Views on Swaragini’s ff By Me


Hello guys rain here I am going to write views on ff the episodes and lastly writers???☺️

??Fan fictions??

I love all ff and respect the writers but mostly swasan I am a swasanholic so my analyzes is here and I read only 3 fan fics and 2 short shorties for now as I am new here so here are the analyzes hope you love it????

1.❤️Heartless Sanskar and helpless Swara ❤️ -it’s written so awesomely that I keep reading all parts all over keep it up the storyline is about Sanskar being heartless and swara suffering from cancer and is a orphan but isn’t I am not revealing just go and see it??

2.❤️ Falling For you❤️ – it’s written with such good and deep emotions that I can’t stop reading I loved since chapter 30 because I was new please try uploading soon this is a sister order (joking you don’t me?)

3.❤️Mr Maheshwari and I ❤️ – Anjali ff is just fabulous like I can’t describe its that good I loved the recent episode but Sanskar ?? never mind you are an awesome writer upload soon plzzz

?Short Stories?

1.?Doorie Sahi nahi jaati – it’s a lovely ss by Serena I even read her last ss it was just awesome this one is fabulous but Kaveri ? so upload soon as I am not going to tell something just go read ok ???

2.?beyond Ages Love – it’s just awesome but you left it alone? please upload soon I am waiting for your SS soon??

?These are the main one I read all the time so be ready for awesome writers too?
Saluzzz and ❤️❤️❤️Dolly❤️❤️❤️
And many more swasan ff writers????

I know many of you want to know bisha too but I don’t read POV things??


?Episodes analyzes?

It’s just awesome nowadays but I am disappointed with cvs like they separated swasan I was kind of relieved with kissan but now even he is getting exposed and now Telly masala showed me a olv Sahil is killing our hero hope it’s not Sanskar ??

Stay tuned with swaragini????


My first even letter to writer and readers?

To readers- guys I know you all are busy with your personal life that you can’t comment on certain ff but think writers have a life and they remove some hours for us and write ff so they deserve at least a word ok so +vet and -be are good but your -vet comment shout be in limits like don’t use sh*t f**k or a*s or any such word which is hurting so comment on ff or ss or ts or ss at least “awesome” “nice” “good” it’s a request… Don’t feel hurted from this?

To writers – I know this is offensive but it’s specially for you guys see I know you like take hours to think and write but you should understand others like if they speak something negative they say for some reasons the people who steal negative think from their POV I know some people remove frustrations shuck isn’t good but some people write really sensible things you should know now after reading please don’t loose cool and tell something which is beyond limits stay calm and complain if they use offensive words but don’t say domeying like “your mom didn’t teach anything to you so shit up” and blah blah I have seen it and experienced it?


Sorted everyone to read my boring things but be sure to share views on this and tell me your favorite couple and your fan fiction I am waiting❤️❤️❤️❤️


Credit to: Adhithi

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  1. Jiya

    I dont know about 1st one ff u’ve mentioned as i dont read it but other two are my favourite most ffs.

  2. hey adithi I’m also a swasanholic.I think u shuld read aryna’s “its not love its reveng” and alahna’s “reqlization exoneration and exeptance”.they r my favourite.
    thank u.

  3. All r awesome ffs…i’m too swasanholic….

  4. Divyanshri

    Thanks for liking my work….. Adhithi…….
    I agree with Sanji u must read Aryana’s It’s not revenge it’s love swasan.I am a die heart fan of her both season.
    Again meher’s kuch is Tarah……
    Dr swara and Mr. sanskar lead to swasan by Sam ?
    n many more…….. u must read…. again thanks… for liking my ff????

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