my body is like this as warriors need bodies like this only. Gajanan says no you are jealous, he laughs. Gajanan says it is also right that you are jealous because mother loves me more than you, even father loves me more than you, then grandfather and grandmother love me too, and as I am younger than you and your little brother it is obvious that you love me too. kartikeya says yes and smiles. Son then says brother then can I meet your mayor paskhi(bird)? It is so huge and beautiful. Kartikeya thinks he is very clever.
There sindhika is sitting on the throne and says I am the queen and I will eat these sweets and fruits. Suddenly sindhura comes and steps his leg on sindhika’s feet. Sindhika screams in pain and is shocked to see sindhura. Sindhura says what did you think you evil witch that I was dead after going to kailash? Sindhika says no maharaj I arranged these sweets for you only. Sindhura says you lie, I will kill you. Sindhura removes his sword to attack sindhika but she stops and says wait maharaj, I have an idea to kill that child very easily. Sindhura says you better speak up otherwise I will kill you, I hope you are not doing this to save yourself otherwise I will kill you. Sindhika says no maharaj, the thing that can kill that child is that poison that even the tridev cannot drink, even they are not safe from it. Sindhura says that poison? The maha halal kaal kuth poison? Where will you get it? Sindhika says I know the demon jimbha who has that poison. Sindhika then says that time when the devraj indra with the gods and demon king chakravarthi bali with his demons together they all did the churning of the ocean with the mountain, that time the dangerous and indestructible kaal kuth poison was released from the ocean which affected the entire universe. The gods and demons pleaded to tridev to help them, only mahadev could save everyone. In kailash mahadev got up to go and save them but devi parvati stopped him as she was worried for his life. mahadev said don’t worry, I am everything and I am infinity, nothing can ever kill me and I can never die, you have worn this sindoor and mangalsutra for my protection and its meaning will uphold itself. Lord Shankar goes with his trishul and appears above the mountain. He soaks the poison entirely in his hand and then drinks it whole. Sindhika continues and says then devi parvati appeared and she stopped the poison right at mahadev’s neck and said do not gulp it inside anymore. Mahadev then smiles and since then the poison remained as a blue mark on lord shankar’s neck. Sindhura says witch don’t tell me all this, come to the point. Sindhika says maharaj the poison that even mahadev cannot gulp, just think how it will affect his son? A demon at that time had attained a drop of the kaal kuth poison and now she has it, hr name is jimbha and she will help us kill that child. Sindhurs smiles cunningly.

Precap: jimbha is sent to kailash. She puts the poison in gajanan’s milk. Gajanan drinks the milk. There lord Shankar is angry and his eyes become red from anger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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