Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: All gods go to parvati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and all gods gathering in Kailash. Indra dev and gods say no one was able to defeat mhaishasura and as brahma dev has given the wish, no animal, man, god, demi god, rishi, yaksh, gandharva and no male form of any being can kill him, then who can? This way no one can really kill mhaishasura! Ganesh says yes mhaishasura was victorious but not undefeatble. He can be killed devraj, just look at the wish that you said now, think properly what you missed. Mahadev says what are you trying to say ganesh?
Indra dev says ganesh ji, who can kill mhaishasura? Ganesh says there is no call of the word female! Or woman! Brahma dev thinks and then smiles. Ganesh says the power of a woman is very dangerous when it arises, it can defeat everything that stands in her way.

Devraj says what do you mean ganesh ji? Ganesh says since so much time I have been trying to tell everyone, but no one understood, everyone kept sending their animal vehicles to fight mhaishasura and then father and mama shree went to fight mhaishasura! Ganesh says I mean to say only a femal can kill mhaishasura as mhaishasura thinks a woman should stay at his feet and that is why he didn’t ask protection in the wish from brahma dev from a female. Ganesh says a female and that is mother parvati, her form of mata katyaani can kill mhaishasura! Indra dev says but ganesh ji, mata is… ganesh says what? Did you all think mata was sent from Kailash by father so she lost her existence of jagat mata? Suryadev says no he didn’t mean that? Ganesh says only mata can save everyone, but everyone just forgot about her. Mahadev says ganesh! Ganesh says father let me say, you all have to yourself go to mata katyaani and convince her to kill mhaishasura! And father you have to tell her to come back to Kailash, she took the form of katyaani for a purpose and that purpose is to kill mhaishasura! Everyone agree as brahma dev says yes ganesh is right, katyaani’s purpose is to kill mhaishasura!
There mhaishasura is in devlok and says I am everyone’s end, he says to his demons, I defeated all the gods even mahadev and Vishnu dev couldn’t stand me and left the battlefield, I am undefeatable and no one can kill me, I am mahish! Everyone enjoy and drink madeera.
There parvati as katyaani is plucking flowers. Ganesh comes and says mother! Parvati has tears and she turns back and sees ganesh, she smiles. Indra dev and all gods are there and say pranam mata katyaani! Indra dev says mata, we are sorry for what happened! Parvati continues plucking flowers. Indra dev says but mata we have come here for your help, everyone needs your help, a demon mhaishasura has arisen to power. Indra dev tells parvati about the wish he has from brahma dev and he can only be defeated and killed by mata katyaani! Indra dev says mata we need your help. Parvati doesn’t say anything. Ganesh says mata, the world needs you and the universe as a whole, mhaishasura has to be killed, after that you will come to Kailash, your form of katyaani was born for a purpose and that purpose has come. Ganesh thinks mother is waiting for one person, it is father, she wants him to convince her as he did a mistake! Mahadev comes and says uma! Parvati has tears and she smiles.
Parvati looks at mahadev. Mahadev comes and says uma, universe needs you, you have to kill mhaishasura! Parvati says are you talking as mahadev or my husband? Mahadev is sad inside but says as mahadev! Parvati has tears and says then obviously I have to listen to you as what you say is an order. Mahadev understands the taunt and feels sad. Katyaani turns into her divya form of katyaani to kill mhaishasura!

Precap: mhaishasura says bring that kid first, I will kill him and bring all women back here from Kailash. Parvati goes and kicks mhaishasura!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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