Veera 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 7th May 2013 Written Update

Nihal is hurt and Ratan gets worried. She tends to his wound by applying turmeric and tying a cloth bandage. He thanks her and she offers to make food for him. He resists but she insists and he gives in.

Veera is praying for Ranvi’s exam and Ranvi looks on as she asks the Devdoot Chachu to help her Veerji throughout his paper. He tells her to go to her class and she leaves. Baldev and his friends are worried about their papers too. Ranvi recollects his teacher’s words when he had scolded him about his carelessness.

Ratan is telling Nihal about the troubles between hers and Kartar’s families. She makes him food and serves him. She tries to break onion in a traditional Punjabi way but it plops on Nihal and the two ends up laughing. Nihal looks on and they share an awkward moment.

Ranvi is very tensed about his paper and when the question paper comes in front of his eyes he gets nervous. Ranvi’s classmates asks for extra sheets but he’s too nervous and can’t write much. Gunjan sees this and suggests him to copy but he denies. Time goes up but Ranvi doesn’t manage to accomplish much and is worried. He asks for Ratan’s forgiveness mentally.

Ratan goes to meet Gurpreet and tells her not to keep any hard feelings. Gurpreet realizes Kartar went to give kheer to Ratan and is hurt. Kartar looks guilty. Ratan leaved and Gurpreet confronts Kartar. She warns him that she’ll tell everything to Ratan and Chaiji. Kartar tries to stop her and ends up hurting her.

Ranvi looks for Veera. Baldev is telling his friends how he fears about the results. The friends are discussing the outcome if they fail. Baldev suggest that they tamper with papers and they think to trick Ranvi into helping them. Baldev mislead Ranvi and tries to scare him saying if he fails the whole village will mock him and Veera will feel dejected too. They ask him how will Ratan feel and Ranvi is almost in their trap and asks him what is to be done. Baldev says he’ll have to change the marks of the papers for the gang.

Veera asks Ranvi why is he not listening to her today. Ranvi confides in her and Veera asks what is he going to do now. Ranvi looks thoughtful .

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