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The Episode starts with Ranvi saying its good if Veera accepts this now. Gunjan gets her friend’s message asking for money. Gunjan talks to Bansuri on phone and says what Baldev did with Ranvi who went to apologize to Baldev. She says Veera is crying a lot. Gunjan scolds her being selfish and not worrying about Baldev’s happiness. Gunjan asks for money and Bansuri refuses to give, asking her to ask Ranvi. Baldev talks to lawyer and asks can he get Rajveer suspended. Veera comes to meet him. She defends Ranvi and asks why did he insult Ranvi. He says if I told everything is over between us, you left silently, and now came to fight with me for insulting Ranvi. Did you forget that Ranvi also insulted me? She says no, I fought with him always, and this time he came to say sorry.

He says a sorry

can heal the wounds. He says fine, take my sorry, for spending time with you, that you were a part of my life. She looks on shocked and asks can he never forgive them, I know I regarded you wrong, all evidence was against you, so I went to meet your friends. He says if you did not hear them, would you regard me innocent, no, you would have lived that I m culprit, my friends worry for me and would have admitted their mistake one day, ask Ranvi how does he feel to put his pride at stake for love and when the love cheats you. Amrit and Bansuri see this and smile.

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Baldev says he will not try to understand her. Amrit says their relation is over. Baldev asks her not to come again, as their relation is over now. Veera says fine, our relation is over, even I can’t keep relation with such a man who does not respect my Veer ji. She cries and leaves. Bansuri thanks Lord. Amrit says now make Baldev marry someone, he is angry and will say yes. Bansuri says yes, this is right time. Veera comes home crying. Ratan asks her what happened, you went to talk to Baldev. Veera says yes,l I spoke to him and everything is solved. Ratan asks then why are you solving.

Veera says the relation broke and goes to her room crying. Chaiji asks Ratan what happened. Ratan tells her everything. Rajveer comes to meet Veera. Chaiji and Ratan worry for Veera. Ratan says we all felt Baldev is wrong and Veera believed us, Baldev was annoyed, but he should have not insulted Ranvi. Chai ji says I m worried what will be the future of their relation. Ratan says don’t know, but they have broke up as of now. Rajveer hears this and smiles. Bansuri likes the massage and praises Simran for getting them here. Simran asks the ladies to go and shows them something.

She says she has put the video of Bansuri cleaning pind on internet and she got 50000 likes. Bansuri is glad. Simran and Amrit smile. Balwant comes and praises Bansuri. He says pind is praising you a lot, I m feeling proud to be your husband, and she needs a gift, I will get it tomorrow. He leaves. Bansuri smiles and gives her gold chain to Simran. She says she is very happy, as Balwant has praised her for first time, its all because of Simran, she is very lucky for her. Simran says she got the thing of her right. Bansuri says I want a bride for Baldev now, I want a good bahu. Amrit says yes, you want a good bahu, but Pind knows that Baldev loves Veera and no one wil gibve their daughter. Bansuri says yes, you are right, but I have to find a girl soon.

Rajveer comes home and sees Veera’s pics and life size pic boards. He says its good that you kicked out Baldev from your life, he did not deserve you, Lord has made me for you. He says its like he made us together, and made me apart, Veera and Rajveer, the man who loves you with madness. He says he got something for her and applies the bindi. He says he will fill sindoor in her Maang and then she will be his forever. Gunjan is upset and prays that everything between Veera and Baldev gets fine and she gets over the money loan.

A guy holds her hand and asks her to apologize to her sister, as she asked money from her and she has given her money hiding from husband and she is in problem now. Gunjan says leave my hand, I don’t have money. The man takes her purse. He says I will come your home and take money from your husband. Gunjan runs. He does not get money in her purse and throws it. Baldev thinks about Veera. He burns her pics. Mahiya……………….plays…………… Baldev cries. Simran comes in his room and sees Veera’s pic burning. She smiles.

Veera sees Baldev’s letter catching fire and saves it by putting off fire by her hands. Ratan says what are you doing. I kept this heater here to keep room warm. Veera cries and says she was trying to save memories of relation which broke. Ratan asks her not to cry. She says annoyance comes in relations where there is love. She sees her hand burnt and applies cream. She says you know Baldev very well, you loved his anger, foolishness and ego, why are you worried, let some time pass, everything will be fine, he won’t wish to lose you, talk to him after few days and he will agree. Veera says do you really think he will understand that what he did with Veer ji was wrong. Ratan says yes, if you want, I will talk to him. Veera says no, I will manage. Ratan pacifies and hugs her.

Bansuri asks Amrit about Simran and Baldev’s marriage. Amrit acts saying she never thought about this. Bansuri says then think now, make the relation fix.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Veera is again stupid…. Already wen baldev s annoyd… n wen d mistake is of ranvi s… Y does she tak ranvi s side alwys…. She deserves it

  2. Veera don’t deserve baldev

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