Veera 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Veera 8th October 2013 Written Update

Surjit Singh is exploiting the farmers of Preetampura and asks them to sell their crops in less prices saying the rates of the crops have fallen in the market. Balwant is not happy but when Gagan, one of the villager, agrees on behalf of everyone, Balwant agrees too. Surjit Singh further adds that he’ll buy everyone’s crops but if even if one villager said no, he won’t pick anyone’s crops. Everyone is tensed and goes to meet Ratan. They beg her to sell her crops to Surjit Singh. Ratan is reluctant and says that the man is cheating them and they should think twice as he’s paying really less. But they beg with her.

Bhaktawar gets tea for Surjit Singh and asks him not to forget him while he earn his profits. Surjit Singh agrees to give him his share but has his eyes on

Ratan and makes his intentions clear. Bhatawar is scheming with him and gives him a ridiculous laugh of agreement.

Ratan has agreed to sell his crops to Surjit Singh. Chaiji and she discusses that this problem won’t arise next time. Veera comes and asks which loss are they talking and Chaiji pulls her leg. Veera asks when will her new computer come but both Chaiji and Ratan are quiet since they won’t be able to get it any more due to selling the crops in less price. Ranveera leaves for school.

Teachers at school are planning to take an awareness lecture against smoking and the principal decides to conduct a surprise check in the classes to find who was the culprit. Baldev on the other hand steals a packet of cigarette from a shop.

Villagers are selling their crop as Balwant looks on petulantly. Ratan comes and Surjit Singh’s focus shifts on her. Surjit Singh calls Gagan at Bakhtawar’s house to meet him as he asks for some extra money if possible. He tries to hold Ratan’s hand but Ratan pulls back but signs on the deal reluctantly. He tries to give Ratan his mobile number asking her to call him anytime she needs but she leaves giving him a disgusting look. Balwant thanks Ratan on everyone’s behalf.

At school they make all the students to stand in queue for a surprise check of their bags. Baldev gets tensed thinking about cigarette and lighter in his bag and wonders what he should do. He tricks Ranvi and sneaks the pack in his bag. Nothing his found in Baldev’s bag but finds the cigarette pack in Ranvi’s bag and is pretty disappointed. Ranvi pleads that its not his. Headmaster says he knows Ranvi so will give him a chance and will investigate if its his or not. Baldev gets tensed that what if they find out that it was his. Baldev tricks Veera saying that if she wants to save her Veerji than she should tell headmaster that Ranvi smokes. To save her Veerji, Veera goes and tells the same to headmaster and he’s shocked.

Precap Headmaster calls Ratan and complains that Ranvi smokes. Ranvi pleads innocence but headmaster suspends him for three days. Both Ratan and Ranvi are shocked.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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