My Version Of Naagin Season 2 ff ( Naagin Season 2) Part 1

At end of season 1 when Ritik and Shivanya got together for forever and then they leave panchner temple to spend time in alone they reach flower garden and Ritik plucks a rose flower from garden and puts in hair of Shivanya and here Shivanya starts to feel dizzy and vomiting session and Ritik tells her that it’s comman thing in human women is expecting the child
Now coming too season 2 it starts from same day at night they reach panchner haveli to spent a night over there and in morning they will leave for mumbai and at night Ritik and Shivanya after having dinner together both goes to their room and changes into night dress and Shivanya starts prepare bed and tells Ritik that there will no more pillow wall between us anymore and they slept in arms of each other . In morning when Shivanya woke up and saw Ritik sleeping arms around her waist and removed his arm and placed a forehead kiss to Ritik and went to get fresh and comes and wakes up Ritik and tell him that she is making breakfast go get fresh and come and have breakfast beacuse we have to leave for mumbai also .

after having breakfast together Ritik gets a call from angad that maa has locked us in her room please come fast bhaiya make us free and Ritik and Shivanya leaves for mumbai and raheja house and after 2 hrs they reach mumbai and raheja house and they made angad , divya & amrita free from room and Ritik tells Siblings that maa has died beacuse she tried to kill me that why Shivanya killed her . as days passed happy times were coming for Ritik and Shivanya .Ritik was taking care of Shivanya during pregnancy time and Ritik was making sure she does not do any work or take any type of stress during pregnancy and in evening both went to doctor for check up and doctor told that both mother and baby are fine and as 4 months passed Shivanya’s baby bump was showing and baby was kicking Ritik told Shivanya he has go to london for some business meeting for 3 days i will return back next day itself so do not stress at all please and next morning Ritik left for london for business meeting and as 3 days passed Shivanya was waiting Ritik to come back from london and the day came when Ritik was returning from london.

Ritik arrived in epic way he came in helicopter and ran torwards the mansion so he can meet Shivanya as soon as possible and Shivanya was doing lord shiva aarti with Angad , Divya & Amrita didi and Shivanya felt Ritik has return back and yes she was correct Ritik has returned back from london and Ritik came nearer and kissed her forehead and joined her in aarti with siblings and as 5 months passed Shivanya’s Delivery date came near and near and one fine day Shivanya starts to have labour pains and she told Ritik that her baby is coming and Ritik told Angad to take out car they have to leave for hospital beacuse the baby is on the way and they reach hospital and Ritik start calling the doctor and tells doctor my wife is having pains and she is pregnant .doctor takes Shivanya in OT for delivery and after 25 min a cry was heard Shivanya gave birth to beautiful girl child . Doctor came and told Ritik that you have been blessed with a baby girl . both mother and child are perfectly fine

after birth of baby girl nurse brought her to Shivanya and placed near to her and Ritik looked at her daughter and smiled and told she has taken best things from her mother especially her lips and eyes . Ritik and Shivanya names their daughter as Shivangi .

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  1. Sanswa

    Oh Congo 2 rivanya 4 baby girl.. N wat yr no precap..??..dnt mind..chappie wz beautifully written..u serisly nailed it..???…amazing…good going…post nxt update soon…well very 1st tym m reading othr Dan swasan/swalak or ragsan

    1. Sarveshjoshi42

      Thanks for loving it Sanswa

  2. Jasminerahul

    rivanya moments were sweet.shivangi is rivanya won’t die in ur shivangi mouni itself in ur ff?

    1. Sarveshjoshi42

      Dont worry Rivanya won’t die and Mouni is playing Shivanya only and Krishna Mukherjee is Playing Shivangi in This .

      1. Jasminerahul

        Wow…krishna as Shivangi.Nice.y r u not updating the other FF on IF?waiting since yesterday

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