My view on the present track of ishqbaaz

Well hello guys, after a long time, I am on tu page
Today I got a bit free time
Though there is no time for my ff, I might post it a bit later after my pre board exams probably on Thursday
Really sorry for making you all wait
And all the ishqbaazians how are you all. I missed you a lot.
I just want to write my opinion on this epi and the ongoing plot if ishqbaaz
So here it goes

Firstly I would describe each character

Shivaay Singh Oberoi
As a matter of fact, he changed a lot
Love is slowing taking position in his heart.
But he is not able to be the same shivaay Singh Oberoi who can manage and solve all problems within a day or two
He is just summoning to the witch Mrs Kapoor not trying to know the complete truth. Just a DNA test is enough to prove that omkara is legitimate. I think all the tensions are just filled completely in his head. And the way he is handling omkara and all other family members is fine. He is not provoking any big fight, thank God. And his feelings for annika are justified. He didn’t yet realise his love but he agreed that he needs her. He is making sure that annika should not feel bad to be in oberoi mansion. He is also making sure that she should not repent for marrying him and being his responsibility. His belief on annika is the most important thing. Shivaay Singh Oberoi who believes proof now doesn’t even believe even a single proof against annika. That care of a husband is worth appreciating.

Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi
I really like this full name of hers. She became more sensitive nowadays, many are missing the old annika me too, but this annika is the most needed. Then she was an independent girl leading a small life and bearing just one responsibility,her brother. But now, she is a family girl, she needs to be like that in order to not heat up or break the family.she need to be like that for her husband and his mother, in order to not break their relationship. She is bearing all the tantrums of pinky just for Shivaay and that she is elder to her. And she also know that shivaay trusts her. Shivaay is trying to bear all the problems and all the pressure is on his head, she is the only one who can calm, she is not even complaining him about pinky because she knew it would become more stressful for him. Hence the writers are trying to show the wife and the family annika rather than the independent one

Omkara Singh Oberoi
I feel pity for him. Really how can anyone be when their mother is suffering so much from his father and he wasn’t able to do anything to stop him and hence he is destroying himself. His rage against his father is truly justified and acceptable. He is the most sensitive one and he is now losing belief in love and relationships. I just can’t imagine him like that. And now he isnhoing to engage to Svetlana for saving his mother as the heartless Mr Oberoi is going to marry that vamp. All the twists and turns are coming just in his life. And sure Omri(omkara + gauri) are going to give us good show.well did u see the new promo of dil bole oberoi. It was simply superb and slaying. Actually did anyone guess the background music, it is from a Telugu movie Janata garage acted by Jr NTR , Samantha and Nitya Menon

Rudra – Sowmya
Both are not able to realise their feelings for each other and are suffering. Sowmya is on the verge of realising her love, but just because of rudra’s decision and his words, she was taken aback. Now their nokjhok will still continue and it would be the same track and where the hell is reyaan. Dadi should make them accept their marriage just like how she made shivika accept their marriage. Let’s see how their storyline proceeds in dil bole oberoi

Tej – janvi
My god, such a trauma for janvi. How can anyone force for divorce when she is continuously begging for another chance and space for the relationship. They are having children, tej is saying janvi made his children far from him. He was himself far from them. For him closeness means their children should I listen everything what he tells. That’s all. He is just back of money and his heart completely filled with jealousy on shivaay who is growing in business without any flaws. And poor janvi, she was so helpless that she just burnt herself. Thank God Shivaay saved her

Pinky – Shakti
Pinky became the typical saas for annika. How can anyone think the house bahu as a bad omen for the family. She is truly becoming disgusting. She is supporting Tia who is not married to her son rather than her true bahu who completed all the rituals and entered the house by all traditions. She has to know the mistake what if someone takes off her sindhoor and put it on someone else’s maang, it is the same blunder she is doing against annika. She is not knowing her value instead blaming her for every wrong happening in the house. There should be a limit to what she speaks, her husband should at least order her not to speak in between. And Shakti who believes traditions and customs and also supporting annika is not able to defend his bahu against his wife. He should be bold and should not act like a puppet in the show

Dadi – prinku
These both are the most shattered ones. They are having no courage left in them seeing the broken family. Dadi lost hopes of fixing the broken glass pieces of the family being hurt by them many times. And prinku who us scared of everything, how can she tolerate all this, oberoi brothers,please give support and also spend some time with her.

Shivaay- annika
I talked about them but not about their relationship. The way they are supporting each other is indeed great . Shivaay supporting her in all circumstances was awesome to the core.and next annika is going to console shivaay under medication. Shivaay being so much stressed can only become comfortable and a bit easy only with the company of annika. Hope their Jodi be forever like that. And now the memory loss track is a bit interested one. What will shivaay tell to her? Let’s wait and watch

They are creating so much mess. Well their revenge track and acting is good. When they first attacked shivaay through falling glass, Tia told annika that she doesn’t care shivaay lives or not and then when the oberoi youth discuss about the problem, annika says it is a big saazish, than y didn’t she get an idea of Tia. And Svetlana, oh my god, what happened to the oberois, didn’t they get to know that when she entered the mansion, many problems have raised. Huh God!!! And romi, she is a devi for what huh? To be transformed into a villain or what??? I think she became a devi in order to cover up her identity. But their part in the play is giving spice to the play and making it interesting.

