Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya and gods continue the journey.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devi sarla saying if tarkasura knew the gods and kartikeya ji were heading towards his hidden sword in his kingdom then why didn’t he stop them? Ganesh says because tarkasura was egoistic, he thought no one knew about his secret of the sword and how he had hidden his life inside that sword, but maha ganpati ji knew everything and he told kartikeya and the gods about that secret.
Kartikeya, indra dev, vayu dev and kuber walk ahead. The illusion is removed and vayu dev says kumar you have removed the illusion of this place, now we can see everything. kartikeya says yes, we have removed some obstacles but there are still problems here everywhere. Vayu dev says we have to find the sword. Indra dev says keep quiet. Kartikeya says we cannot take that word otherwise

tarkasura will know, we will call it an object from now. everyone walk and kuber looks at a tree, as they go ahead kuber says how did this tree come again? then kuber starts running forward but is not moving an inch away from the tree. kuber says save me devraj, vayu dev and kumar kartikeya. Everyone see behind and kuber runs, the ground under him moves the other way. Kartikeya says the ground is pulling kuber behind. Indra dev says don’t worry kuber ji I will pull you out. As indra dev and vayu dev walk ahead, the ground under them starts pulling them behind too so they run, even kartikeya runs. Kartikeya says if we don’t run, we will be pulled away from kuber ji. Kartikeya gets angry and says enough of this maya, kartikeya removes his spear and jumps and then hits it on the ground destroying the maya created by tarkasura. Kuber, devraj, vayu dev and kartikeya go ahead.
Tarkasura gets angry.
Kartikeya and everyone reach the stairs.
Ganesh says kartikeya knew the way only inside the palace, now after that they had to find the way themselves and stay alert from any illusion.
Vayu dev says I will climb these stairs, see if I reach the top and then I will call you all. Vayu dev starts climbing and he reaches the top and says kartikeya, devraj and kuber I am at the top, come up. Kartikeya and indra dev say vayu dev is at the top but why are we hearing his voice from below? Vayu dev then says why am I hearing the voice of kartikeya from top, they should be below me. indra dve says vayu dev, it is another illusion, I suggest you walk upwards because your voice is coming from down. Kartikeya says no vayu dev, come back as you climbed, walk downwards and you will come back to us. vayu dev says okay and he starts climbing down. Indra dev kumar what are you doing? You will put vayu dev in a deeper trap, I am now thinking you needed more experience to take this position, I am devraj and I have more experience than you and vayu dev has gone in the trap now.
Vayu dev comes down to kartikeya and rest. Indra dev says nothing. Kartikeya says we should move ahead.
Kartikeya and everyone reach the place where tarkasura’s sword may be kept, as they come near they see many pillars around them. Suddenly some demons jump down from the pillars. Indra dev says they are demons, we have to kill them. Kartikeya looks at the demons carefully and says no, they are not demons, they are someone else. Indra dev says what are you doing kartikeya? The demons come near kartikeya and then suddenly their illusion is removed and it turns out they are sages. Indra dve says they all are rishi’s. kartikeya says that is why I told you don’t attack. The rishi’s thank kartikeya and says kumar you have saved us, tarkasura had taken us captive here and whoever came thought we were demons because of tarkasura’s maya, but why have you all come here? indra dev reveal the secret and says we came to know where the sword of tarkasura is kept as his life is inside it hidden, we shall destroy it.

Precap: tarkasura is shocked and says they know my secret. But how? Tarkasura uses all his powers to try and stop kartikeya and the gods.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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