Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev is attacked by a snake.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the rishi’s saying what are you gods and kumar kartikeya doing here? indra dev suddenly says actually rishi, we have come here to obtain the sword in which tarkasura’s life force lives, we will get that and destroy it. kartikeya and gods are shocked and rishi says indra dev why did you say this so loudly? In shauryapur tarkasura can not only see everything but also hear it, now he definitely knows that you all know his secret. Indra dev realizes and says oh my god, what have I done? I said the secret so loudly now tarkasura knows it, now we are compromised and tarkasura knows our motive of coming inside the palace. Kartikeya says you have compromised this mission devraj. Indra dev gets scared and says kumar, now I am saying we should turn back and go to Kailash and

discuss about all this and make a new plan. Tarkasura knows everything because I did a mistake by revealing everything and he will come for us now, we should go back. kartikeya says devraj, I wont stop you, kuber ji or vayu dev from going back, but I am going to continue this journey and go ahead to find the sword and destroy it and also kill tarkasura. Kartikeya says I was made commander by my father, brahma dev and lord Vishnu and my mother trusted me, it is my duty to kill tarkasura and end his adharma for all. Kartikeya says I wont go back, I am going ahead for these rishi’s because they were taken captive and for all on whom tarkasura has done his adharma. the rishi’s do pranam and go free. Kartikeya goes ahead and vayu dev and kuber go with him. indra dev says if I stay here alone or try to go back alone then I can be trapped, I should stay with kartikeya and the gods. Indra dev goes too.
Tarkasura hears everything and is shocked, he trips but atyasura holds him. tarkasura says how did the gods know about my secret? How is this possible? I have never told anyone about this secret. Atyasura says maharaj, about what? What is that secret? Tarkasura says it is about my sword, I have hidden my life force in it and if kartikeya gets it then I will be vulnerable. Tarkasura says lets go, now. tarkasura and atyasura go.
Kartikeya and the gods come ahead walking in an open ground, then they come to a beautiful place with pillars and beautiful flowers. Kuber says wow, I have never seen such beautiful flowers even in swarg lok. Indra dev says yes, truly they are so beautiful. Kartikeya says please remember, don’t touch anything because nothing is as it seems here and it can put us in trouble. As they walk ahead, indra dev is touched by a beautiful red flower, he looks at it and then says it is so beautiful and it will look beautiful in devi sachi’s hair. Indra dev takes the flower and suddenly it turns into a huge snake, the snake takes control of indra dev and he hypnotizes indra dev. Kartikeya and everyone stop and kartikeya says leave him. the snake says I will eat indra dev. Kartikeya uses his powers and takes control of the snake and says leave indra dev, the snake leaves indra dev and kartikeya tells the snake to smash its head in a pillar. The snake does as said and dies. Indra dev is freed and kartikeya asks are you okay? Indra dev says okay? Do I look like okay? I have told you since when that lets go back, it is not safe for us and tarkasura can kill us, we have to head back but because of you I almost died. Kartikeya says because of me? since the start I told you not to believe in what you see here, but you don’t want to listen, I told you not to touch anything here but you stilled touched the flower and you went into trouble because of yourself. Kartikeya says now lets go ahead and don’t touch anything. As kartikeya and gods go ahead suddenly tarkasura’s demons come. Kartikeya says split and fight each of them. Vayu dev attacks vayu from his weapon and indra dev removes Vajra and attacks 2 demonesses. Kuber fights the fly demons while kartikeya fights the snake demon.
Tarkasura and atyasura are heading towards the room where the sword is kept and atyasura says maharaj now the traps you laid will affect you as well. Tarkasura walks and no traps affect him and he says foolish atyasura thinks the lok that I made will trap me.

Precap: indra dev and the gods fall inside a picture. Kartikeya tries to find the gods. Kuber is tricked and he falls inside a deep hole.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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