And where is the main character, then police when most required. Where is Mr Ranveer Singh Randhawa ?????

And finally this is my analysis on the ishqbaaz plot. Do view it and throw your valuable comments

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  1. Super analysis yaar…. Thank you for this…

  2. Awesome….yr view is perfectly right

  3. Anshikaa

    I also agree to ur points brilliat analsis

  4. Shivika

    Ur views r absolutely rght……i appreciate ur analysis skill……i wish shivika remain together

  5. Cool analysis yaar

  6. Samm

    nice analysis, sat. of course, i agree with you on most points, except for a few, where my opinion differs. shivika are the best when it comes to fulfilling their marriage, but individually, anika’s transformation is bit too much. she is now behaving like the typical bahu which covers up her original identity to a great extent. earlier also, she had to handle sundari bua, but while being strict with her, she was never disrespectful to the woman who didn’t even flinch while handing her off to the goons and selling her house to an unknown person. but now, she never defends herself except saying things like ‘i didn’t do it’ and ‘please believe me’. in the beginning of the show, she never failed in maintaining her image as a self-esteemed and strong character, even when shivaay tried a lot to humiliate her.
    granted, there are many differences between the situations now, but although pinky is blinded by her goal of the Oberoi empire, and considering shivaay only as a machine for fulfilling her dreams, i still don’t think anika is beneath showing her worth. it’s obvious where the show is going with this track, it’s the same old ‘time will tell’ and ‘in the end truth will win’ storyline. the only good thing i think will come around is the transformations. it will be interesting to see pinky’s transformation, more than tej’s. to be honest, i don’t think there’s any way for tej to redeem himself now. his greed for money and power cannot be quenched by just one deal. it seems like his accusations on janhvi are absolutely hollow. mrs. kapoor, romi, tia and swetlana are the weirdest vamps ever. i liked roop and gayathri more than them. gayathri never attacked from behind, and i found that admirable. roop’s reasons for harming the oberois was never explained, but her greed, like the other elders was evident. however, i fail to understand why the kapoors stayed quiet for so long if they wanted to avenge their father? and honestly, the show would go really well if at least one of them knows the complete truth, as the vamps don’t seem to know much besides the fact that the oberois are responsible for their father’s death. they have been holding on to the one statement by their mother, and even though they now have a lot of money, they are still resorting to old methods of revenge.
    their acting is really good, though, and that is their only virtue.
    om is sensitive, indeed. and i agree, it’s painful to see such a good character going out of his way to be the bad guy. this will probably only affect the weaker links of the family who actually care about him. i highly doubt how this will be for the better for shivaay or dadi. because, even if om turns over to the dark side, he probably won’t harm anyone, whether it be the good guys or the bad! all his anger will probably become self-destructing and it will only create more trouble for shivru.
    also, yes, where is mr. randhawa who was dying to get married to prinku? he is another whacko, he really is! 😀
    so, that’s my view. i really thought of ishqbaaz going against stereotypes, but it just proved that indian dramas are all about love stories, hate stories, family conflicts and character developments over ridiculously short intervals of time! and the only character development shown in this show till now is shivaay’s, which is impressive. how good will it be to see other characters evolving with him, rather than sticking to their ‘irritating bunch of apes’ image! 😛
    kidding, of course.
    i’ll put a stop to this now,before it gets out of control! wait, it is too much already! 😀
    really good analysis, sat. i enjoyed it a lot. 🙂 🙂

    1. Saasha123

      I totally agree with u about anika and ….. Anika’s old avatar was great…. Bold and strong.. But now she is weak and always depending on shivaay to defend her…. Btw where the hell is ranveer singh randhawa??? Shall we call c.i.d??????

    2. Samm

      hmmm… looks like i was wrong about the om track, after all. liking the new twist with swetlana! 🙂

  7. Ruksy

    I totally agree and I can’t wait for the memory loss track.

  8. JanviSingh

    I totally agree with you on all the points…..
    I feel like killing nafratbaz n Tej….
    I seriously cried on Janvi’s suicide scene….. She is such a sweet lady….
    N I really feel that o’bros should support Prinku as she will be the one mostly affected after this incident….
    I would love to watch all 4 of them supporting each other…..
    N at last I would like to say that this was by far the best analysis I have ever read….????
    Great observation…?

  9. JanviSingh

    Ooops… n I forget to say that….
    All the best dear….
    Bhagwan tumhe boards k zulm jhelne ki shakti de…..????
    Infact mujhe bhi…??

  10. Aarti32

    Most disgusting thing is dat..Shivaay married Anika forcefully, but our oh my mata Pinky lashes Anika saying u are hung in my son’s neck..Arey, go get a life u oldie!!

    1. Saasha123

      I remember when pinky came to know shivaay married anika forcefully she said u were pride but now i am ashamed of u and all those things… She even supported anika just for few days… Then there was tia’s entry again…. This is my opinion i wanted to share with u…

      1. Aarti32

        But now she’s again blaming Anika..

      2. Sat

        This because that psycho daksh instigated against annika, and pinky is that kind of person who believes everyone against middle class people. Hate that kinda attitude. But shivaay’s change is really becoming good for the show.

  11. Good analysis dear..

  12. Yeah DSP music…Janata garage ??

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