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The Episode starts with Veera asking about Ranvi. Gunjan says she has understood everything, you are also involved in this. She says Ranvi has gone before the guy came to see Geet, you are thinking how did I know this, it was yours, Geet and Ranvi’s secret. Veera says nothing like that. Gunjan says do I look a fool, I m ashamed that you are also part of this, I felt you are support me, you will understand me, I was very wrong, what should I expect from you, you did not help me, and took Ranvi to meet Geet.

Veera says Ranvi loves just you Gunjan. Gunjan says if his heart is clear, he should come here and say yes to the proposal of the guy, else my doubt will get firm and the consequences will be bad. Veera says she is mistaken. Gunjan scolds Veera and leaves. Baldev hears this standing outside and

is shocked. He goes after Gunjan and stops her. He asks why did Geet say Ranvi to choose guy for her, is this true. Gunjan says yes, I heard this myself, that’s why Ranvi has gone here. He says maybe Ranvi is here, I feel weird that Geet said this.

Gunjan says Geet said yes to marry and became pure, and asked Ranvi to choose the guy, so he went, the guy will not say yes to Geet now, she is not any fairy, she is already a daughter’s mum, she wanted to avoid this marriage, I will be regarded bad, I don’t know who is with me and who is not. Baldev says he is with her, and Ranvi will come back if he promised. She says he won’t come. Baldev says he will come and say yes to guy, if guy was bad, Balwant would have not invited him. He calls Ranvi and could not talk. He asks Gunjan not to worry, this will end if its troubling her. She hugs him.

Dilawar comes and says the guy has come. Everyone happily welcome the guy Mahesh, and they are happy seeing him, finding him suitable for Geet. Baldev asks Veera to talk to him. He says Gunjan is worried, you should have told Ranvi not to promise Geet. Veera says what did Ranvi do wrong, he loves Deepu a lot, and Geet asked him to choose a father for Deepu. He says yes, your brother is most smart man of the pind, he can never do anything wrong, and Balwant supports Geet and wants to get her married to any random guy, right. She says we all love Geet, but Geet wants to marry for Deepu’s marriage.

He says I understand, but I don’t like this, I respect Geet and Ranvi, but I can’t see Gunjan unhappy, Ranvi is not taking my call, call him here, Mahesh will not wait for Ranvi. Veera says we will not force Geet. He says meet Mahesh, he can be right man too. He says he has trusted Ranvi, and it will break if he does not come, we can get against each other if he does not come here today. He leaves. Veera thinks where is he, why did he go, come back for Deepu’s future. Bansuri comes to her and asks her to get cold drinks for guests.

Veera gets the cold drinks for them. Dilawar says Mahesh is big businessman, he has textile business, he will keep Geet happy, he is a divorcee but it was not his mistake. Bansuri says she likes this proposal. Balwant jokes and asks Gunjan to get Geet. Ranvi look at Ratan’s pic and his phone is on silent. Veera calls him again and again, while he sits upset. Manjeet is angry as her plan is getting flopped. Gunjan asks Geet to say yes for marriage, else Ranvi will be punished.

Balwant asks Dilawar did he tell Mahesh about Geet. Dilawar says yes, everything. Mahesh says I know everything, past should not overpower present. Balwant smiles. Dilawar says Mahesh is ready to accept Geet and Deepu. Gunjan brings Geet. Manjeet says she has come. Mahesh looks at Geet. Gunjan says he is great to show interest in this proposal, mostly men are selfish and don’t give chance to helpless woman to live. She waits for Ranvi. Baldev asks Veera about Ranvi.

Mahesh says he liked Geet seeing her pic, she can ask him anything if she wants. Geet looks at the door. Manjeet says Ranvi does not care for you, he has gone home. Veera goes to bring tea and worries as Ranvi did not come. Gunjan and Dilawar praise Mahesh. Deepu comes and Manjeet tells Mahesh that she is your to be daughter, her name is Deepu. He pulls her cheek and says hello. Deepu feels hurt and moves his hand. She asks who is he. Manjeet says he is your to be new dad.

Gunjan tells Ranvi to say yes for this relation, else… He meets Mahesh and gets stunned. Deepu holds Ranvi being scared. Ranvi says Geet will not do this marriage. Gunjan is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m fed up with this story, why they repeat same old stories again and again what message they want to send to the people, if it goes in the same way no way it’s going to be flop serial

  2. Not only you Kanna I tried for them, the director for this drama don’t have sense at all he always killed good people like neha,ratan,samporuna(Ranvi dad)and leave bad people like bansuri etc i don’t know what lesson they want people to learn for this serial

  3. Lovely episode.

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