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Veera 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev telling Bansuri that he got selfish in his dreams and did not let Veera fill the form. Manjeet says its her duty to support you, you will win, now if Veera stood against you, she would have become your enemy, her duty is to manage home, not home. Veera comes and says my duty is to manage pind too, so I have filled the election form. Baldev is shocked. Manjeet smiles. Ratan tells this at home and says I know Ranvi has explained Veera and showed the right path. Ranvi says yes, I went to explain her.

He says the good things in Veera and she will benefit pind. Gunjan asks do you think my brother does not have the good things. Baldev argues and scolds Veera. Manjeet tells Bansuri to see them fighting. Veera argues and says she is not becoming sarpanch to make school, she did

this as its right. He asks is this right to stand against her husband, how dare she do this, he is her husband and she has to agree. She says she is his wife, not his maid. She goes to her room. Baldev goes after her.

They argue in the room and Baldev says I m not showing any attitude, I did not think before saying. She says this is the thing, I m contesting, you don’t think anything, you just want to fulfill your dream, and shows his pics in different professions. Ranvi tells everyone that Veera moved back seeing Baldev fill form. Chai ji says I m worried that Veera and Baldev’s relation can get back. Ranvi says nothing will happen. They all think that Veera’s relation will never get bad and Baldev understands her. Baldev says he will not understand anything, if he wants her to support him, can’t she support, fine his anger is high and he decides soon, but his intentions are right, she can stop him when he decides anything wrong.

She says will it matter, I have seen you don’t see anything in anger. They have a big argument. She explains him that she can’t trust him as he does not know anything. He asks will she keep their marriage on stake to become sarpanch. She asks why, you said the external matters will not get at home. He says its war between us now, I m asking for last time now, will you take your name back. She says no. He says fine, now the best will win. She leaves. He gets annoyed and gets Oberoi’s manager’s call. He says congrats for fighting elections, I m asking do you wish to win. Baldev says my victory is decided. The man says then mall will be made. Baldev says if I win, we will mall and do business too. The man says great, I will tell this to Oberoi.

Manjeet scolds Veera over serving food hot. Veera says she will make fresh ones. Manjeet asks where is Baldev. Veera says he is getting freshen up. Balwant comes and Veera serves him rotis saying she will make hot ones. He asks why, you sit and have food with us, I did not let Bansuri cook when one eats, you are my bahu. Baldev comes and says he is not hungry. Balwant asks him to have food and go. He sees him annoyed and asks now what happened between you two. Veera says nothing.

Baldev says she is contesting for sarpanch post. Balwant says good news, I m sure Veera will become sarpanch, now its equal fight, if you win, I will be glad, and if not, then we can get glad for Veera, and asks them to remember they are husband and wife, and then contestants, fight in elections but forget it at home. He says whoever wins, just think their thinking won, and respect it and support each other.

Manjeet tells Balwant that dirt will come in elections, and Veera should support Baldev. Balwant defends Veera and says she is not only Baldev’s wife, but also pind’s daughter, he is proud of her. Ranvi tells Ratan that he will not peel more matar, and he will go to his room. Ratan acts like getting leg sprain and Ranvi cares for her. Ratan and Chai ji make him busy and does not let him go to room. Gunjan decorates the room and thinks they should stop Ranvi for some time. Ratan asks Ranvi to massage her feet. Chai ji says yes, he will. He says he will call doctor and they refuse. He sits massaging her feet. They smile.

Baldev comes to room and is annoyed with Veera. A man calls him and says we are giving all contestants to come tomorrow in panchayat and keep their opinions, you and Veera have to come. He says fine and tells this to Veera. She says its good.

Veera and Baldev tell their mode of actions after they become sarpanch.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Veera’s accent and Hindi pronunciation are awful to say the least. At least make someone dub her voice and dialogues. And why does veera always have this feeling that she is superior to Baldev and always right ? She and her family think no end of herself? She is over smart…… she should have supported her husband…….veera’s love is not pure unlike her husband’s love.

    1. Veera’s accent isn’t that bad !

  2. ur ryt liya. she is disgusting n only thinks abt her family n not abt her husband

    1. But she’s got a say as well, and it’s not a saas-bahu drama anyway to make it all soppy and make it all traditional that she has to stick with her husband at all times. It’s the 21st Century !

  3. i mean puja. 😀

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