Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Cobra leader attacks gajanan.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with suveni praying to parvati and says mata parvati have prayed to you a lot and I will still keep doing my harsh prayer to impress you, if you don’t come then I will jump into the burning fire and kill myself. Suveni prays. The demon mouse sees hiding and says suveni will get her wish from devi parvati, I will take advantage of that wish and will use it to kill devi parvati’s son. Suveni keeps praying to mata parvati.
Gajanan goes with the rishi’s to their ashram. The children in the ashram offer fruits to gajanan. Gajann thinks they are so kind, even with less food here they still offered me fruits, I have to help them and stop the cobra snakes. Gajanan goes in the forest, he suddenly comes across a huge cobra having a nagmani on his head. The cobra says kid,

no one is allowed to come here and pass from this place, you will be punished for coming into our territory. All cobras come and surround gajanan. Gajanan thinks these snakes surrounded me. The leader cobra turns to his human form and says you will be killed now kid. Some cobras cover the body of gajanan and hold gajanan.
There suveni says mata I will step into the fire as even after my harsh prayer you have not yet come. Suveni keeps her leg in the fire, suddenly the statue of parvati shines. The demon mouse mushkasur is happy. Paravati comes and says stop suveni. Suveni stops and is happy and she does pranam. Parvati says how will I see my disciple give away her life? parvati says suveni I am impressed from your prayers, now ask whatever you want from me. Suveni is happy and says mata I just wanted your darshan, any person who gets your darshan is lucky and I want only that and nothing else. Mushkasur thinks what? Please ask a wish suveni. Parvati says suveni you prayed to me to meet me, you deserve a wish so ask it. Suveni says mata I don’t need anything but if you want to give me a wish, every woman wants her family to be safe, so when I get married I want a wish that you always protect my husband keep me married. Parvati says tathastu. Suveni is happy. Mushkasur is very happy.
There gajanan is held by the snakes and a cobra comes and says maharaj he is the child who killed our friend snake. Maharaj says what? Gajanan says no I did not kill him. the cobra says yes he only killed him, I saw him kill our friend and then he covered him with mud. Gajanan says I saw the snake as he was already dead but I did not kill him, I just covered him with mud and also extinguished the fire. The leader cobra says shut up kid, we know you have killed our friend, you are an enemy of us snakes and we will not leave you. All snakes say yes you killed our friend, you are our enemy and we will kill you. Gajanan opens his arms and throws away the snakes around his body. They all get hurt. Leader says kid you hurt my snakes, now I will attack your and kill you. The leader with his mouth spits poison on gajanan. Gajanan takes the poison in his hands and easily turns it to ashes. He says I tried to make you understand that I haven’t done anything, you don’t want to listen. Leader says he destroyed my poison. Then the leader with his powers makes a tornado of cobras and attacks on gajanan. Gajanan removes a whip and rotates it in the air throwing all the snakes on the ground, the snakes get hurt and are injured. Gajanan attacks the leader. The leader runs away with his snakes to shesh naag.
There parvati says to suveni that in the direction where she will throw flowers, in that direction the first man she sees will be her husband. Suveni says yes mata, parvati grants suveni a flower garland and goes. Suveni picks flowers and closes her eyes and throws the flowers. The flowers fly in the air, in that direction a prince comes. mushkasur sees him and says I cannot let him be suveni’s husband. Mushkasur turns into a rat and attacks the prince making him unconscious and puts him behind a tree. The floers fall on mushkasur. Suveni opens her eyes and is shocked to see mushkasur. She says he is so ugly looking, mata chose him as my husband? Suveni is sad but says if mata has chosen him then I will marry him. suveni puts the garland on mushkasur. Mushkasur turns to his human form. Suveni accepts him and smiles. Then they both go to suveni’s house and suveni says swami where is your house? I am excited to come with you. Mushkasur says suveni I will take you to heaven to live there. Suveni says what? Mushkasur says yes after defeating the gods, I will make you queen of heaven. Suveni says swami I don’t know what you did before marriage but now please change yourself for me. Mushaksur picks a scorpion from the water but it stings, mushaksur picks it again and it again stings. Suveni says swami stop what are you doing? Even if you try to protect the scorpion it will sting you because It is its behavior to do it. Mushkasur says then in the same way, even my behavior is to do what I always do, I will attack the gods as it is my wish and behavior. Mushkasur says wait for the temple for my return, he goes.
There the cobras says to shesh naag, please help us shesh naag that child has killed our friend and is hurting us, we need your help. The very huge shesh naag gets up with his hundred heads.
There gajanan says now that I have made them go, the rishi’s will get to come here. Suddenly shesh naag appears. Gajanan says shesh naag ji? Shesh naag comes and says kid since I saw you the first day I knew you are arrogant, you even took my prabhu’s shell and ran, you killed a cobra and hurt my snakes, I will not leave you this time, your have crossed your limits and need to be punished. Gajanan says but shesh naag ji! Shesh naag says enough child! Shesh naag attacks gajanan but he saves himself. Gajanan’s friends from the ashram come and say don’t hurt our friend, they start throwing stones at shesh naag. Shesh naag holds them with his tail, gajanan thinks how they offered him fruits and says I have to save them. Shesh naag takes them in his lok and says come and save your friends gajanan. Gajanan says I know shesh naag ji wants me to come to his lok but I have to save my friends. Gajanan goes from a hold inside the earth to shesh naag’s lok. There he sees many snakes which are sleeping and his friends unconscious tied to a rock. Gajanan says I should slowly go and save them. Shesh naag sees and says kid what did you think it would be so easy to get away from my sight?

Precap: shesh naag and nagraj vasuki together do the pooja of gajanan. Para brahma ganpati appears behind gajanan.+

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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