Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh kills gyarahi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gyarahi saying now I will kill you son, lets see where is your god? Where is ganesh? He wont even come to save you. gyarahi says I am the trilok winner and I am only god now but you will die. Gyarahi removes an axe and aims at subodh to kill him, he attacks. Subodh closes his eyes and prays to ganesh! There all gods are in Kailash and kartikeya says I know ganesh will go and save his disciple.
There ganesh appears as his gadha throws the axe back on gyarahi. Gyarahi is shocked as he sees the huge rudra form of ganesh. Subodh is happy and says it is ganesh ji! He smiles and says I hope father doesn’t fight ganesh ji, otherwise today he will die. Ganesh says gyarahi, I waited till now so that subodh could put some sense into you, but you wont listen. Gyarahi says

ganesh you cannot do anything to me. Ganesh says yes I can gyarahi, you think you are the trilok winner but fight me and you shall be punished for your sins. Gyarahi gets angry and throws an axe on ganesh, mushak ji uses his tail and holds the axe by his tail, he destroys the axe and turns it to ashes. Gyarahi is shocked.
Ganesh steps down from mushak ji and walks in his huge form towards gyarahi. Gyarahi uses his attacks but fails and is shocked as his powers don’t work.
Kartikeya says ganesh’s rudra form is so huge, he took his rudra form because gyarahi had done more than one sin, he also beat his disciple subodh which ganesh can never see. Ganesh can never see his disciples suffered and gyarahi shall get that punishment. Ganesh walks with his axe and then cuts one hand of gyarahi. Gyarahi falls down and screams in pain as he bleeds. Gyarahi attacks with his second hand, ganesh uses his trunk and pulls gyarahi using air and then throws him down, he cuts his second hand and then kills gyarahi. Subodh says if father had listened to me, he would have been alive.
Kartikeya says ganesh killed that demon, now everything is fine. mahadev says no, the problem is not yet over.
There as ganesh stands, suddenly lava flows from a huge mountain. Datinki comes crying and says my swami is dead, brother andhlasura kill this ganesh, take revenge. Subodh says what did you do mother? You shouldn’t have called mama andhlasura because it is adharma, now ganesh ji wont leave him too.
There andhlasura comes in his huge volcanic form and says sister, don’t cry I will kill ganesh. Ganesh gets angry and defends himself as andhlasura attacks fire balls on ganesh. Andhlasura attacks again and ganesh throws back the fire balls on andhlasura. Andhlasura attacks fire storm on ganesh, ganesh uses a shield.

Precap: ganesh kills andhlasura, andhlasura rises from the ground again. andhlasura is dragged inside a huge hole as he is pushed into hell. Andhlasura rises again.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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