Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Gods get trapped in a picture.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya looking back and he says where is indra dev, kuber and vayu dev? Where did they go? kartikeya looks at a wall and he sees a picture, he says there is only a picture here, where did they go?
Indra dev, kuber and vayudev are inside the picture and they scream for kartikeya to come and save them, vayu dev says kumar we are here? outside kartikeya looks everywhere for the gods and says where did they suddenly go? kartikeya looks everywhere and says I feel like they are somewhere around here but where are they? There is only a picture here and nothing else. Indra dev kuber and vayu dev call kartikeya and say we are here, suddenly some bats fly towards the gods, indra dev and everyone duck. Kartikeya looks behind at the picture and says where are the gods?

Kartikeya then looks around and tries to find the gods.
Inside the picture, the gods get up and 2 flying demons come towards them. Indra dev says we have to run, kartikeya doesn’t know we are here but for now we have to run as those demons are behind us. vayudev kuber and indra dev run. Kuber is slow and he says wait devraj, suddenly one demon uses his paash and traps kuber. Kuber says save me indra dev. Indra dev and vayu dev get angry and devraj says you demon, I will kill you. indra dev calls for his Vajra astra but it doesn’t appear, indra dev tries again and says why isn’t my Vajra coming? Vayu dev says devraj, we are trapped inside a picture and maybe our powers are also not working here. indra dev goes and tries to break the paash and says I will save you kuber, indra dev breaks the paash and says now we have to run in different directions, this way we will confuse the 2 demons. Kuber, indra dev and vayu dev run in different directions. The 2 demons go behind indra dev and kuber.
Kuber sees a demon coming behind him, he goes and hides under a tree and covers himself by the dried leaves.
Ganesh says to raja devodas and devi sarla, kuber ji thought the problem had gone as he was safe now but he did not know there was a huge problem coming to them.
Kuber there gets up when the demon goes and says now I am safe, I have to find vayu dev and indra dev. As kuber walks ahead, he falls down in a huge hole and screams. Kuber comes in another place and gets up, he says where am I now? kuber then hears a sound and sees an old woman crushing some herbs on a stone. Kuber goes to the woman and says please help me, I want to go out from here, where is the way? The old woman says yes you seem lost, I will have to remember the way, please wait! Kuber says okay and thinks this woman is very old so her memory must be weak. The woman then says oh yes I remember the way. Kuber says please tell me quickly. The woman says yes but you have to answer a question first, then you can go. kuber says see I don’t have time to answer to your question, but I am the god of gold and all precious items in this universe, I will give you a great reward if you show me the way. The woman says okay I will show you, she shows kuber another huge hole and says jump in it, it is the way which will take you out of here. kuber says are you sure? I cannot see anything inside the hole, it is just darkness. The woman says see clearly sir, look once again. kuber leans to see and the woman then comes behind kuber and she is a witch! The witch pushes kuber in the hole and laughs.
Tarkasura and atyasur come to the stairs and atyasura says maharaj, these are the same stairs which if you climb up but rather take you down like they did for kartikeya, will you also go there? Tarkasura presses atyasura’s throat and says I will throw you there, you will help me. tarkasura throws atyasura towards the stairs.

Precap: The witch pushes vayu dev and indra dev in the hole as well. Kartikeya asks for help from the witch if she knows where his friends are.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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