Veera 8th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 8th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 8th March 2014 Written Update

The scene starts from village women saying that it is bad sign as it seems like laxmi is going not coming.Its very bad sign.. Chaiji says dont talk like this.Bride is not well right now. Today is important for my son . He is going to start his new life.. I have full faith on my rabji . Everything will be fine..
Here Ranvi takes Gunjan to his room in his arms .He asks him if she is alright.. She says i m fine or not but you are very happy.. Yo won Ranvi.You got what you want . how did you do this with me? You took advantage of my dad’s illness and you marry me…But remember one thing ranvi you married me by cheating so i cant accept you by heart. Ranvi says i didnt take advantage not your father and not yours .But i know you didnt believe this.One thing more please dont afraid of anything..Dont

worry I will not ask for right of husband ..You are not well so rest yourself. Will we go to doctor tomorrow? Gunjan says I have done drama of dizziness because I cant handle this ceremony of this fake marriage with you. Ranvi shocked..
Doctor gives list of medicines to nurse to collect them.. Baldev asks doctor about his father.. Doctor says he is fine but not completly out of danger . Baldev asks doctor to meet his father..Doctor allows only one member one time because he is very weak and needs rest..Baldev goes to meet his father in OT and biji cries.. Balwant ji asks baldev if Gunjan’s marriage done with all ceremony ..Baldev says yes and not to speak more as doctor advices..Balwant ji says i am very thankful to you Ranvi .. I will pray gov give you all happiness .. You saved respect of a father…
Veera crying in her room ,. Ratan comes there and say veera , didnt you sleep yet.. I know veera you are annoyed by this marriage .. I know gunjan’s family insulted us..But you veerji too did mistake..Now gujan is daughter in law of this house..wife of ranvi and your sister in law..So i want you ill give his respect as she deserves.

Veera goes into gunjan’s room..She gives a dress to her and says Biji sent this dress for you and she goes.Gunjan gets irritate and says to herself I dont want anything…
Baldev drinking with his friends ..His friend says Today i saw veera .she is looking angrily.. If your love is finished like my drink.. But baldev says she is annoyed with me..

In the morning Ranvi wakes up and sees gunjan is not in his room and wonders where she has gone..

Precap: Ranvi says to gunjan , Biji gives this salwar suit(dress) for you. you will look pretty in this.. Gunjan acts like she is hurting by wearing bangles.. Ranvi asks her to take out bangles if she is hurting ..
please correct if any mistake

Update Credit to: Priya

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