Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Son’s Naming Ceremony

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shani dev and neela devi saying please mata parvati forgive me. Shani dev says mata parvati forgive me otherwise I am also ready to suffer whatever punishment you give to me.
Parvati comes forward and then she says shani dev today is my son’s naming ceremony, I will not punish anyone and now forget the past, I forgive you. Parvati smiles. Shani dev has tears and is happy. Everyone is happy. Parvati gives the sweets to shani dev and neela devi too.
Indra dev says mata parvati there is someone else too who needs forgiveness here. Parvati says who is it? Indra dev says he is scared of you mata. Parvati says scared of me? Who is scared of me and why? Indra dev brings out narad muni who was hidden. Narad muni comes out and is scared to tell parvati parvati says

dev rishi why are you scared from me? Indra dev says mata he will tell you. Narad then tells parvati that he was the one who actually encouraged shani dev to come and see her son gajanan, because of which shani dev’s sight was cast on son and his head was lost. Parvati feels sad but then she takes a ladoo and comes to narad muni and says dev rishi, you are the son of narayana and his disciple, today I forgive you and forget the past. Parvati gives the sweet to narad muni. Everyone is happy.
Son is standing with sindhura inside gandharv raj’s body. Sindhura looks at son to make him take the green fruit. Son takes the green fruit and eats it. Sindhura thinks he has taken control of son. They both come outside near the fire set for the pooja. As son and sindhura stand there. Son looks at the fire. Sindhura starts hearing some noises in his ear and gets annoyed. He says to son why are you making those sounds? Son says why will I make sounds? I am not making any noise. Sindhura now starts suffering from those sounds and he holds his head and screams from the sound, he falls down. sindhura thinks this child is very powerful, only his presence here is making me suffer his power. Son says what happened? Suddenly a mosquito sits on son’s trunk and he sneezes, the air blows fire on sindhura and he disappears as he gets hurt. All gods see and parvati says what happened son? Are you fine? Son says yes mother nothing happened to me, I just sneezed. Parvati says but how did the fire blow? Son says because I sneezed but before that there was a weird person here who was looking at me weirdly, I felt a presence of a demon inside him, I felt like he was not the person he showed as there was some demon inside him. parvati says demon? Parvati is worried and says when we all are here, how did a demon enter kailash?
All gods thinks demon, indra dev says mata parvati, gajanan must have seen something from his imagination, when so many gods are here why would a demon dare to come here? Son says mother I felt there was a demon here. Parvati says my son was in danger now, what if that demon had done anything to him? brahma dev says mahadev the security in kailash has to be increased until gajanan becomes older. Nandi says mata parvati from today me and all gan will stay with gajanan and look out for any threat to him. parvati is still worried and says mahadev brahma dev and lord shree hari, I have a request from you, I want you all to give my son the position of a god. Indra dev says mata forgive me but how is this possible? No one can earn the position of god by birth but by karma only.

Precap: parvati now stands and says I parvati today give a promise that I will make my son so capable and by his karma that he will not only be a god but he will be parama pujya devta. Lord Shankar and lord Vishnu smile.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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