Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Son gpoes to eat fruits.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with son coming with lord Shankar and parvati, they come and everyone stand up and say pranam to mahadev and devi parvati. Then everyone sit, son sits. Sindhura comes ahead in the body of gandharv raj and looks at son, he thinks this is that child. Indra dev thinks this elephant head came, but he will not be a god.
As everyone sit, parvati says the ritual shall start. The rishi’s together sit and saraswati looks at son and smiles, she puts the tilak on his forehead. The rishi’s start the pooja and then they remove the kundli and read it. Saraswati being the bua of son shall keep the name. all gods smile. Sindhura thinks I will kill this child when he will be alone today itself. Rishi’s read the kundli and tell that there is happiness in son’s life. saraswati

then tells the name in son’s ear and tells it in parvati’s ears. Parvati is very happy and announces the name, she says the name starts from the letter G. everyone are happy. Parvati says the name is Gajanan. Everyone say the name gajanan and say wow what a beautiful name. parvati then says now it is time to give everyone the sweets of happiness. Parvati goes to bring the sweets and fruits.
Everyone is discussing how beautiful the name gajanan is. As they discuss, son looks at the fruits inside the palace, he sees and thinks how delicious these fruits look, I am very hungry now I cannot sit like this, where is mother? Son is looking for parvati. Son then thinks I will go myself and eat those fruits. Son gets up and walks inside palace to take the fruits. Sindhura thinks where is this child going alone now? Sindhura thinks I have to follow him.
As son goes inside, he comes and sees the fruits and stands and looks at all the baskets filled with various fruits. Son thinks which one should I eat first? There are so many different fruits here. I am confused now. Sindhura now comes inside the palace to see where son has gone.
There nandi and all gan come with devi parvati and having sweets in plates in their hands. They serve all the gods the different sweets and fruits. All gods have plates and sweets being served to them.
As son looks at fruits, sindhura comes in the body of gandharv raj. He looks at son. Son looks at sindhura and thinks why is he looking at me like this? Who is he? He looks so handsome but his eyes have a different emotion. Sindhura is looking angrily at son and thinks I will kill this child but before that I have to make him do what I want, then I can take him away from here and kill him easily, but he is just an elephant head and so weird, what will it take to kill him? he is weird and maybe weak. Son thinks he looks at me like this, he sure looks weird. Son says what happened? Have you come here to eat the fruits too? I know you have come for my name keeping ceremony, see there are so many fruits here but I myself am not able to decide which fruit to eat. Sindhura gives a fake smile and thinks I will make him eat the fruit I want him to eat, sindhura then with his eyes looks in gajanan’s eyes and tries to hypnotize him. then son looks at the fruits to take son. Sindhura thinks he will take the green one. Son is about to take fruit but says which fruit do you want? Sindhura thinks he is not under my control, I have to try again.
There as parvati is serving sweets, neela devi says devi parvati! Parvati see behind who is calling me? She sees neela devi come with shani dev. Parvati is shocked and angry. Shani dev is limping and looks down and is sad. Parvati thinks how did shani dev dare to come here again? Parvati remembers everything how shani dev saw her son and then her son’s head was taken by lord shankar’s trishul. Parvati crushes the ladoo in her hand from anger. Shani dev says mata parvati, you are a mother, today is your son’s naming ceremony, I am very sorry for what I had done and because of me all that happened to your son. Shani dev says I still have my hurt leg from your attack, mata please forgive me today. Shani dev says you are everyone’s mata, forgive me mata.

Precap: sindhura hypnotizes son and makes him take the green fruit. Sindhura thinks he is now under my control. parvati says brahma dev, lord vishnu and swami mahadev, give my son the status of god. indra dev says mahadev we cannot do that, your son cannot be the god by birth but only by his karma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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