His Venture : Slot 2

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Recap: Kunj wakes up in unknown place and twinkle is monitoring he’s actions guided by her superior and she has two subordinates working for her

His Venture: Slot 2

The sun was slowly masking behind the huge hills…the crimsom rays peeped through the glass window forming path for numerous dust particles..
This distracted her, she twiched her eyebrows showcasing how disappointed she was to have her SLP disturbed..
Unwillingly she got up , the clock was ahead 4…
“He might be waking up ” twinkle thought..

On the other hand kunj slowly opened he’s eyes, yet again he found himself staring at the plain white ceiling, “very bad taste for colours” he murmerd…

“Urnt our guest to accommodate u in one of cozy designer rooms” a voice shot back at him..
He turned to see her…
Twinkle walked towards him ,and soon settled at a chair near to the printed curtains
She probably waited for him to settle down. And showed no sign of helping him in it..
“Where am I” kunj asked hoping the lady wud answer him completely this tym

“Ur there where ur supposed to be” twinkle spoke with arrogance

” I expected an answer, not d demo for arrogance” kunj shot back clearly not impressed by her

“And I don’t owe u one” twinkle had her guards up

“Then where am I” kunj repeated

Soon Lucy and Aroan, twinkles subordinates walked into the room

Kunj glanced at them and stared back at twinkle

“Hope u had good sleep Mr Sarna” spoke Lucy

“U guys aren’t good host u know” kunj spoke camly

“And we don’t intend to be one either” Aroan spoke

“U guys are under this lady, i suppose” spoke kunj pointing towards twinkle

Twinkle didn’t respond, she needed to carry her job camly, or else she wud end up messing it
Hence controlling her bunch of emotions she sighed back in her chair

“I mean, they have learnt der lessons well from u ” kunj said sacarstically

Twinkle ,Lucy and Aroan remained silent hoping not to loose their peace of mind

“Ohk, enough of pleasantries, on a serious note where am I?” Kunj spoke expecting an answer

” Where do u think ur?” The same person who spoke to twinkle b4 walked in

” I don’t know where I am, hence am asking my so called host” kunj said trying to control his anger referring to the three ppl who were present b4 the other person came in

“My boy, relax…jz answer their questions, u vl soon be set free” he spoke and moved out..

“Can anyone here give me an direct answer sparing me of ur stupid riddles” kunj spoke certainly pissed off

“Then answer us’ twinkle spoke with her legs crossed

“And whats ur question?” Kunj demanded

Twinkle remained silent for a while, this irked kunj…first of all he felt uncomfortable lying der all d day and now he has no idea how far he is from his home and here twinkle took her own tym to question him, if answered he wud be back home soon

“Ur Kunj Sarna, if I’m not wrong?” Twinkle spoke professionally shooting her first question of the session

“If I say I’m not ,are u gonna be sweet?”
He asked pretending to be a innocent soul

“And can I expect answers without sarcasm?” she asked in d same tone

” This looks lyk u have kidnapped me and I don’t even know what u guys want, jz shoot ur questions and I vl answer them if I find them comfortable” he reverted

“Comfortable?” Lucy asked being unsure

“Obivo, I can’t go on telling u guys abt every stupid question with baseless reasoning of urs” he spoke with confidence

“And how can u be so sure of what we gonna be asking?” Aoarn enquired

“U guys have no sense of tym, by following me on every nook and corner of streets , so all I can expect from u is this! Or shd I expect something more stupid?” Asked kunj with certain aura around him

Lucy and Aoarn looked at twinkle who stood from her place and walked up to the bed

“I don’t think u have any urgency to reach home Mr Sarna, once u let off ur stupidity in answering, u vl be enquired further..” And with dat twinkle walked away from der..

Lucy and Aoarn turned to follow their instructor but were stopped by kunjs enquiry

‘Are u guys nuts??? U ppl can’t take what u want and let me off?” spoke kunj

“We don’t believe dat u vl answer our questions that easily” lucy turned to face him

“Ohh!!! I appreciate ur negativity, something very rare in ur field ” kunj mocked

“It isn’t rare Mr Sarna, let’s jz say u don’t know how we operate” lucy answered with smile

“May be Miss Lucy, well don’t be so sure of urself, who knows u may end up being wrong?” He smiled back

“Let’s see u vl have the last laugh” Aoarn reciprocated .

Twinkle was met by her subordinates in common room..
“He knew dat we were following him?” Aoarn spoke not able to control his disappointment

“Hmm seems lyk he has” Twinkle spoke

“He’s certainly not innocent” Lucy groaned

“He has much more to tell us, and we have much more to find out on our own” Twinkle replied

“And we vl jz let him free to move around” lucy asked

“Don’t worry he’s back under the action of sedactives, he vl only be able to see tomorrow’s sun” twinkle replied casually
And walked away

Twinkle was yet again in d same cabin which she had been in d morning
“Any luck Ms Taneja” The man in d chair turned to face her

“Not yet sir ” twinkle tried to hide her disappointed..
She always hated to report dat the results of the session didn’t come her way..
She is a smart being of 23, a stronger woman intellectually..
She jz hated to prolong d case, but she had a record of finishing her case clean and tidy

Sensing her disappointment, the man assured her, ” Don’t worry things vl soon turn up”

Twinkle smiled in gratitude

Once twinkle moved out ,
The man thought ‘She is one of our best, yet this case is intriguing her, hope she isn’t pushing of her limits’
As *Vardhan seeped in this thoughts he found himself trying he’s best to help he’s agents in der case..
*The man is Vardhan, their superior


Precap: Her arrogance..His boldness

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