My Version Of Naagin Season 2 ff ( Naagin Season 2) Part 11

After 20 days
Singh Mansion
Rivanya’s Room
In Morning at 6:30 am alarm Rings
Ritik : wakes up and goes to bathroom to get fresh and comes back after fresh and looks calendra in mobile and he sees date and remembers that today 25 yrs are gonna complete and shesha is going to return and she will break the wall and he needs to protect wall again so mahishmati won’t come this side and at last he wakes Shivanya .
Shivanya: wakes up and ask what happened Ritik
Ritik: Shivanya do you remember what date is today

Shivanya: no
Ritik: Shivanya today 25 yrs are about complete and we have to save the wall again and Shesha will also come back today .
Shivanya: Ritik i totally forgot that but you reminded again thanks
Ritik: It’s ok Shivanya go and get fresh and come we have leave for panchner haveli
Shivanya: ok and goes in bathroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh and staright goes in kitchen and starts making breakfast for Ritik and her.
After both had their breakfast Ritik and Shivanya called their daughters and told them they have to go panchner to save the wall which was made by grandfather sangram singh .

Shivangi and Ritika : ok maa and papa you go and save and we stay here only .
Ritik& Shivanya: Good and before leaving both Ritik and Shivanya hugged their daughters and kissed their forehead and left for panchner.
On the other side of wall
Shesha has been seen in prison of Mahisamati
Shesha: Today i will get free and i will kill Shivanya and Ritik will be mine
After some time
Avantika : comes and tells Shesha she has to break wall tonight
Shesha: ok i will break the wall tonight

Avantika: Gets happy after 25 yrs Naagmani will be of mahismati .
On the suryavanshi side of wall
Ritik and Shivanya reaches panchner in 2hrs and straight goes to haveli and meets rudra and shivika there
Ritik: Rudra , tonight we have to save the wall or mahismati will come here and they will destroy
whole world if naagmani went to them .
Rudra: ok we will save the wall tonight

Ritik: but there is problem my sister in law Shesha is going to return tonight and she will be one who will break the wall and if we kill shesha there will no naagin to help mahismatis in breaking the wall.
Rudra: yes Ritik u are right if we kill her then mahismatis cannot come this side and cannot take naagmani also.
Ritik: Rudra you have shape shift into me and she will get attracted you and you have bring her to Shiv temple .
Rudra: ok done
Shivika: Rudra it’s risky she can kill you also
Rudra: Shivika don’t worry nothing will happen to me .
Shivika: ok

At Night
Mahismatis and shesha comes to wall and shesha comes suryavanshi side of wall
Shesha: she is about break the wall but she sees Ritik so she runs towards him and forgets to break the wall.
Shesha: Ritik now you are mine and first i will kill Shivanya
Rudra( Ritik) :Shesha leave it na why do you need to kill Shivanya.
Shesha: 25 yrs ago she thrown me on mahismatis side and i want my revenge on her .
Rudra( Ritik): i know what she did but can we do rudra abhishek together in shiv temple
Both Shesha and Rudra(Ritik) goes to shiv temple where real Ritik and Shivanya were waiting and Shivika was also there with them .

Both Shesha and Rudra( Ritik) comes in temple
Ritik: How are you shesha
Shesha: If you are Ritik then who is he then Rudra comes original his avatar .
Ritik: you got tricked shesha by me and i want to tell you that i love shivanya only not you and i want to show you something and at last Ritik calls Shivanya and kisses her on lips infornt of shesha.
Shesha: gets angry very much and tries to bite shivanya but gets hurt itself because suryavanshi symbol on neck of Shivanya after that Ritik throws ash on shesha and fire circle is made around .her .

Precap: Shesha gets killed by Ritik and Shivanya

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  1. Sanswa

    Woooww fantastic… Dis wz more interesting chappie ever…deir idea wz awsm 2 distract shesha frm breaking wall..n yar ritik..kissed shivanya on lips in front of everyone..?..hehe..shesha’s look wz more frustrating dat tym..n wat d precap iz yr its more intriguing…at last shesha vl hv 2 go frm rivanya’z lyf

  2. Jasminerahul

    Rudra disguised as ritik bringing shesha to rivanya was exciting. Ritik making her jealous by kissing shivanya in front of her was superb.oh…shesha is going to die.who is the main vamp of season ?how many episodes ff is this?

    1. Sarveshjoshi42

      Avantika and Vikram are main villans.

  3. Shakaib

    OMG! Rivanya of fifty, funny. Amazing.

  4. wow superb the way ritik make shesha jeleous was amazing.

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