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Following the tradition of keeping swasan alive through literary works, I’m back with another SS on swasan! Hope u guys like it!
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He looked at his timepiece, a manly over-sized 1963 Rolex cosmograph in polished metal gray and gold with a stunning black dial which kissed his wrist for the third time in a row, which was something of a unprecedented occurrence in his entire lifetime. Mr.SDM, as he was popularly called in these elite circles, was not a man to be kept waiting and if anyone didn’t know that fact, well then that person was truly not fit to be in the same room as him because just like the insignia in his watch, everyone who mattered knew that he was the one who wore the invisible crown in their group.

The said group was an elite member’s only club, a refurbished traditional club of the classic English architecture with its majestic arches and sprawling banquet halls draped with yards of creamy white silk tapestries which shined in the mild golden hue of the stunning crystalline chandeliers. The club mostly served as a reservations only five star restaurant at night time and the reservation priority as expected was given to a choice few. But SDM didn’t even bother for the reservation because why bother to book a table in your own club?

But today was different; dressed in a bespoke slate grey suit with a crisp white shirt and well fitted matching trousers; he was dressed to kill to kill as usual in a club where formal attire are mandatory but what was out of the ordinary was the dusky pink pocket square adding a bit of colour to his usual sombre but pristine outfit.

He was seated in a semi secluded table facing the entrance of the huge bustling hall of the restaurant. Everybody who had come to dine there had their eyes on him, women in abject lust and men his unwinnable envy. But his mercurial eyes were just waiting to meet a pair huge black doe eyes, the pair which lit up the place more than these majestic chandeliers could ever manage to do. May be she was the lost beacon of this dark world. His lips curled in a sardonic smile laughing at the poetic notions cropping up in his mind. Oh, he wasn’t a romantic at heart, rarely would ever be, but today he had plans to enthral her, that’s for sure. The seat he occupied currently was just temporary, just a show for the passers-by, the real event was upstairs in the sprawling terrace all complete with the choicest orchestra and shower of roses and jasmines… But what would take the cake, other than the decadent cake itself was he hoped would be the ring he planned to propose with – blood red rubies set in a crown pattern around the largest diamond he could afford, which was to say the largest in the country, if he had any say in it!

Now it was 6.15PM, already quarter past the scheduled time and he the ever unfazed SDM, was showing mild signs of being unsettled… His expected guest was as punctual as they ever come, so even the slightest delay was alarming, so just as he was about to call, the owner of the doe-eyes herself spoke through the phone in her mellifluous voice informing him of the severe traffic jam en route causing her unprecedented delay. He smiled and acknowledged her and decided to wait further. He knew she would come and he knew he would WIN…


AN: I know it’s a short Prologue but I’ll post Character Sketch in 2-3 days. Till then do tell me what u thought of this… 🙂

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