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i am so happy reading your comments , specially of my meghu dii, i made you blush na……….wow……..i am so great, just joking dii, i am happy you all are liking this story of mine and here goes another shot, hope you like this one too…

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Dhani started moving behind Viplav taking those bags , he was moving ahead and faster while she was moving slowly and behind , her eyes full of childish anger continuously plastered on him.
As Viplav moved further , soon he realized that Dhani was not next to him , he turned only to find her moving slowly continuously staring at him.
“ can you please move a bit faster…..???” he asked while she increased her pace and reached up to him, she was totally exhausted after carrying that much luggage and so kept it down , she held his shoulder and took deep breathes.
“ Are you fine….??” viplav asked concerned.
“ who will be fine after carrying so much luggage…” dhani muttered to herself which viplav heard.
He stared at the luggage she was carrying and bit his finger.
“ i am sorry , i am sorry , i didn’t see that i gave you the heavier bag…” he paused and again kept his finger in his mouth , “ that was the reason i felt that the luggage is really light…”
Dhani stared at him shocked while he continued , “ i will take it up , you take this one….” he again stopped in middle.
“ Dhani….” dhani said angrily
“ beautiful name , dhani…i am sorry haan ..”
“ no problem..” dhani said faking a smile as from inside she was boiling with anger by his continuous mistakes.
“ NO , no i am really sorry , my mumma says if we did mistake we should apologize…” viplav said with cute smile.(As my meghu dii wrote in one of her episodes for my jiju , KILLER SMILE)
“ and my mumma says we should not do such mistakes…” dhani again murmurs to herself which this time viplav couldn’t understand.
“ what…???”
“ nothing…lets move , let me take that bag only….” dhani said picking up the heavier bag again.
“ ok…” viplav said as he thought , “ if she is insisting then there may be a reason , let her take…”
Dhani stares at him open mouth while he again starts moving.
“ dream boy , mishal ,my governor, HIM…” dhani murmurs angrily while walking behind him.
They soon reach near viplav’s house while dhani again keeps the bag down , again exhausted.
“ thanks a lot…”
“ no problem, my mumma said atithi devo bhava…” dhani says angrily copping his previous words.
“ no , no we aren’t adithi , we are here forever so this line doesn’t work…” viplav says with a huge smile.
“ he doesn’t even understand sarcastic comments…” dhani thinks angrily staring at him.
“ ok bye….” viplav says.

Dhani again is left shocked.
“ Bye …” dhani says full of anger as she lefts his house from door itself.
Dhani’s POINT OF VIEW (She is talking to God while walking back home)
What !!! what a surprise God , you love playing games na that too with my chote sa dil, i mean seriously , i loved him , i thought he would be some macho man who would be like witty , fighter and everything a girl dreams in her prince charming but he………… WHAT….he doesn’t even understand anything, MUMMA’S BOY…
Viplav’s POINT OF VIEW (He too is talking to God standing outside his home waiting for his parents)
WOW!!! That was interesting God , she is such a sweet girl , she helped me by carrying that heavy luggage till here that too in first meet itself , thanks a lot for such a good friend that you gave me but don’t know why she seemed angry like she said bye with soo much anger , she must be late , thankfully i bid her bye or she would have waited for papa, mumma and wasted her time but she is sweet, sacchi bolon even more than Raisha , she looked sooo cute when she was staring at me , her rosey red cheeks , she is cute….
He was thinking this with a smile while his father suddenly hit him on his shoulder , “ where are you lost…???”
“ no where papa, lets go…” he said with a cute baby smile.

MISHAL RAHEJA AS VIPLAV: He is a cute sa boy who is protected from all that boy type things by his family means he isn’t some macho man or what to say some angry young man but a sweet guy ,in short he isn’t the kind of prince charming sitting on a unicorn to take away dhani to a land of love like she dreamed , but a boy who doesn’t even understand all these terms , has a heart of gold but a tongue that makes a lot of mistakes{ just like what we saw} doesn’t understand the formalities that the world wants every one , specially a boy to do , just like the way carrying a heavy luggage over a lighter one, he doesn’t bifurcates the actions according to someone being a girl or boy)
Dhani reached back to her home where rahul was standing at the door.
“ you didn’t go …??” dhani asked staring at him like a teacher.
“ naaa, i was just thinking about your misha….no no no viplav ji….” rahul said in a total teasing tone.
“ rahul…his name is viplav…”
“ but for me to he is my mishal jiju naa…” (you an imagine rahul to be piyali , who…the one and only writer of this TWO SHOTS guys..)
“ rahul….” dhani said making a sad face , afterall she was completely disappointed with what she saw.
“ what happened…??” rahul asked keeping his small hand on her shoulder.
“ rahul , he isn’t my mishal, he isn’t the one i wanted him to be……” dhani said as she couldn’t complete , she was left wondering about her dream boy and viplav.
Rahul stared at her continuously glaring at her with his small yet sharp eyes , dhani was still lost when she realized that he was staring at her.
“ what happened….???” this time she asked confused at his glaring.
“ dii , when you thought about loving him , did you expect all these from him……seriously but dii you only told na that love should be unconditional…..then why are you keeping so many conditions in your love….???” dhani stared at him , the small child who came to learn from her was teaching her something , something really important today , the lesson of life , the lesson of LOVE.

