My Version Of Naagin Season 2 ff ( Naagin Season 2) Part 4

3 yrs 11 months later
A day before Shivangi’s 4th birthday
Rivanya’s room
Ritik: Shivanya i have decided that we will celebrate shivangi’s birthday in panchner
Shivanya: ok Ritik
Ritik: calls Angad and tells him we gonna celebrate shivangi’s birthday in panchner at panchner ki haveli
Shivanya : Ritik i want Shivangi’s birthday party theme should be like fairy tale .
Ritik : ok Shivanya

Shivanya : brings milk for shivangi
Shivangi: no mama i will not drink it and starts running here and there
Shivanya : Runs after Shivangi
Ritik : Shivangi are you papa princess then you should drink milk
Shivangi: drinks milk

At afternoon

Ritik and Shivangi are playing
Shivangi : sitting on papa back and playing horse horse
Ritik: smiles and let’s her princess enjoy
Shivanya : sees Ritik and Shivangi playing together feels happy
At night
After having dinner
Ritik : agnad

Angad : jee bhaiya
Ritik: i want you , divya and amrita didi to leave for pancher
Angad : why bhaiya
Ritik: tomorrow is shivangi birthday that why and i want you and divya to look after shivangi birthday party decoration thing
Angad: ok bhaiya , we will look into it
Siblings leaves for panchner and reaches panchner ki haveli in two and half hrs .
At night 12:00am
Ritik and Shivanya in Shivangi’s Room
Ritik: Happy birthday princess

Shivangi: Thank you papa
Shivanya: Happy Birthday Shivangi
Shivangi: Thank you mama

In Morning
Ritik , Shivanya & Shivangi leaves for panchner
when they reach panchner they see hawk attacking a naag couple in forest
Ritik: kills hawk and saves naag couple
Shivanya : feels happy that Ritik is caring on oth of his father sangram singh like used to do .
Naag couple : Thank you so much you have saved my and my wife life what we can do for you
Rivanya: if you want to do something then help us in saving naagmani again after 25 yrs
Ritik: I want to see your human avatar of both

Naag couple : changes in human form
Rudra : Are you Ritik Singh
Ritik: yes i am Ritik singh and i am the boy of Raja Sangram Singh
Shivika: yes we agree to help in saving naagmani after 25 yrs
Naag couples leaves
Ritik , Shivanya and Shivangi
Reaches Panchner Haveli

Precap : Shivangi 4th Birthday party .

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Ritik shivangi horse game was cute.surprise is that the naag couple ritik saved from the hawk are rudra and shivika.rudra is kinshuk. Right?then which actress is shivika?I have a doubt why they have promised to save naagmani after 25 years?what will happen to naagmani after 25 years?what is the specialty after 25 years?can’t wait for shivangi’s fairytale party

    1. Sarveshjoshi42

      Thanks for loving it and yes again after 25 yrs naagmani will be in danger beacause of mahismatis and shesha and yes Kinshuk is rudra and Drashti is Shivika

      1. Jasminerahul

        wow..kinshuk drashti as a pair.totally fresh n unexpected

  2. Sanswa

    I never watched dis cz of ur dis fiction m loving dis naag scenes n all…n dis chappie wz as usual fantastic.. Keep going..u r doing awsm work..n must say dat u r 2 fast in updating..?

    1. Sarveshjoshi42

      Thanks Sanswa for loving it

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