Hello friends , i know after a long time na , actually guys i am writing almost 8 ffs and i don’t really wish to leave any of my ffs behind because of another thats why this delay , i am sorry for that , please forgive me…i couldn’t even reply to your comments , was really busy , sorry for that too…so my replies are below do read , Links to previous update:
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My replies:
Meghu dii: acha dii , i to thought that you LIKE Viplav but now have a feeling that you LOVE him , Love -shuv haan , vaise mere jiju to vo pehle se hi hain so no worries , Raisha needs to save herself from you haaan , well i remembered , you can use Vikram’s tools on her too , Khuli choot hai meri taraf se too…….infact Rahul uff Piyali would enjoy that a lot , sorry for this concept though , i don’t know how it struck my mind but it just did , i thought i have read soooo many ffs where the heroine is a sweet simple innocent girl and hero is a macho angry young man so I just revered the roles in this ff , i am happy you liked it , and yup gender doesn’t matter na if i am also getting a love story here then , I would imagine parth samthan to be Priyal …….*just joking dido* but sachi gender doesn’t matter , I am happy as my dii’s guide though in reality it is completely opposite…i will to make you blush till the end so you need to tell aunty already haan….then don’t blame me latter……..*tongue out* love you my sweeto dido , now go mad after reading this one too………….be happy…….
Sarah: sorry sweetheart , couldn’t understand your comment but my guess is that you were talking about Eisha and Sanjeeda , if yes then dear , everything is destinies play , they can’t do anything , they needed to change her so they did , well as i have seen a few scenes of Eisha , i too feel that she was perfect as Dhani but it is life na , every second there’s a change so we need to accept them…….love you……be happy…………
Shruthy: I am really happy that you could understand Dhani’s POV , but still it isn’t even the fault of Viplav , well another thing your bracket wasn’t stupid dear , infact i was enjoying reading it but you closed it , I loved you meaning of love , superb thinking , and yup Rahul needed to teach her , afterall who is playing the character * raising my dress’s collar* oh there’s no collar , ok just an imagination…I know they are cute just like me and my meghu dii na *apne muh miya mithu* lets see what she does when she knows the truth , sorry for this much loooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggg delay , really sorry sweetheart………you can imagine Kamini to be Raisha in my ff (though i loved the girl playing Kamini a lot) ….May God Bless You…Love you…… happy………

Renu dii: Dii , your whole family is of engineers , wow dii….quite interesting , thanks a lot for your support and your wishes, I am happy you liked my lesson of love , the idea just struck my mind and i thought why not , let me write it…….about kiddo rahul afterall who is playing the whole…..* just kidding* thanks a lot for your support dii , lets see if your guess is right , love you…… happy……..

Alright so let me begin with the episode:

Soon Dhani reached Viplav’s house , she stared at the door and remembered her moments with Viplav last day , she was having a huge smile of her lips, she was staring at the door when someone pushed the door outside and it hit her , she was pushed back due to the smack.
She balanced herself and stared at the person , “ Not again…” she said as she realized the person to be Viplav.
He bit his tongue and stared at her with an innocent smile , “ sorry…” he said so sweetly that Dhani tongue couldn’t resist saying , “ No problem…”

Afterall , she loved him .
“ you here..??” Viplav asked staring at her from head to toe, she was wearing a yellow simple suit and her hair were open, she was looking gorgeous in that simple yet elegant attire.
“ yaa , we became friends na so just wanted to know in which collage you are…??” words themselves seemed to slip out of her tongue as she was smiling continuously like a mad person.
“ The Kings collage , its my first day…”
“ Kings Collage…?” Dhani asked stunned.
“ are you fine na…???”
“ no i am not , yippppppppppeeeeeeeeee, you are in my collage , Misha….i mean Viplav you are in my collage , wow , wow , wow….” she passed a flying kiss staring towards the sky and shouted , “ God tussi Great ho….”

Viplav seemed shocked and embarrassed by her behaviour and kept his hand on her mouth to stop her , “ Dhani , what are you doing , behave na….” Dhani stared at him shocked and then at his red cheeks , she laughed out wholly seeing him , “ you didn’t seemed to be such a introvert….” she said staring at him.

