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Hi my drs.. after watching yesterday’s episode and new promo I had a thought to write One Shot.. its just my attempt to convey what my wish is on our DBO and my expectation in story line.. pls read and tell me ur views..

Jhanvi know that Om and Gauri got married in Bareilly and whole story.. she ordered Gauri to leave Om and OM. While leaving, Om searching for Chulbul and calls her.. he heard mobile ringing but Gauri keep silent and go away. Om felt something/someone going away from him and search. He gets sad when Gauri left mansion. Jhanvi observed all this and worried for Om. Om keep trying to reach Chulbul, but in vain. He go in search of Chulbul. Meanwhile Janvi tell everything to Buama and they start thinking. Buama gets shocked after knowing Om is married, that too, the girl who she liked since beginning and wished to make her bahu. Janvi is not convinced.

Buama explain, she s not a gold digger as u think.. if she had motive to do anything for money, y should she stay here for so many days and gain our respect and love? If want to take place in Om’s life she would have broken her boy getup and forced her relation on Om. Svetlana got her here and gave salary, but, after knowing what is truth she started helping Om as a friend and wife. This shows her purity and good deed. I liked her since very first day.. a person can’t act good for long time.. at some point their true colors will be out.. till this day she had no bad intention and she have gained our heart and love through her good values. I believe in her and u too think again. Buama leaves.
Om search Chulbul in OM but did not find him and worried for him. He ask everyone, no one know where he went. Gauri in mata rani temple sit crying badly.. she remembered how she met Om for first-time, their bazzae fight, nok jhok moments in jungle, how he saved her from goons, their marriage, her entry in Oberoi Mansion, their friendship and time spent with Om. She cry badly and fall asleep in mata rani’s feet.

Om felt he lost something and can’t resist his thoughts abt Chulbul. He talks himself, why I feel Chulbul is not here, he is not in mansion but why I feel he left me? He confused more and go to Janvi. Janvi doesn’t know how to tell Om abt Gauri and confused to talk. Om come and sit near her and tell his feelings for Chulbul and he think he lost him.. but tat may not be the fact.. I feel bad for Chulbul.. I don’t know y I feel like this mom.. Janvi console him and ask y he s much worried for Chulbul.. Om look at her in surprise and tell.. because of u mom.. he s the one who saved u from fire accident burns, and saved ur life 2 times. He also saved my life.. without him I won’t be alive today.. Janvi gets shocked and ask what? What happened, when did tat happen? He calm her down and explain how he fell from railing and Chulbul saved him. Janvi can’t control her cry and hug Omkara. He also tell how Chulbul helped him and motivated him in finding Svetlana secret. He tell now we r near that secret but I feel Chulbul left me, without him I can’t complete my mission and I can’t loose his friendship which is true and pure like anything else in this world. He feels restless and leaves.

She thinks I have done a big mistake and recalls how Gauri saved her. She was guilt that she have sent her out by hurting her heart and asking to leave Omkara, who she think as her God. She cries badly and say I’m ashamed of me.. I have kept the one who was true and loyal to my son away from his life. She call Gauri and ask where she is and goes.
She saw Gauri in temple and apologize to her for her stupidity and not believing her. She said, I realized who u r and ur purity should not be tested. I’m happy that my son married a gem like u.. he may not know the value of u now but I’m sure that one day he’ll accept u as his wife. I always wanted a girl like u in his life. I’m sure u’ll be the best medicine and cure for his broken heart. I accept u as my bahu and now itself u return to OM as my elder bahu, come I’ll take u along with me. Gauri’s happiness jas no limits but she was worried about Om and tell Janvi tat she can’t enter home as Gauri sharma because Om hates Gauri the most in his life.. and as I said earlier I don’t want to force this relation on him. She apologize for denying her wish. Janvi thinks she s right and felt proud and happy for taking so much care on Om. She ask her to come as Chulbul and said how Om felt when she left from there. Gauri takes her blessings. She bless her and say ur worship and care for Om shows ur good deed.. I’m sure ur friendship will also help u to become more close with him and one day he can never see ur bad side.. and will start supporting u and accept ur marriage. They leave from there.

Gauri stay in OM as Chulbul and help finding Svetlana secret. They exposed Svetlana and as Om challenged he throws her out of Tej Janvi’s life and OM. They got successful and Chulkara friendship has taken 10steps ahead after this and became strongest friendship bond. Next day Gauri was worried thinking how to reveal her in front of Om and does not want to break their friendship and his belief in tat. She prays to God to give strength for Om and her to face the truth. When she heads to Omkara’s room to reveal her Kaali Thakur enters OM and stood in front of her. Om saw someone talking to Chulbul and comes out. Chulbul was shocked to see Kaali and panics. Kaali thinks she is boy and tries to pat him and ask where is Om. When he forwarded his hands Gauri gets shocked and shouts Omkara ji.. Omkara ji.. amd runs to him.. Om runs to Chulbul and console him and ask him to not panic. He assures that he is with him and never let anything happen to u. He saw kaali and gets shocked. Kaali wanted to scare Chulbul for fun but Om don’t let his hands touch Chulbul. He warns Kali.

