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The Episode starts with Simran impressing Balwant and Bansuri. She asks did Baldev have food, shall I take food for him to his room, Bansuri smiles and sends her. Ranvi comes home and calls Gunjan. He asks Ratan about Veera. Ratan says she is dealing with broken heart, it does not have sound, did you think about her marriage. He says yes. She says did you think about her love, its Baldev. Gunjan comes home running and crying. He asks what happened. She says a thief has taken away her purse and held her hand. Ranvi says thief in our pind. She says yes, I did not see him before, I saw his face well, he was stranger. He asks her to sit and have water. He says we will go police station and report, its good you saw face, we will tell Rajveer, we will stop such thieves.

Bansuri tells Balwant that Simran

took food to Baldev’s room many times and he did not come home till now. He says its not first time. She says I want to get him married, then he will come on time, Balwant says who will give him the girl, Veera was there but he broke up. She says he will get any girl. He says he is happy about her cleaning work. She asks for gift and says promise me you won’t say yes. He jokes and says fine yes. She says I like a girl for Baldev. He says but… Ranvi tells Gunjan we will make FIR, whats the problem. She says she has problem with Rajveer, as he caught Baldev and made our relations bad.

He says it was his work. She says leave it, I forgot the man’s face. She says she is scared of police station, they ask strange questions. He says he will be with her, they can talk to Rajveer, as he is their friend. She says I don’t want to get into this things. He asks when have you started thinking what will people say, did you anything wrong that you are hiding from police. She gets stunned. He smiles and says I was joking, fine we won’t go to police, but be careful, you could have got hurt too, if you doubt anyone, tell me, I will get him. She smiles. She says she will see if Chai ji wants anything. He says she will be sleeping, I find you lost, you are not going to meet friends, Biji and Chai ji also feel this.

He says if you are worried, everyone see it. He says I know I m unable to give you time, its my mistake, tell me if there is anything to say, if you have any problem. She says I will tell you if there is something, I m worried for Baldev and Veera, nothing else. He hugs her and says I know Gunjan, both families have problems, but trust me, I will make everything fine. She thinks Ranvi loves her a lot and she is lying to him, how long will she lie, what to do. She cries.

Its morning, Chai ji comes to Veera and asks does she not have work. Veera says I have, but don’t wish to. She says I have memories at polyhousse. Chai ji says good memories of you and Baldev. She says anger is not in mind or heart, it comes on tongue, and we have to control it, people end relations in anger and get sad later. Veera cries and says how is this love, in which we don’t trust each other. Chai ji says you have to find the answers, your heart will tell it, if you have to keep the relation or break it. Veera asks will I get answer. Chai ji says yes, sure, but we don’t know when, it you get soon, its good, else I have seen Sampooran and Ratan’s relation, till they got answer, it was very late. She leaves.

Amrit hears music. Bansuri asks why is she moving. Amrit starts chanting hanuman chalisa. Bansuri asks when did you start all this. Amrit says she is a daughter’s mum and has to give good values. She says she got good NRI proposals for Simran, but she is worried to send her abroad. Bansuri gives her Baldev’s proposal for Simran. Amrit is glad and says Baldev my son in law, I did not think so. Bansuri says then think now, is it fix. Amrit says this is village, my girl is brought up in city. Bansuri says she can have city ways here like Gunjan, you see we will make it city.

Amrit says hug your Samdhan and agrees for the proposal. Bansuri smiles. Amrit says then I can also stay here whenever I like. Bansuri says no, you have to stay here. Amrit asks will Baldev agree. Bansuri says he will agree and hugs her. Amrit smiles.

Baldev waits for Veera’s message and is restless. He thinks of his words and how they have ended relation. He says you don’t care about me, I was mad to love you, you did not take time to break the relation. Bansuri comes to her and asks what happened. He says there is nothing to watch on tv. She says nothing looks fine when you feel alone, get married. He gets annoyed. She says the girl is educated from city. He asks who. She says Simran. He gets shocked and says your friend’s daughter. She says yes, Simran. He says I won’t marry. She asks why, will you be bachelor all life. He says my age is not running.

She says Veera will get married and you will be here singing sad songs. He leaves. Amrit and Simran come to Bansuri. Simran says mum told me about your decision, and takes her blessings. Amrit asks why is she upset. Bansuri says Baldev refused for marriage, because of Veera. Amrit says it means he is annoyed with Veera, but does not hate her, but he will hate her, don’t worry. Veera is at Chaupaal and thinks about Chai ji’s words. She cries. She thinks about Baldev’s words that he will marry just her, else never. She says I don’t understand whats right and whats wrong for me. Few men come there and see Veera alone. They start teasing her passing bad comments. She asks them to leave, they don’t know whom they are teasing. They stop her and says they are not from pind, and came to see flowers, and they like her.

Baldev tells Bansuri that he is ready to marry, and he wants to marry at the earliest, get me married to whomever you want. Amrit and Simran smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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