Viplav nodded and said , “ you know mumma too says , i am not the way i should have been , Introvert…” He started moving out on the road.
“ Oh ho , Mr. Or should i say Master mumma’s boy , why saying like that , I love you the way you are…” Dhani said keeping a hand on his shoulder moving behind him.
Viplav turned and stared at her confused, Dhani bit her tongue and said , “ yaa , I love my new friend na….”
“Oh…” Viplav said as he moved further.
Dhani kept staring at him , she was smiling , she was feeling awkward but she knew at the end of the day she was feeling happy.
“ Mashah-Allah , what a beautiful choice Dhani, tune usse I love you bol diya aur use samajh bhi Nahi ayya …………………….par hai bhi to kiska pyaar , Dhani ka , special to hona hi tha…” she said as she started moving behind him.

Soon , they boarded an auto to go to collage together.
In the auto:
Dhani was staring at Viplav while Viplav was staring outside at the flow of Ganga like a small kid enjoying its view.
“ So hows my Ganga Maiyaa…???” Dhani again spoke up.
“ As usual beautiful , Ganga Maiyaa , nice name from today she’s my maiyaa too…”
Dhani nodded like a child who is ready to share her mother with her friend.
“ Ok , now tell me something about you….” Dhani said as she too started staring at the flow of the river.

“ Mumma says we should not tell much about us to strangers…” Viplav said in a deep thinking.
“ Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaww… I a stranger…???” Dhani asked opening her mouth in a big “O”
Viplav stared at her and bit his tongue , “ No , I am sorry , sachi , it just slipped out of my tongue..” Dhani turned her face to the other side of the auto in anger , “ Uncle ji stop the auto , I don’t want to go with him….I am a stranger na….” Dhani said as she got out of the auto and sat near the Ganga river on the steps.
“ Oh God , what I did…???” Viplav thought as he sat in the auto.
Dhani who was sitting on the steps , waiting for viplav thought , “ Now this mumma’s boy ..will he come to me or leave for the collage….I think he’ll leave , he won’t even think of consoling me…what a solid insult Dhani….” she thought angrily.

“ Ganga Maiyaa , kya , you know na , i love him and he…. he doesn’t even care , i will na kill him , murder him… ,” Now putting her fingers on her neck like swearing something, “………. sachi keh ri hun , apki kasam( I am really willing to do it , I swear)”
As she was saying this, a hand at her back stunned her , she turned to find Viplav staring at her with one of his hands on his ears and other on her back.
She had a worth millions smile on her lips, “ SORRY , please forgive me….” Viplav said like a child now keeping both of his hands on his ears.
“ Ok , only on one condition…..”
“ what…?”
“ you will tell me about yourself….”
“ done…” Viplav said with a big smile as he made up with Dhani fast.
“Ok , so let’s talk while having a stroll on the river…” Dhani said getting hold of his hands and making him stand , they both started walking near the river while Viplav started telling about himself , they both were walking hand in hand near the river while both had a huge smile .
Dhani because she knew her choice was the best in the world and Viplav because he got such a cute friend.
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
“ I was born and brought up in Patna , I love to make friends and have many friends , what else to tell about me…???” Viplav asked confused.

Dhani smiled and hit her head , “ something like….ok , what you think about me…???”
“ you are very cute…” Viplav said pulling her cheeks with his hands.
Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..

Dhani got free from his hold and touched her cheeks like a child , “ Cute , vo to tum ho (you are cute , I am not…)”
“ no , no you are really very very cute…” Viplav said again trying to hold her cheeks while she started running , he started running behind her…
Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa
Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan

Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai
Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai

O re Piya
O re Piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re Piya

They both were running on the shores of the Ganga while Viplav was trying to catch Dhani’s cheeks , “ Viplav , please yaar leave me…” Dhani said as she tried to protect her cheeks , “ No , you know , you are really cute , first accept it…” Viplav said running behind her.
ni re ,re re ga
ga ga ma
ma ma pa
pa ma ga re sa
sa re re sa
ga ga re
ma ma ga
pa pa ma
dha dha pa
ni ni sa sa pa
pa sa ma pa dha ni sa ni
re ni sa sa sa.. . . . ..

