Veera 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 8th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Veera holding her ears and trying to apologize to Ratan but as usual Ratan ignoring her. Chai ji is present there, so is Ranvir along with Nihaal and all seem disturbed at Ratan’s behavior.

Meanwhile, Baldev gets a phone call from his friend that a video game is avaialble for sale for Rs. 1000 and since he is the son of the Sarpanch of preetampura, the first video game should belong to him. Baldev is worried thinking how he will get the money to buy it but then assures his friend he would buy it somehow.

On the other hand, Chaiji is in her thoughts thinking about Nihaal’s confession when Ratan comes and sees her sad. She sits with her and tells her how she doesnt like her being sad because of her but she can not accept Veera no matter what. She says she can not accept

someone who is the cause of her husband’s death. Chai ji says Veera is not the cause of his death. Ratan asks Chai ji what did she do to change Nihaal’s decision about leaving the village. Chai ji is at a loss of words. Ratan says its not fair to stop Nihaal as he has done so much for the family. Chai ji says these days everybody does something for a reason which shocks Ratan and she asks what she means. Chai ji quickly changed her words and said she meant Nihaal gets a house, food so what else does he want? why else would he want to leave. Ratan tells Chai ji Nihaal is a selfless man.

In Kartaar’s house Gurpreet is collecting all her bags and placing them at a single place which makes Kartaar curious and he asks her whether she is going somewhere. Gurpreet says she is leaving the house and him forever and that she can not take more of his anger, deception and his behavior. She tells him that from her side he is free now and can go on trying to get Ratan but he would never succeed. She also says she is not amongst those women who would forgive her husband so easily. She will never forgive him. Gurpteet leaves.

Baldev sneaks into his father’s room and steals the money and when Bansari almost catches him, he cooks up a story of trying to find a pen and leaves. He goes and buys the video game. He has just bought it when Gunjan comes and tells him that he needs to get home as Nihaal is coming to teach them. This angers Baldev but on Gunjan telling him that if he doesnt go, his mother would reveal all his bad deeds to his father, he reluctantly follows.

Nihaal, Veera and Ranvi are leaving to go to Baldev’s house. Veera tells this to Ratan who ignores and asks Ranvi why, in the process hurting Veera. Chai ji says the children won’t be able to study there but Ratan says to trust Nihaal as she completely does. This makes Chai ji glare at a very uncomfortable Nihaal.

They go over to Baldev’s house where Bansari is irritated seeing Ranvi and Veera. She asks Nihaal if he wants anything to drink or eat when Veera quickly asks her to make her lemonade. She then says this won’t help her hunger so rather she should make all of them Chole Bature. This angers Bansari who sugarcoats her words and refuses. Nihaal insists on teaching the children in a separate room, further irritating Bansari. Gunjan takes them to her room when Veera comes back and orders Bansari to make her Chole Bature less spicy.

Precap: Veera comes running back home with a notebook in her hand and asks Ratan to see how she has written something for her. Ratan ignores her. Veera tells her to look more carefully, she wrote it fifty times and in a good writing but Ratan says she is busy and leaves. Ranvi looks disturbed where Veera looks upset. :

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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