Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vinayaki meets parvati.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh standing outside the cave, he says tridevi bless me and I shall take the form of Vinayaki. Ganesh prays and the tridevi, Parvati, Saraswati and Laxmi bless ganesh. Ganesh takes the form of vinayaki with a saree draped around him and he turns into a devi! With a female voice as well and all jewelry. Vinayaki says I can now go inside the cave, I should go inside fast otherwise shumbh and his demons will destroy everything.
There all the gods fight the various demons. agni dev fights dhumralochan and his demons. agni dev removes another weapon and attacks on the demons, dhumralochan uses his power and pulls that weapon too and says agni dev, remove as many weapons as you want, I will become more powerful and all your weapons will be a waste. The weapon turns into

another demon. Agni dev says you demons will never win, you will all die. Suryadev removes his weapon and fights nishumbh. Nishumbh attacks on suryadev and suryadev is thrown back, suryadev says you evil demons will never change, you don’t yet know our true power. Varun dev fights raktbeej, raktbeej attacks varun dev who then removes his water sword and attack raktbeej. Raktbeej comes ahead and varun dev cuts raktbeej’s hand, the blood falls down in drops and raktbeej’s more form rise out of each drop of blood. Varun dev thinks this demon is so strange, his blood is creating more clones like him. Varun dev puts back his weapon inside. agni dev takes to his hand and then start doing hand to hand combat with the demons, he kicks the demons down and throws them away using his punches and kicks, dhumralochan runs towards agni dev and attacks him. Agni dev dodges and lands a punch on dhumralochan.
There vinayaki tries to walk but her saree falls and vinayaki says I have never been a female before that is why I don’t know how to walk in a saree, I have to hold it and get in quick. Vinayaki holds the saree and goes inside the cave quickly. As she walks ahead, parvati sees vinayaki coming and struggling with her saree. Vinayaki comes walking slowly and she stumbles, parvati gets up and says slowly my daughter! Parvati goes to vinayaki and says I am so happy that I am putting my daughter’s saree right for the first time. Come vinayaki, I will teach you. Parvati puts the saree around vinayaki properly and tells her to walk properly. Vinayaki then recalls and says now I understand why it always took you, aunty and mami so much time to get dressed and ready, it feels good to be dressed nicely. Parvati says yes, a woman owns it and her beauty. Vinayaki then sits beside parvati. Parvati remembers that ganesh was hungry and would eat only from her hand, she gets a bowl of modak and laddoo and says vinayaki I know you are hungry, please eat now! Parvati feeds vinayaki and she eats all the sweets. Vinayaki then says mother I came to you to know how can I defeat these demons? only you have that power. Parvati says no vinayaki, you have taken this form but remember you did not take vinayaki avatar just so that you could meet me and enter this cave, you have taken this form because you have the power to defeat these demons. vinayaki says how can I do it? Parvati says a woman can do anything vinayaki, do not underestimate a woman and yourself, you have to teach these demons a lesson and bring them to me, only you can do it, I know what terror shumbh and nishumbh have spread and they will soon take control of dev lok but only you can stop them.
There shumbh says to indra dev, devraj you killed my brother and I will take revenge of that, I will control devlok. Indra dev and shumbh fight each other and shumbh punches indra dev and holds him. Suryadev uses his tej and power and says nishumbh you will see my power, he attacks nishumbh with his tej and power, nishumbh falls down and screams in pain and says brother! Brother save me! Shumbh sees and is worried for his brother nishumbh. There agni dev uses his divya powers and throws all demons and attacks dhumralochan and says dhumralochan, now you will see my other divya powers, you will die! Varun dev attacks all raktbeej’s clones and then crashes him on the ground. Vayu dev fights chund and mund and bangs them with each other. Shumbh then gets angry and screams the word Stambh loudly, the wave goes around and all gods and demons become statue with their movements restricted. Shumbh then frees the demons of his spells and hugs them, he says we will take these gods captive. They cannot do anything.

Precap: all demons take the gods captive using their spells and shumbh says now I am the king of swarg lok too. ganesh’s vinayaki avatar comes to help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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