My Version Of Naagin Season 2 ff ( Naagin Season 2) Part 8

At same night both Ritik and Shivanya are sleeping peacefully and Ritik starts to have bad dream
In dream .
Ritik: Shesha chod do meri Shivanya ko
Shesha: Nahi Ritik i will not leave her because she has stolen you from me.
Ritik: Shesha ,she has won my heart and she is my wife and i never loved you and i loved only her leave her or i will forget that you are my wife sister .
Shesha: No Ritik i will not and stabs Shivanya and laughs evilly and tells ritik now you are mine .
Ritik: Catches Shivanya in his arms and Shivanya dies Ritik shouts Shivanya…
Ritik : wakes up and he is full of sweat and fear
Shivanya : wakes up sees Ritik full of sweat and hugs him and ask him what happened
Ritik: Tells Shivanya he saw a bad dream where shesha killed you and you died in my arms .

Shivanya: comes from behind and hugs ritik and kisses him and takes his hand and takes ritik to bed to make him sleep. but rest of night ritik could not sleep beacuse of dream and it was warning alert for ritik and now ritik made vow that he will kill shesha when she comes back for him and naagmani .after lots difficulty finally shivanya made ritik sleep in her lap .
In Morning
Shivanya : wakes up sees ritik and places a forehead kiss on him and goes to bathroom to get fresh . and after getting fresh shivanya decides that let ritik sleep for some time
In Shivangi and Ritika Room
Shivanya: comes and wakes them up and tells them go get and fresh and tells them to come down have breakfast and Ritika you have to go school na and Shivangi you have to go college na then get ready fast .
Ritika and Shivangi: yes maa
In Kitchen
Both Naina and Shivanya are making breakfast
and finishes making it .
At Dining table
Angad: Bhabhi , where is bhaiya
Shivanya: he sleeping
Angad: bhaiya is still sleeping

Both Shivangi and Ritika comes at table for breakfast and ask their maa where is papa
Shivanya: your papa is sleeping
Ritika and Shivangi: why maa tell us
Shivanya: last night your papa saw a bad dream and after that he could sleep and after lots of difficulties i have made him sleep .
Shivangi: maa their is function in our college and all parents have come .
Shivanya : ok i will talk to your papa about this .
Shivangi: thanks maa
Both Ritika and Shivangi does breakfast and leaves for their school and college together in a car.
Shivanya: goes up to wake up ritik
Rivanya’s room
Shivanya : comes and wakes up ritik

Ritik: wakes up and pulls shivanya and she falls on him and both have eylock .
Shivanya: gets lost in eyes of ritik and tells him to go and get fresh and come have breakfast .
Ritik: ok and goes to get fresh and comes back after taking shower and goes down have breakfast
Shivanya: serving to ritik and feels ritik is in tension after dream .
Ritik: After having breakfast tells you and me are going to panchner right now .
Shivanya: ok Ritik and who will take care of shivangi and ritika . when they come back from school and college.
Ritik: Naina will take care of both them
Shivanya: ok
Ritik: calls naina and tells to take care of shivangi and ritika when they come from school and college
Naina: ok i will take care of them
Ritik: thank you
Rivanya leaves for panchner and after 2 hrs they reach pancher and checks the wall and goes to pachner shiv mandir and meets pandit .
Pandit : Ritik ji aap yaha kyu
Ritik : Tells about the bad dream
Pandit : ohh , this was warning alert that shivji has sent you and you must protect your wife from shesha when she comes back .
Ritik : ok
Ritika and Shivangi comes back from college and school
Ritika: di where is maa
Shivangi : i dont know ritika

Naina comes and tells them to have lunch their mummy and papa have gone panchner for some work .
Shivangi and Ritika : ok and both have lunch together and after having lunch leaves for their room .
after sometime Ritika hear a car parking sound from garage so she goes down and sees their maa and papa has returned from panchner
Ritika: goes and hugs his maa and papa
Ritik and Shivanya : ask ritika did she eat the food and shivangi also.
Ritika : yes me and di have eaten the food we both were waiting for both of you but now di sleeping
Ritik : ok and tells ritika to go his room and take nap .
Ritika : ok papa.
Both Ritik and Shivanya goes to their room and ritik tells shivanya we have to kill shesha or she will break the wall and she will kill you also.
Shivanya: ok ritik if you want to kill shesha i will stop you she needs to die
Ritik: thank you for your nod to kill shesha .
and at last Ritik and Shivanya hugs each other and tell they both will protect each other .

Precap : Rudra comes to meet Ritik and Shivanya .

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  1. Sanswa

    So amazing chappie…wz terrible dream of ritik…bt hw he loved 2 his wife dat nw he’z ready 2 do anything 4 her existance.. Nw it vl be so interesting 2 watch ritik n shesha against each other

  2. Jasminerahul

    i was waiting for this yesterday.ritik’s dream was very sad.the way shivanya consoling him was sweet n they r planning to kill shesha 4 protection.will ritik kill shesha n protect Shivanya?

    1. Sarveshjoshi42

      yes Ritik will shesha and 9th Part has posted and you can see in cover pic who is playing Shivangi and Ritika .

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