“ dii , i didn’t expect this…” rahul said as he left the scenario, dhani stood there in deep thinking, she went inside walking on wobbly legs as she continuously thought about rahul’s words.
She went to straight to her room and then to the cupboard , she stared at her viplav’s picture , the picture that every time made her feel like it was her soul mate and today too standing in front of it made her feel the same , no feeling changed , afterall her heart didn’t change yet something changed , something she knew changed for good , “ i love you mishal and will love you till the end of my life , you aren’t a stranger to me but my love , my life , i don’t expect something from you , atleast from today , i lived for you throughout my life and will do it forever, i have painted my heart with just one picture ,just one person and thats my mishal , from today my viplav.
She smiled and sat on her bed , she didn’t wish to be the dhani who was sad at the fact that her mishal isn’t actually what she expected but wished to be a dhani who was happy , happy because she met her dream boy , she completed her dream , her soul mate was next to her and she just wished to love him , love him throughout her life , UNCONDITIONALLY…
She was smiling continuously as she lied on her bed remembering her little moments with her viplav, it seemed like smile had conquered her lips today and decided never to leave them , she was smiling as she laid her head on the pillow, the pillow felt soft but not softer than him , his lovely hands that saved her today.
“There is no perfect lover, we are all flawed, but knowing those flaws and still loving with all your heart creates perfect love.”
This was what dhani had learned today , learned from her love , from her viplav.
The goddess of sleep soon bestowed her blessings on dhani and dhani closed her eyes , still smiling , it seemed like this was the best sleep in her life , though he was away from her yet too close to her heart and today he seemed to move more closer to her heart.
The next morning rose , it was a new day in the lives of our ViDhani , the first day of collage of viplav and so he was scared but excited too as his girlfriend Raisha was going to join the same collage where he is joining , she became his girlfriend just two days before in Patna and the surprise was that she too was moving to Banaras with her friends and joining the collage , though he didn’t actually understand the meaning of these words like Girlfriend –Boyfriend , yet he knew that this means that she is special to him and he is special to her.
The feeling was being was now completely felt by dhani as she was sitting in front of her dressing table getting ready for collage , she seemed to be totally lost with a beautiful smile that completely graced her lips yet again , it seemed it won’t leave her forever.
“ In which collage , he must be studying….???” dhani thought as she sat in front of the dressing table staring at herself still.
“ Ask him na dii..” she heard a voice from back.
She turned her head only to find rahul standing behind her with his huge wala smile.
“ my dii understood soon…” he said coming towards her.
Dhani smiled and went up to him.
“ Right , i LOVE him na…” she said pulling his cheeks.
“ dii , leave my cheeks….” he aid irritated.
“ ok , on one condition , you won’t disturb him like you do to other boys of the colony…” dhani said leaving his cheeks.
“ whom…??” Rahul asked teasing.
“ viplav….” dhani could barely say as her cheeks again kissed pink.
“ i am going to his house…” she said as she moved out trying to hide her love , her red cheeks…
So guys , sorry for converting it into a few shots , i just realized that i can’t write it as Two shots so thought to write a short story , well this way i will get time to have more conversations with you all , hope you like it one too………….

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  1. Meghs

    Wow kiddo thank u so much for converting it too few shots i liketd it alot??

    Epi highlights
    ☆dhani holding heavy bags to viplav ?? i can’t even imagine me in that situation but for Viplav naa i can try that too??

    ☆Viplav as mumma boy.. ? i loved it alot

    ☆he has gf?? i broke that raisha leg??

    ☆he is actually not dream boy dhani expected… viplav is sweet cute boy type whereas dhani opposite .. it is amazing actually i liked it ..

    ☆rahul is boy naa hw can we assume u kiddo as him?? u should have changed his name..

    Ps: i loved it alot.. and now too blushing reading. .. laughing like idiot. . U know what mumma said i gone a mad…

    And i think i really gonna mad..

  2. Why do they have to change you i love you than the present dhani

  3. Shruthy

    omg this side of Viplav is quite interesting and funny. that soft and out of the world facts wala Viplav. he doesn’t even feel like a real man, which is something IMPOSSIBLE today. xD I can understand Dhaani’s anger that she couldn’t find THE prince charming of her dreams but at the end, master Rahul taught her that love is unconditional (because there cannot be true love, love is only true, otherwise it’s not love. alright, I will shut this stupid bracket). And then she starts to feel her love for Viplav again. the way she blushes saying his name, and Rahul teases her… both are so cute. Dhanai quite curious to know where he is going for college but quite thrilled to know what will happen after she knows he is already in a “relationship”. who is this Raisha? Hmmm? Kabab mein haddi xD just kidding
    excited for next part dear! <3

  4. Hi piyali. Good to know that now it would be short story.
    Liked yr lesson of love n analysis of perfect love.
    Dhani first getting angry for viplav not meeting her expectations n then finally developing feelings for him great n credit goes to kiddo rahul☝☝.
    Looking forward for next. I suppose dhani n viplav would be in same college n initially dhani might feel bad seeing raisha n viplav together but i know she would get away soon n unite vidhani. ?☺??

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