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The Episode starts with Deepu not liking Mahesh. Mahesh says Geet is very pretty. Gunjan taunts Geet acting sweet. Veera asks Deepu to go. Manjeet takes Deepu and goes. Mahesh says he is marrying a good woman, his business makes him meet new people everyday and he decided to trust them in 2mins, so he knows to identify people, he can see Geet’s heart is good, he will be lucky to marry her, if she says yes. Veera asks does he like kids. Mahesh says who does not like kids, they are lord’s avatar, but its imp to give them good education and upbringing, I m thinking to put Deepu in good boarding school. Manjeet looks on and smiles. Veera says but being with mum and dad is imp than education.

Baldev asks Veera not to say anything. Mahesh says kids want love, but Deepu wants education too, I will put

her in best boarding school. Bansuri says he said right, my bahu also studied in city. Manjeet asks Deepu to hear, they will send her to boarding. Deepu asks what is it. Manjeet says she will have to stay alone without Geet. Deepu says she can’t stay without Geet and gets sad. She goes to Ranvi’s home and cries. She hugs him. He asks what happened. She says she does not want to go away from her Biji, and he sees Ratan’s pic.

He says nothing will happen and goes there. Balwant asks Geet to say her decision. Veera asks Geet to decide for her life and Deepu. Geet thinks and Ranvi comes there with Deepu. Gunjan asks him to see Baldev got a good proposal, Geet will get a rich home and Deepu will study in big boarding school, you don’t have any option than saying yes, if there is nothing between you and Geet, else… Veera says Baldev I said Ranvi will come.

Baldev goes to Ranvi and asks him to see he has found a nice guy. Ranvi nods and goes to meet Mahesh. Veera asks Ranvi to ask Mahesh. Balwant asks him to meet Mahesh. Ranvi gets stunned seeing him. Ranvi says Geet will not do this marriage. Everyone get shocked. Bansuri asks why, whats bad in Mahesh. Balwant says we all think he is nice guy. Gunjan says Baldev I told you Ranvi will refuse for this relation. Baldev asks Ranvi the reason. Ranvi says he is a big cheat, he is not like she projects. Dilawar asks what is Ranvi saying.

Balwant asks Ranvi what is he saying. Ranvi says Mahesh will not keep Deepu happy. Mahesh asks who is this man. Balwant says he is my son in law, he decides for imp matters. Gunjan does not believe Ranvi and cries. Balwant asks her not to tell anything, they have guest at home. Gunjan says Ranvi does not wish Geet to marry anyone, and Geet is with him, they do their heart things by using Deepu. Veera says Ranvi is not like this. Gunjan says I know my husband. Ranvi says enough, I know you won’t believe me, as you doubt on me, I m not acting, I m saying the truth, I don’t have objection if Geet marries anyone, this man is not good for Deepu.

He says he knows Mahesh very well, don’t know what he told here. Mahesh says I got insulted and I will not stay here, I came to marry Geet, I heard good name of your family, and taunts Ranvi. Ranvi gets angry and asks him to mind his tongue. Mahesh argues with him and asks why is he worried for this girl, is she your daughter. They all get shocked.

Mahesh says I think Ranvi and Geet has old affair. Ranvi beats him. Deepy gets scared and cries. Gunjan asks Ranvi did he get peace. They all stop Ranvi. Mahesh runs and Dilawar goes after him. Veera asks why did Ranvi stop this proposal and asks him to say, else they will make the talk. Ranvi says Deepu came crying and told me that they are sending her to boarding school, I came here and saw Mahesh, he is not a good man. Bansuri says we spoke to him for one hour, he is good for Geet, she is a widow.

Ranvi says he will never send Deepu to boarding school, its about Deepu’s future, Mahesh’s intention was bad, I met him in the market. FB shows Mahesh talking on phone and Ranvi hearing his talk. Mahesh says Geet is like rose, her daughter is a thorn, once she goes, rose will be mine and yours too. He says when he has seen him, I understood about whom was he talking. They all get shocked. Bansuri says he was sending Deepu to just boarding. Balwant asks Bansuri to stop it, its good Ranvi knew his truth.

Ranvi comes home and is sad, and talks to Ratan’s pic. He asks how can he be quiet and let injustice happen, Gunjan is his wife and loves him, why don’t she understand why is she doing this, I recalled you, she was crying for her mum, what wrong did I do, why is Gunjan doubting on me, what shall I do, even Biji is not with him.

Baldev comes to Gunjan and asks her not to cry, try to understand, Ranvi is not wrong, Mahesh’s intentions were wrong. Gunjan says no, Ranvi is wrong, Ranvi is stopping Geet’s marriage and cheating me. Veera comes and hears them. Gunjan says she has told that Geet is having affair with Ranvi. Veera asks her to stop it, till when will she blame Ranvi for her doubt. Gunjan argues. Veera says Mahesh was not right and tells everything. Gunjan says why did Mahesh talk near Ranvi, its all wrong. Gunjan and Veera argue and Baldev look on. Gunjan says even Veera wants that I move away from Ranvi’s life, as I can’t give him a child.

Ranvi comes to meet Veera. Baldev stops Veera from meeting Ranvi, he himself has to try to join his relation, you don’t meet him till Geet’s marriage is fixed. She is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. good episode but what happened to gunjan

  2. Where is moti chiji

  3. yes, even I am thinking where is moti chaiji
    Gunjan is mad and after these episodes no one will like her like before!!!

  4. yes, even I m thinking where is moti chaiji
    Gunjan is mad and after these episodes no one will like her like before!!!

  5. What Gunjan is doing is correct, bcoz women are like that, doubt doubt doubt doubt …… be chara Ranvi. Yaar Ranvi chood na a saab, apna professesion pe dhyaan de man. you can give good songs …. bye the way i am happy that this dram will over by August. its good.

  6. gunjan is not wrong, right now shes feeling threaten. seriously she lost her baby, ranveer didnt consult her with a heart to heart talk or showed her that he’s their no matter what. instead he ignored her, she will keep doubting until he ressures her that everything is good. lets not forget their going through problems and all of a sudden her step sis shows up getting closer to her husband and her husband enjoying their company over hers, that would make anyone have doubts and worried.

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