My Version Of Naagin Season 2 ff ( Naagin Season 2) Part 2

They reached home and all were happy to see the baby girl . Ritik and Shivanya moves torwards their room and Ritik lays her princess Shivangi in crib and she falls in asleep instantly . after Shivangi falls asleep Ritik comes near to Shivanya and starts kissing her on all over her face and at last he kisses her lips and forehead and both falls asleep for sometime. but after some time Shivanya wakes up and sees Ritik was sleeping on her . She smiled and got up leaving Ritik when she was about go Shivangi started crying . she picked him and pampered him and by that crying sound Ritik got up
Shivanya: Stop crying Shivangi .you’re a good girl
Ritik: She started crying
Shivangi: (crying)
Shivanya: Stop crying Shivangi stop… I think she is feeling hungry. I need make her drink milk . Ritik please can you bring some things which is required for Shivangi
Ritik: Shivanya , I’ve some work. I am going outside and i will bring it… Bye princess Shivangi, papa will be back soon
Shivanya: Take drink this ! stop crying
Shivangi stopped crying and Shivanya took her downstairs.

In the hall ,
Angad: My baby got up ? you want to come to chachu come
Shivangi smiled and went to Angad
Divya: Bhabhi, you go and do rest . we’ll take care of Shivangi.
Shivanya: I’m going to kitchen

After some time Ritik came home and went to kitchen.
Ritik: I’m feeling hungry
Shivanya: Just wait a minute
Then Angad comes talking Shivangi
Angad: Bhabhi, shivangi did susu on me .Ew…
Ritik holds his princess Shivangi and Angad goes away
Shivanya: Ritik, please can you do one thing for me ? Mean while I’ll make something for you to eat.
Ritik: Tell me 1000 things, I can do it for you .Tell me what it is
Shivanya: Can you please please change Shivangi’s diaper?
Ritik: she has no problem
Ritik thought to himself
Ritik: How will I change a diaper? Ok let’s see.
Ritik went upstairs and tried hard to change her diapers but all in vain. after some time Shivanya came
Shivanya: You’ve still not changed Shivangi’s diaper .
Ritik: I don’t know how to change
Shivanya: Ok take this your favourite kheer.
Ritik: Shivanya, how i can eat in these hands ?
Shivanya: Ok I’m making you eat.
Shivanya makes Ritik eat the kheer and tells him to wash his hand and teaches how to change a diaper .

Precap: Ritik and Shivanya Rain Romance .

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Rivanya scene was damn romantic. Really Shivani scene with angad divya was charming. Wish we could get it in the show. Ritik doesn’t know to change diaper.Ha ha.shivanya feeding him kheer is so cute.precap is so tempting. Rivanya rain dance is something which I missed on the I included it in my ff too.can’t wait to read it in your f2f.please update soon

  2. Very good loved it

  3. Sanswa

    Oh loved it dear..sooo awesome n amazing 2..?..well excited 4 precap..?

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