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The Episode starts with Nihaal telling Veera and Baldev to have cooperative farming and then they have share all profits and losses. He gives them some tips. He tells them about irrigation techniques that saves water. He asks them to be here and see the place, he will come. Veera says we did not do this before. He says I trust you a lot, I know you very well. He leaves. Veera and Baldev look around and bump into each other. The water sprinkles on them and they have a eyelock. Veera feels cold and Baldev takes off his jacket and covers her. Nihaal comes back and says sorry I forgot to told about automatic sprinklers, go and change now, else you will catch cold. They leave.

Balwant comes to Ranvi’s house and brings sweets. He sees everyone quiet. Gunjan greets him. He says sorry to come without informing,

I went to city and brought sweets for you. He brings a dupatta for Gunjan and she likes it. She says sit, I will bring lassi. He says no space for it, I have work too. He leaves. Gunjan goes to her room. Veera thinks about Baldev and smiles. Nihaal comes and asks is she thinking about Baldev. She says yes. He smiles. She says no, I was thinking about polyhouse. He says there is so much things to see here, it’s a beautiful country, I did not give you time to see, go and take holiday, take part in Coppala festival. He gives her the passes and says you and Baldev can go. He says he is good, very naughty in childhood, but changed now.

Veera comes to Baldev and says Nihaal gave these passes. Baldev says now you can also come with us. She asks us? He says a girl called him and invited, its good she can come. She says no way and leaves annoyed. He asks what happened to her now, I can’t understand women. Veera is angry and does her packing. She thinks Baldev came to her and its Sahil. Sahil smiles and brings gift for her. He says its traditional attire, I wanted you to wear this and come with me in Coppala festival. She says I m really sorry, I m not in a mood to go anywhere. He says fine. She thinks if Baldev can go with someone else, why can’t I. She stops him and says she will come with him. Sahil says that’s great, get ready. He smiles and leaves.

Balwant talks to Bansuri and says meet Gunjan. She asks why. He says I went to Ranvi’s house and felt Ranvi is annoyed with Gunjan, she was so quiet and unhappy. He says she did not tell me anything, she won’t tell me, you go better and talk to her. He says I m worried. She says don’t worry, I will go and meet her. She leaves. Everyone dance in the Coppala festival. Baldev waits for Veera. He is struck by her beauty seeing her walk in the traditional dress. He stares at her as she walks closer.

She turns and looks at Sahil. Baldev’s smile vanishes seeing Sahil. Sahil holds Veera and Baldev fumes in anger. He says if you had to come, why did you refused me. She says I did not wish to come, but Sahil asked me with love that I could not refuse. Baldev asks Sahil to stay away from Veera, if he does anything wrong with her, he will break his bones. Veera takes Sahil to dance.

A man announces in Polish and everyone claps. The dance starts. Baldev is feeling jealous. Veera holds Sahil’s hand to make him more jealous. She looks cheerful. I just met a girl…………..Slow motion angreza…………plays………….Baldev comes and dances with Veera having a drink. Sahil claps for them. Baldev draws Veera closer and they get closer. She moves away. They both start looking at each other and some feelings popping in their hearts.

The women leave their flowers in the river thinking about their love. Veera asks whats going on. Sahil says this to Veera. She sees Baldev and drops her flower garland in the river too. Baldev is sitting far and she smiles seeing him. Yaara ve……………..plays………………..

Veera comes to the lovers bridge and attaches a lock to it by her and Baldev’s name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so cute veera n baldev :*

  2. so cute veera n baldev ^_^ :*

  3. minzithepindimator

    aww! such an amazing budding romance!

  4. its just amazing. I feel sahil likes veera. They both look good together tooo….. I want sonia’s truth to come out. She is bugging. It is not gunjan’s fault that her das had another family. She is changed…. I really feel veera and sahil should have more scenes together!

  5. ikr….. Veera and sahil should have more scenes together….. Atleast to make baldev jealous!!!!!!!!…

  6. actuallyy veera is not so beau like ishita …… She puts on this fake accent when she speaks english…. Like mallus…. Or like ppl who know a bit of english and wants to show offfffff and show that they have good grammar and vocabulary and are more civilized!!! :))))))

    1. Gunjan… watzz wrong with u.. most of the people working in multinational companies r malayalies ..nd there r many states where people r still dreaming about schools.. kerala is standing top in education field so it wl b better for u to think twice or 100 times before insultng some one… u understand

    2. Culture n civilisation dat u understood is clearly visible in your words… culture is not speaking english french or russian in correct accent its something else… its respecting others…not insultng others… you cant buy it in any university….
      Dont think that malayalies r backwrd in english… almost all people in india r having a touch of their mothertongue while speaking other lang.. nd all r not in this category always try to remember these things before insultng someone

  7. very nice episode and loved the scenes between baldev and veera 🙂

  8. Dear gunjan…………….do u hve any prblm with mallus………….its not important everything should gramatically right…………….language is for communication…………..not for measure someone…………….and if mallus write anything in malayalam, how did others understood…………….and for your knowledge, malayalam is the hardest language to learn…………………dont under estimate anyone………………especially malayalees……………..

  9. thanks ann……………….

  10. Remya , I agree with u. Not only Malayalam is the hardest language to learn, but
    Telugu and Tamil languages are very very difficult to learn than Malayalam.

  11. Ranvi ab veera say utna pyar ni karta jitna bachpan mn karta tha…now ranvi nay prove kar dia hy that after marriage aur bara honay k bad log behnon ko bhool jatay hn….poland mn veera hy aur drama mn koi aisa scene na tha jab ranvi ko veera ki aur veera ko ranvi ki yad aa ri ho….both are busy in their own lives…so serial ka name kun rakha “EK VEER KI ARDAS VEERA”agar ya bhi lovers ki story hy tu nam kun rakha….ya….guys think about it and tell me who r agree with me

  12. I agree with bravo…great bravo u r really brave

  13. Really true saying bravo and payal

  14. gunjan is somewhat right! What she meant was that mallus just try to put on that fake accent!! U ppl are so filmy that u took it that way!!! Think practicaaly!!!! I am an indian. I dont mean to hurt ur feelings but pls dont write like that about gunjan.

  15. exactly…. Uk my actual name is kritika

  16. Ohh when u got someone for support u came again…
    Bt think kritika before u utter a word
    Nd read carefully wat i said before…
    There is nothing filmy in dat thats d fact nd u people r rushing to insult others by callng mallus or madrasees
    Hv u ever heard ny such comments posted by ur mentioned people about u like this … no na dats culture… and like u said civilisation .. sorry dear i think its better to say these to kg students dey wl understand

  17. leave it ann………….. these people wont understand……….

  18. ppl… Dont u think kabir and anushka look gud together

  19. ya…. U r sooooo righhtttt… They look sooooo gud together!!!!! I agree

  20. chuck it ppl… I am waiting for yhm now


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