When flight between Om and Kali happening in daily drama way making Chulbul as hostage for some drama.. one day Gauri was caught by Om in OM and he was shattered when he knew the truth. He drags Gauri in front of everyone in home and bursting out in anger with her.. Janvi and Buama tries to explain Om but in vain.. he throws Gauri out.. kaali came to know that Gauri has disguised as Chulbul. He arrived at OM and tell how much he missed her and he s gonna punish her for cheating and running away from wedding. He taunts Om which make him more angry. Kali drags Gauri, she screams Omkara’s name and ask for help.. but Omkara doesn’t respond and thinking about the first time how he helped her and married her to save her life. He regret that moment. Everyone in OM tell Om to save her, but Om refused and leaves in anger. Gauri cries very badly and tries to escape from Kali and managed to run away from him. Kali get raged by her and chase her in his car.. while running she gets hit by the car and fell unconscious. When she woke up she found herself in hospital and Kali Thakur near her. She worries and cries, Kali tells their marriage marriage will.happen the next day in his Bareilly haveli. She faints in stress.

Meanwhile in OM, Buama and Janvi tries to explain Om. He s not ready to listen to a single word about Gauri. Om tell she is a gold digger, she can do anything for money.. she have no shame and don’t worry for others. He said she can even break a family to get money and don’t value anything except and badmouthing her what all he saw in Bareilly. Janvi says, stop it Omkara.. U r just talking what u saw in front ur eyes.. all that we see are not true.. amd that we hear r not true.. even if something happens good or bad we have to see the reason behind it. She is not like u think. Om ask mom u know about her? She says yes.. I know about her, ur marriage, u left her after marrying her and how she came here in ur life.. I know came to everything on Jagrata celebration, and said whole story to Om. Om was shocked and ask Janvi, how can you let her in my life even after knowing her.. y did u allow her to stay here as Chulbul.. he breaks down.. Buama and Janvi tell him about her helplessness to become Chulbul and explained how he misunderstood her in Bareilly.. he recalls Kali talking to Gauri when he took her from OM. He connected all this and understood he was wrong in Gauri’s matter. He felt guilty. Janvi says if her motive was just money y she risked her life to save u and me.. She is really good girl and no sin in her heart.

She also said, she is the kind of girl I always wanted in ur life.. I accepted her as my bahu and I want her back.. its ur responsibility to bring my bahu back home.. she also tell tat she s not forcing him to accept her as his wife and Gauri don’t like to force her relationship on u, so ly she stayed away from u.. but she is like her daughter and begs Om to bring back her daughter to her. Om was shocked to hear all this and felt more guilt even more. He promised Janvi to bring Gauri home. He called someone and asked to collect details about Gauri and Kali. He s informed tat Gauri met with an accident and Kali took her to Bareilly for forced wedding. Om rushes to Bareilly.
In Bareilly, Gauri was not able to move because of fracture in leg and wound in her head. Kali tortures her and tell maids to get her down as bride. Gauri cries and prays for help. Gauri is taken downstairs.. while going she reminds her marriage with Om and her happy days spent with him as Chulbul. She cried badly. Om arrived and beats up all goons. He fight with Kali Thakur and get him arrested.

Om saw Gauri and felt emotional. He felt guilty for misunderstanding her and hurting her in beginning. He also thinks how she saved his mom from danger, saved his life, how she supported him in his hard situations and their friendship. Gauri look at him and Om smiles at her. He cups her face and apologize for hurting her and leaving her. They both gets emotional and hug each other. He promise her that he’ll never leave her in his life and ask her to return to OM as Gauri Omkara singh Oberoi. Gauri was teary eyed when said this.
In OM, everyone r ready to welcome their new bahu.. but got worried after seeing her wounded state. Om holds her and help her to do Grahapravesh and lifted her in his arms and enter OM. And their happily ever after journey starts.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Thats all my drs.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Actually to tell u truth I was not able to write my regular FF for 2 reasons.. 1. I got infection in my eyes and can’t use mobile for long time, 2. I still didn’t get any idea to write.. so if u have time pls give me some idea for shivika romance..

Also, I’ll see u on Monday with my regular FF.. but don’t worry I’ll be writing my Weekend Shot by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life for next 2 days.. that is on weekend.. bye bye for OS and come back for WS (weekend shot).
Love u my drs.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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