Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Indra dev speaks against son being a god.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati saying mahadev, brahma dev and lord vishnu, I want you all to give my son the position of a god. Indra dev then says forgive me mata parvati, but how can gajanan be made a god just by his birth? Parvati says if my son becomes a god then from that fear demons will stay away from him and he will be protected and away from danger. Brahma dev says that is right, we should make gajanan a god. Lord Shankar and Vishnu nod their heads.
Indra dev says but prabhu there are so many kids in this world, they all are facing some or the other danger, does that mean everyone will be made a god? No. in the same way gajanan cannot be made a god just like that, for being a god a lot of hard work is needed and dedication too, no one can be made a god just like that. Mahadev

says indra dev say clearly what you want to say. Indra dev says forgive me mahadev but I am not against your son, i myself went to bring the new head for gajanan but prabhu someone can be god only by their capability and karma. Indra dev says tell me mahadev wont it be wrong to make gajanan a god even though his karma don’t speak? All the gods say indra dev is right. Indra dev smiles and thinks I will never let this kid be a god. Parvati is angry. Mahadev says parvati indra dev is right, someone can be god only by their karma and not by their birth so gajanan cannot be made a god by his birth. Parvati is sad.
Son says to parvati, mother I am hungry, can I go and eat now? I have waited too long, now my stomach is making a noise. Everyone smile. Parvati says yes son go. son walks upstairs and sits beside a fruit basket, he then starts eating all the fruits and throws the peels down. everyone smile looking at him. parvati walks upstairs beside her son. Son says wow, these fruits are so delicious. Indra dev thinks see this kid, everyone is talking about him and he is busy eating, good that he cannot be made a god. Parvati looks at everyone and thinks whatever indra dev said and mahadev said. Parvati says okay then, it is right, my son cannot be made a god by his birth. Parvati then says indra dev you speak of capability and karma and insult my son? You are very experienced and older to my son, but my son being so young in age went through so many difficulties, you all fought him and then his father’s anger awoke and he lost his head, speaking about karma, don’t you think that time you and all gods should have protected him as he was just a child? Don’t you think you should have made him understand because he was just a small child. Parvati says and being capable, you all gods are selfish, you were selfish at the time when you needed my son kartikeya, he killed a demon for your safety and you even made him the commander of your armies. That time he protected you all. Indra dev tries to says but.. parvati says no buts devraj, parvati says you insult my son because now you don’t need him? everyone is capable only they have to be shown the right path, but I am parvati, and I am his mother. Parvati says to everyone, I mahadev’s wife will make my son a god through his karma and he will not only be a god, he will be param pujya devta and all the gods will do his pooja. Lord Shankar, lord Vishnu and brahma dev smile.
Indra dev says mahadev now give me permission to leave, pranam! Indra dev says pranam mata parvati. Indra dev goes with sachi. Brahma dev says now we shall go too, he also goes with saraswati and all gods go.
On an eagle, kartikeya is coming back to kailash, he says I heard mother’s voice, there must be a function. Kartikeya reaches kailash and stands behind parvati who is talking to mahadev saying did I say right swami? Kartikeya smiles and thinks mother I have come. Parvati looks behind and looks at gajanan and says son, my son. Kartikeya thinks yes mother I have come. Parvati runs towards gajanan without looking at kartikeya. She goes and hugs gajanan and says son are you okay? Kartikeya thinks what happened to mother? She went away without looking at me. Parvati then says to gajanan only if my older son kartikeya was here, he would understand me. Kartikeya smiles and says mother I have come back. Parvati sees and says my son you have come, she goes and hugs kartikeya. Kartikeya then goes and takes lord shankar’s blessings.
There sindhika sits on the throne and says now I will be the queen of hell and the demons. Sindhika looks at the demons looking shocked, she says what are you all looking at? I am your queen now, that foolish sindhura thought he would be alive if he went to kailash, he is dead now I am your queen. Sindhika says go bring me food, she throws a sword at them and says bring it otherwise I will cut your heads. The demons go.

Precap: sindhura says sindhika I went to kailash and know that child, he is powerful but not more than me, I will kill him. son sees parvati hug kartikeya, he thinks I am mother’s son, who is he then?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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