Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev attacks mhaishasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nandi and mhaishasura fighting together. Nandi throws away mhaishasura with his horns. Mhaishasura gets up and runs fast around nandi very fast. Nandi thinks I cannot see mhaishasura but I will get out. Nandi jumps out of the circle but mhaishasura attacks on nandi and pins him to the ground and then goes underground taking nandi! Mahadev says mhaishasura gets more powerful when he goes to hell. Ganesh says nandi ji cannot defeat mhaishasura.
There mhaishasura comes out. All gods are shocked. Mahishasura comes in his form and says, gods you cannot do anything to me. Mhaishasura goes towards the gods, indra dev says come on gods, we shall fight him with our weapons. All gods remove their weapons. Mhaishasura comes running towards gods and then kicks vayu dev and

varun dev, both fall down. Indra dev is shocked, mhaishasura puts down suryadev agnidev and indra dev too! All of them get up in anger. Suryadev says I will not take this insult of gods. Suryadev says mhaishasura, now my light will kill you. Suryadev takes his powers and attacks on mhaishasura but nothing happens.
Mahadev says all gods should put their powers together and attack mhaishasura.
Indra dev comes and says all gods, we shall attack together. Indra dev and all gods take their powers and attack on mhaishasura! Mhaishasura gets hurt but says nothing will happen to me you gods. Indra dev says you don’t yet know my power. All gods together fight mhaishasura. Mhaishasura says now I will tell you what true power is, mhaishasura holds the power of all gods as they attack him, all gods are shocked. Mhaishasura then attacks back. All gods fall down and get hurt. Ganesh says father, a greater power than gods can only defeat mhaishasura. Ganesh thinks now I will bring father to you, mother! Mahadev says yes we understand, both mahadev and lord Vishnu vanish.
There mhaishasura says gods have been defeated, no one can defeat me. As mhaishasura is going back, mahadev and lord Vishnu come. Mahadev comes and says mhaishasura angrily. Mhaishasura turns back and then laughs, he says today I got the darshan of all gods, even mahadev and lord Vishnu. Mhaishasura says mahadev, no man can kill me. Mahadev says mhaishasura it is enough, you have to be punished,mahadev’s eyes become red with anger, he and Vishnu together attack their weapons, trishul and chakra! Ganesh comes. Mhaishasura thinks am I safe from mahadev and lord vishnu’s weapons? Mhaishasura then says no, no wish can be safe in front of trishul and chakra. Mhaishasura says brahma dev, prabhu see what mahadev and Vishnu dev are doing? Save me from their attack, fulfill the wish you gave me, please come down prabhu.
There brahma dev says mhaishasura! Saraswati says prabhu, mhaishasura is a demon, don’t go and protect him, if you go then you will have to take the attacks on yourself. Brahma dev says I gave mhaishasura the wish and I have to keep its decorum. Brahma dev goes.
There as trishul and chakra come near, brahma dev comes and the trishul and chakra hit brahma dev, brahma dev stands as a shield in front of mhaishasura. Ganesh says no uncle! Brahma dev gets hurt. Mhaishasura laughs and says see gods, no one even mahadev and lord Vishnu cannot do anything to me, brahma dev came to protect me. Mhaishasura says brahma dev but you came late, but look now I put you against mahadev and Vishnu dev and all gods have lost their gods too! Mhaishasura laughs. Ganesh tells mahadev, father take back your weapons, uncle is forced to protect mhaishasura but you are hurting him. Mahadev says brahma dev what have you done! Mahadev and Vishnu dev take back their weapons. Mhaishasura says I am everyone’s end, no one can do anything to me.

Precap: ganesh says to everyone in Kailash, father only one power can kill mhaishasura! That is mata katyaani, mata parvati has taken her form. Mahadev says uma! Parvati hears and has tears. Mahadev and all gods go to parvati in her katyaani form, mahadev says uma we need your help to kill mhaishasura! Parvati takes her form.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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