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The Episode starts with Veera telling Baldev that she will also eat simple food like him from today. He puts red chilli powder and asks will she have it with him, what he is eating. She eats it before him. Baldev is shocked. Veera closes her eyes and gets tears by the spice. Baldev eats the spicy food after her. Gunjan worries and Ranvi comes out, asking is she having some work or was she waiting for him, is there any surprise. She says nothing like that. He gets naughty and she asks him to go now. She goes to washroom and says she will just come after applying cold cream.

She gets the pregnancy kit and sees the positive result on it. She is shocked and touches her stomach. Veera coughs and eats the spicy food. Baldev sees her tears and gives her water glass. She puts it back. He makes her drink

water by his hand. Mahiya………….plays…………….. She holds his hand and they have an eyelock. He throws the remaining water and says its enough of your drama, I had enough food for tonight. She says he can make her eat chilli, but meet doctor once. He gets angry.

Gunjan sits for dinner and Chai ji asks her why she looks tired. Gunbjan says just like that. She eats food and says she is feeling sleepy and going to sleep now. Baldev refuses and Veera asks him to get hi bitterness out, as she has seen his pain at nights. He says yes, I have bear a lot of pain. He says this pain is mine, not yours, I will do treatment for it without you, I don’t need you and any doctor. She thinks how to tell him. Bansuri comes and says she thanked Lord that he got saved and asks Veera to go along Baldev to Gurudwara to thank Lord.
Bansuri emotionally blackmails and he agrees. Veera smiles. Bansuri says you both go in morning, I will join after finishing my work. Baldev asks Veera to be ready. Veera gets glad. Bansuri thinks of her plan.

Gunjan tells Ranvi that she is feeling unwell. Chai ji asks her to have milk. Gunjan thinks if I get vomit, they will doubt on me, and says she will have apple. Chai ji says fine and leaves. Gunjan worries. She recalls Ranvi’s words that she can’t go ahead in career if baby comes so soon. Its morning. Veera gets ready to leave and Bansuri stops her for work. Veera sees the time and goes to do work. Bansuri signs a boy and he tells Veera that Ranvi met with an accident, and ambulance came at her home. Veera is shocked and runs home. Bansuri gives choc to kid.

Gunjan thinks to do test again and see. She cries seeing positive result. Chai ji comes to her and asks is she fine. Gunjan says yes. Chai ji asks was she crying, I m like your mum, share things with me. Gunjan says I was washing face and soap went in eyes. Chai ji says smile goes when trouble comes. Gunjan drops her bag and takes the pregnancy kit. Baldev waits for Veera at the Gurudwara. She goes home and asks Chai ji about Ranvi.

Chai ji asks what happened. Ranvi says Veera…. She is glad seeing him fine. Veera gets angry and says why should I call, she knew she has to come here. Veera cries and tells about some boy telling her about his accident. Ranvi asks did he take my name. She says no. He says maybe someone else met with accident and that boy told you by mistake. She says yes, I came running. Ranvi and Chai ji smile. Baldev says I wasted much time for her.

Ranvi hugs her and sees her hand hurt. She says I hit someone as I was running, I have to meet Baldev now and leaves. Bansuri asks Baldev about Veera and starts acting to fill his ears. She says she does not car for you, I will pray for you.

Baldev scolds Veera for not coming to Gurudwara. He says only Ranvi will be important for you always.

Update Credit to: Amena

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