Soon Viplav got hold of Dhani and tried touching her cheeks , Dhani kept her hand on her face to protect herself , Viplav was staring at her , at her cute and beautiful face as she was trying to hide it behind her hands , “ Ok baba , I won’t pull them….” “ Pakka?” Dhani asked from behind her hands only.
“ Pakka….” Viplav said, Dhani released her hands from front of her face, Viplav got hold of her cheeks and started pulling them , “ Viplav….” Dhani said shocked , this time Viplav laughed whole heartedly and ran from there , “ I wont leave you , I will na…..i will na…” Dhani said running behind him without completing her sentence.
Nazrein bolen duniya bole
dil ki zaban haaye dil ki zubaan
Ishq maange ishq chahe koi toofan

Chalna aahiste ishq naya hai
Pehla yeh vada humne kiya hai

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya

yehhh piya

“ Viplav , we are getting late for collage , your mumma will scold you…..” Dhani said from behind as Viplav was running , “ What…???” Viplav asked coming back towards her , Dhani started hitting him with her fragile hands and he understanding her prank tried to get free , they both were smiling in the time that they were spending with each other , this was LOVE , though unknown to them they were already tied together , God had named them together from the heavens where he decides the couples , Viplav and Dhani were to be each others , were to be ViDhani….
Nange pairo pe angaro
chalti rahi haaye chalti rahi
Lagta hai ke gairo mein
Palti rahi haaye
le chal wahan jo
Mulk tera hai
Jahil zamana
dushman mera hai


O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
Two opposites , a sweet but not simple girl opposite a Fun loving but not Macho man , how would they end up together ???

This is LOVE , not caring about boundaries of society but being each others forever.
Guys , I would be going on a break from 22 August till 22nd September due to my exams so won’t be able to post , please forgive me for that …I won’t be even replying to today’s comments as I am going on a break , so really sorry for that, Hope you like it……………Please Honest Reviews…..

May God Bless You All…………..
Love You………….
Be Happy……

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  1. Sujie

    Piyali…. all the best for your exams firstly….
    Talking about the episode…its superb……
    Viplav …Mumma’s boy…. Dhaani….is a Raani……. good job….go on dear 🙂 🙂
    God bless you too 🙂 🙂

  2. Areeb

    Hi Piyali! ? I just read the previous two shots and this one! Simply love the cute story! And poem you wrote in the first shot is mind blowing! ? And in today’s shot the dialogue I loved the most is- ” Mashah-Allah , what a beautiful choice Dhani, tune usse I love you bol diya aur use samajh bhi Nahi ayya …………………….par hai bhi to kiska pyaar , Dhani ka , special to hona hi tha… ” While reading this, I just imagined Dhaani/ Eisha Singh saying this dialogue with a rather spark on her face enhancing the beauty with her endearing smile. And trust me it made me smile all through the reading till end.

    And you dedicated this to Megha. Aww, such sweet gesture! ?

    Btw, wish you luck for the exams! 🙂

  3. Hiiii piyali just read the previous 2 shots n this one now ???it is very nice
    This is a very different ff , viplav…..mamma’s boy ??but he is sooooooo cute
    Dialogues between them were mind blowing from the 1st shot☺☺

    Awwww u dedicated this to megha diiiiiiiiiiiii
    I’m sooooo happy for her that she got soooo loving kiddo???
    All the best piyali for ur exam

  4. Meghs

    Kiddo kuch vi maat bolo love and me? muje sharam atha hai.. acha baba rahul tum hi ho gender not matter..
    Haaaha i use my tool which i made to kill vikram to raish?? ur di is also crazy like u?

    Mumma boy viplav is so cute… haa day by day i falling more to ur ff its rocking… i becoming ff crazy fan naa? ur doing good job keep it up…

    Storline moving good..

    All the best for ur exam.. miss u?? btw u study hard ur in 9th u need to hard work more?

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