Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata bhadramukhi kills trikura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with trikura and his wife comes. Wife says swami, what are you doing? Trikura says how dare you come like that? My prabhu brahma dev is sitting here and you did not do pranam to him? Bend before him. Wife sees the empty throne and is shocked, she says swami no one is there, why are you telling me to bend before someone who is not even there? Trikura says how dare you say that? Cant you see my prabhu here? Suddenly trikura sees his wife turn into a tiger and he gets scared, he says get away from me, don’t come near me and kill me, please go away. Trikura says brahma dev do something. Brahma dev smiles. Trikura gets scared and he starts throwing utensils on his wife. Wife says what has happened? Why are you behaving like this? Please calm yourself swami. Trikura says no, get

away from me tiger, don’t kill me please, don’t come near me. Everyone is shocked and scared as trikura throws utensils on everyone. Everyone hide and are confused as what is happening to trikura. Trikura takes his sword to kill the tiger. Brahma dev stops him and says stop trikura, will you kill your wife? Trikura says she is not my wife, it is a tiger coming to kill me. Brahma dev says trikura something is happening to you, remember it must be because of that little girl angel’s magic over you. Trikura think when he was smitten by the magic of mata bhadramukhi’s form. Trikura says yes it was that little girl’s magic on me. Brahma dev says I will tell you a solution, start whipping yourself, the girl must be in your body, she will come out.
Trikura says you are right prabhu, he takes his red whips and starts whipping himself. Everyone is shocked and they go to stop trikura. Trikura whips himself and says come out of me you witch. He falls down and rips apart all the gold and clothes from his body. Trikura beats himself as his wife tries to stop him with the help of his commanders. An ant is crawling on the ground and trikura sees it, he sees the ant becoming huge and trying to harm him. Trikura gets scared and says save me, kill that creature, kill it. Commanders say maharaj it is just an ant, it wont do anything. The ant turns into a dragon breathing fire, trikura says kill that creature. Everyone is worried as nothing is there. Trikura runs out of the palace and comes near a pond, he puts his face in the water and calms himself down, then he takes a fish to eat and says yes I caught it, trikura bites the fish but it turns to stone and trikura’s mouth bleeds, he sits and screams and says what is happening with me? My situation has got worse brahma dev, please save me someone. Mata bhadramukhi then sees and she feels sad for trikura. Mata kali says I am everyone’s mother and I felt bad for trikura so I decided to give him a chance. Mata kamla blesses trikura and saves him turning him back to what he was. Trikura sees himself and says yes I am back, now I will use my powers and bring those tridev to my feet. Mata bhadramukhi gets angry and she appears in front of trikura and says trikura you evil demon. Trikura says what is your purpose devi? Why have you come? No one can do anything to me, now I understand, it was all your magic but see I am back, I am so powerful. Mata bhadramuhki says I saved your life and decided to give you a chance but you don’t want to change so you will get what you deserve, you will be punished. Trikura says you cannot do anything. Mata bhadramukhi gets angry and trikura attacks a tornado on her, mata bhadramuhki sends the tornado back on trikura. Trikura falls down and gets angry. Mata bhadramukhi uses her magic and sends demonic ants and huge mosquitoes on trikura. He gets scared and says no leave me. All tridev appear. The ants and mosquitoes get on trikura and they start killing him, mata bhadramukhi uses her power and kills trikura cutting his tongue. All tridev do pranam to mata.

Precap: mata kali takes her next form. The story of ganesh taking a hybrid devi’s form is recited.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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