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FB Scene – 3 [@ Temple] [continuation from last one]
Dhaani : Viplav u are a well established lawyer and u hire from mahapanditji’s family and u
are well educated . In spite of all these things, u helped me……and I was like…..{ dhaani starts crying}
Viplav : {interrupts] Dhaani….pls……..stop crying….
Dhaani : Viplav……U really did a big thing 4 me……and 4 our aashram…..We always get the
big orders from malhotraji and his anger is like fire. He is very punctual in all things and if I
would have failed 2 reach in time….then that big order would have gone…..which would
had affected so many lives of our aashram…….The whole day we use 2 make varities of
pickles and paapads. We chose it because, before marriagemany of us were forced 2 spend
their whole day in kitchen and household works only. I was lucky to have basic education as
my maa always dreamt her buchiya will go heights. But like any other woman she also put a
big lock in her dreams and my marriage happened. But when destiny made me this white
color I never thought it as a mere fate 2 limit myself. In fact I want 2 do more for my
home….the home which give me this color, the home which is filled with certain desires and
hopes. Among all of us am the one who came upto college only. But I couldn’t continue it…..
But….now…..I really want 2 pursue my studies. But for my studies, I can’t compromise
other’s lives also. We chose this work as our profession and during day time I used 2 travel
several places and will pick max. no. of orders. Mean while in aashram all will try their level
best 2 complete it. And @ the end of a day, I will get the money which is like a gem of our
collective effort. U know when I will go evng classes, there I will find so many people like me
whose dreams were locked too early. And am….{dhaani burst into tears and walks away}
Viplav : Dhaani….Dhaani…..Listen…
Dhaani sits on viplav’s car. Viplav was in a dilemma abt how 2 console dhaani. He gets into
the car and stares her for a while…..
Viplav : U know something…..dhaani…..My dadi used 2 say that success never ends until u
work hard……So if u have strong determination, then certainly nothing is impossible …… And
u are dhaani……A brave girl whom I felt as really very special. And ur dreams have wings, it
has no locks as far as it comes from heart I think u should not bother what others will say……
Dhaani : {surprised] Viplav…… do u really think that I will be able 2 complete dreams ?
Viplav : May be….I don’t know……As far as am a lawyer, I will tell u one thing….The clients
which we mentions in law are actually normal people just like u and me…..All demands for
justice in their favor. But the thing is they will get it if they will win the case only…..And it’s
my duty 2 assure them justice. In a day I find certain people who may have different stories
2 narrate. All trust in lawyer. And if lawyer fails 2 give them what they require, then …..U
Can guess…what’s next……{viplav smiles with wet eyes]
Dhaani gets mesmerized with viplav’s statement. The naughty, innocent youngster she saw
In Viplav was transformed 2 a miracle for her…..She was unable 2 take her eyes from him….
Viplav some how managed 2 get back in his normal comfort zone by rubbing tears and
stared dhaani for a while. Dhaani’s eyes were drenched in tears only.
Viplav : Dhaani….woh!!
Dhaani was lost herself in viplav’s eyes which were totally unpredictable for that moment.
Viplav again called her, but she was not responding . Viplav slowly raised his hand and gently
wipe out her tears. Dhaani shut her eyes for that second, seems knowingly or unknowingly
from heart she wanted viplav 2 do it. When it was finished, dhaani slowly opened her eyes
and finds viplav’s filament smile which was reflecting more closer 2 her eyes. Viplav signs
her 2 smile and dhaani smiled like a kid which increased the brightness of viplav’s filament
smile….[Ishq ka rang safed ….plays…..]

Viplav : So Dhaani….now onwards there will be no place 4 flow of ganges, agree?
Dhaani : I will try, But if it will come then what should I do ?
Viplav : If u are crying or u feel tensed or u feel gloomy, then u Just shut ur eyes and remind
the most beautiful thing which will make u always smile……Soon u will find filament in ur
face….Do u wanna try it now ?
Dhaani nods her head and shuts her eyes…..
Viplav : Now just think abt the beautiful thing which will make u 2 smile…..
Dhaani : Viplav!!! [dhaani finds viplav’s smile only]
Viplav : What happened ?
Dhaani : Woh…woh……Nothing….I didn’t expect that …..
Viplav : That’s the speciality of filament smile. We never finds the actual thing which make

we 2 smile always……
Dhaani : Yes……{dhaani stares viplav and smiles}
Viplav : Are u feeling, better now ?
Dhaani : Yeah…..
Viplav : But am not feeling well….
Dhaani : Why….what happened ?
Viplav : I feel hungry…..
Dhaani laughs…….

Viplav : U are impossible….U find 440 volt laughter in my hunger only ??
Dhaani : Sorry!! {dhaani press her ears and stares viplav with a cute smile] Viplav…..Just one
hour more….Soon we will reach aashram…..U can have fud from there…..
Viplav : Is it ? Now see viplav tripathis style….[viplav wears sunglasses and starts driving the car fast…]

Scene shifts 2 aashram…
As soon as vidhani arrives the aashram they hear some one screaming “”
Vidhani gets panic….
Dhaani : Suvarna….this is suvarna’s voice…..
Viplav : Lets go….[vidhani hold their hands and runs into aashram]
Dhaani : Suvarna……suvarna….rajjo, maa…where are u all ?
Viplav : Maaji……maaji…suvarna……
There was no reply from any one and vidhani search them 4 each and every corner of
aashram….But they didn’t find them…..Soon the lights of the aashram went off……Dhaani
screams……in tension…..”Viplav”. It was too dark and both of them were not able 2 find

Viplav : Dhaani….where are u ?
Dhaani : Viplav I am in kitchen …..I came here to see whether suvarna is here…..And as soon as I entered lights went off….
Viplav : Dhaani…u stay there….Am coming……Don’t worry….
Dhaani : Okay…

PRECAP : A beautiful journey of vidhani begins……..

So guess what actually happened with vidhani ? Well don’t worry….It’s a plan of suvarna….and rajjo only……What will happen next ? To know this read my ff…..


  1. Lalitha

    hoffo why u revealed the suspense yaar…
    really really very very awsome episode reni….
    and u have posted next episode also same day??i am really surprised yaar…
    thanq for this much quick update…
    keep smiling… 🙂 🙂

  2. Mahaaijaz


    |Registered Member

    First of all Reni thanks a lot for posting the next one at the same day itself!
    And secondly you’re like me yaar you too broke the suspense yaar, what was the need of telling 😂😂 but it was just mind blowing, seriously I’m loving it😍😍
    Thirdly please don’t say sorry yaar we know you’re busy but then also taking out time so thank you 😘😘
    Lots of love ❤
    Take care!

  3. Sujie


    |Registered Member

    Though you broke the suspense.. I am looking forward for it…and PRECAP…just imagine it is giving butterflies to me…..
    loved the part where…Dhaani closes her eyes feeling Viplav’s hand forwarding to wipe her tears…..
    Flow of ganges from Dhaani and Viplav’s filament wala smile to wipe that flow…. awesome have made….thank you…. I am glad that Dhaani is slowly feeling for Viplav…that special feeling 🙂
    keep going dear….lots of love 🙂

    • Renimarenju



      Thanks sujie…..actually that’s what i was feeling in my heart only……because now am far from my home town am really missing my real life love a lot…….when i was writing this his face was just glowing before me……really it’s hard 2 stay away from him….

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