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Veera 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan decorating the room and saying how did Ranvi come so soon. Its Chai ji. Chai ji comes and likes the decorations. She says so you stopped Ranvi there, why did you tell Ratan, she does not know acting, she made him peel matar and made him do leg massage, you would have told me, I would have not let him come till long. Gunjan says no, just some time and they smile. Later on, Ranvi comes inside the room and sees all the decorations and Gunjan wearing a beautiful saree. Gunjan says please don’t get annoyed, you said you will give me a chance, so I wanted to make a new start and prove I changed and I love you a lot. He smiles.

He says I m not annoyed or angry, I m thinking there is something less now. She asks what. He says music should be there. He plays a song on his mobile

and they dance. Main kabhi bikhra bikhra…………. They spend time together and she hugs him. They get close. Its morning, everyone come in the panchayat. Balwant talks to Ratan and says he explained both of them that whoever wins, they should not bring annoyance at home. Ratan says even I explained Veera. She says Ranvi and Gunjan went for some work and could not come. Bansuri asks Jaggi and Billa to support Baldev. All the contestants names are announced and people clap. Ranvi comes and blesses Veera. Gunjan sits with Ratan. The man asks everyone to say their mindset. All the people come and tell what they will do for the pind and Baldev says he wants to make pind equal to city, and bring all the good things they would desire to have.

Veera talks to them and says they have to walk united and first modernize themselves which can happen by education. Veera says we can get benefit by education and asks them to think how they can make kids study in pind. She promises she will use her education in pind benefit, she will be always supportive of them, and says great lines. Everyone smile and clap for Veera, while Baldev fumes.

The people start discussing about Baldev and Veera fighting for same post and same favor Baldev and same favor Veera. Ratan and Chai ji get glad that Veera is getting praised. Ranvi happily hugs Veera and Gunjan compliments Baldev. Baldev asks did he really speak well and gets annoyed. He hears Bansuri saying pind people love Veera more. Manjeet asks Baldev not to worry, as he has 13 days to do campaign and they all will favor him and choose him as sarpanch. Jaggi and Billa say he will win and gives advance wishes. Bansuri says Balwant is not with Baldev, he is congratulating Veera.

Balwant says Veera has touched everyone’s heart by her speech, and praises her. Baldev looks on and leaves from there annoyed. Gunjan gets worried. The panchayat people greet Balwant and Veera and leave. Ranvi says he has to go with Gunjan for some work. Veera says she is sure everyone will like his new song. He takes elder’s blessings and says he will meet Baldev too. He asks Gunjan about Baldev. She says he went. He says he did not meet me. Gunjan says Biji had some work and Baldev took her, lets go now. They leave. Veera looks for Baldev. Balwant asks her not to worry, everything will be fine with time. She asks her to take advice from Ratan and then come home. She gets sad.

Ratan asks Veera to benefit pind, and its not any war. Manjeet and Bansuri tell Baldev that this is war and asks him to prove himself to be better than Ranvi and Veera.

Update Credit to: Amena


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