My Version Of Naagin Season 2 ff ( Naagin Season 2) Part 5

At Panchner ki Haveli
Ritik: looking at decoration work for evening party .
Shivanya: helping in decoration work and telling it must look like a fairy tale theme
Decoration manger: ok madam
Shivangi : sleeping in rivanya bedroom
Ritik: Shivanya who will bring the cake
Shivanya: Ritik don’t worry i will make it
Ritik : ok , just as you made on my birthday .
Shivanya: yes

In kitchen
Shivanya : starts making cake for shivangi and after 2 hrs cake is ready puts in fridge.
Ritik: Tells Shivanya we should to go panchner shiv temple .
Shivanya: ok Ritik
Panchner Temple
Ritik: Praying to Shivji ( in mind) saying thank you for giving Shivanya and Shivangi to me .
Shivanya: Praying to Shivji ( in mind ) saying thank you for giving Ritik and Shivangi for us .

Yogiraj appears and blesses Rivanya for good life and tells Shivanya that when shivji made you together he gave suryvanshi symbol and now you also can touch naagmani and at last yogiraj tells Ritik that when shesha will return she will definitely try to kill Shivanya at any cost you have to protect Shivanya from Shesha .
Ritik : ok Yogiraj i will and it’s my birth right to proctect my wife from Shesha .
RItik and Shivanya leaves panchner temple and reaches haveli .

In Evening
Shivanya : Taking her and Ritik and Shivangi dress out from cupboard and Tells Ritik to get ready for party
Ritik: Ok
Shivanya : Makes Shivangi ready and she looks like a true princess and beautiful .
Shivangi: Smiles
At hall of panchner ki haveli
Ritik: Brings Princess Shivangi in his arms .
Shivanya: Holding Ritik’s Arm and comes down .
Shivanya brings cake and puts it on table
Shivangi : cuts the cake and feeds to her mother and papa first then to angad chachu , divya and amrita didi.
Ritik: takes a small peice of cake and feeds to his Princess shivangi .
Shivanya: takes a small peice of cake and feed to his baby girl shivangi .

After sometime
Shivanya suddenly feels headache and falls unconscious .
Ritik: takes Shivanya to their bedroom and tells angad to call a doctor
Shivangi: comes to her mama and ask her papa what has happened to mama
Ritik : Nothing has happened to mama . she just fallen unconscious .
Doctor comes and checks Shivanya and tells nothing to worry about She is pregnant
Ritik: Thank you doctor and feels happy he going to be father again .
Shivanya: wakes up sees Ritik and Shivangi sitting near her
Ritik: Thank you for coming in my life and everything and at last gives good news to Shivanya that she is pregnant again .
Shivanya: Hugs Ritik and says thank you for giving everything to me and coming in life.

Shivangi: Comes to her mama ask what is happening
Shivanya: tells Shivangi that she is going to big sis to sister or brother soon
Shivangi : thank you mama
Ritik: makes sleep shivangi
Shivangi : sleeps in her papa arms
Ritik: lays her on bed and let her sleep peacefully
Ritik takes Shivanya hand takes somewhere is where firefly were there .
Both Ritik and Shivanya sits on swing and Shivanya puts her head on Ritik’s Shoulder and thinks about their second child and his future and their love and hardships they faced to get together .

Both Ritik and Shivanya comes back to their bedroom and slept in each other arms with smiling faces .

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  1. Sanswa

    Loved it..fabulously written..keep it up..?

  2. Jasminerahul

    Where is shesha?shivangi ‘s birthday day party was nice. Wow…It’s a surprise that shivanya is pregnant the show they had only one daughter.

    1. Sarveshjoshi42

      Shesha is in prison of mahismatis and yes one more daughter is coming soon and last i will not follow like show .

      1. Jasminerahul

        who is shivangi’s luv interest?

  3. Sarveshjoshi42

    No one , Romance will be there of Rivanya only .

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