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The Episode starts with Veera asking Baldev to give her one month. Baldev says fine, I have given you a month time. She asks sure and forwards her hand. He holds her hand and says we will deal after a month, our divorce will happen at any cost. He leaves. Bansuri hears this and is glad. Gunjan goes to medical shop to buy pregnancy kit, and stops seeing a lady. The lady asks is she fine and is Chai ji ji fine. Gunjan thinks if she knows it, she will tell it to everyone. She asks medical shop man to give the medicines to lady first. The lady praises Gunjan’s good values and asks Gunjan to buy medicines quick, they will go together. Gunjan says you will get late. The lady insists. Gunjan buys a shampoo and leaves.

Ranvi comes home and calls out Biji. Chai ji reminds him that Ratan is not at home.

Ranvi smiles and says I forgot. He says he will do all work and asks her just to talk. He says she means a lot to him. She says I would have not been happy without you all, I don’t have anyone expect you all. Ranvi asks does she not kiss her family and husband, sorry to ask if you are hurt. She says no need to say sorry, when pain increases a lot, it becomes air, what my husband did with me, I recall it and my pain, he married me and left me to go abroad, never replied to my letters. I have forgotten it, and made Sampooran my son and Ratan my daughter, and when you and Veera came, you both became reason of my life.

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She says when you and Gunjan become parents, you both have to run with food after children. Gunjan is on the way thinking how to find out she is pregnant or not. She tells the lady that she has to buy a medicine and goes back to medical shop, to buy pregnancy kit. She takes it and leaves. She sees tamarind chutney and wishes to have it. She gets worried that its symptoms of pregnancy. She thinks she should do test first, and it should be negative, I don’t want to get pregnant now.

She prays to Lord that she wants to become something in her life. Baldev’s conscience talks to him, as he sits alone in his jeep. He says he was also shocked to see Veera agreeing for love to prove her love, why did he need proof, she is still with you, she risked her life to prove him innocent. Baldev says shut up, she is making me mad, she will love me, then doubt, then forgive, till when will this go on, I loved her a lot, and gave her pain to erase my pain, I m unable to love her and hate her, I get mad being with her. Mahiya…………….plays…………….

He says he wants freedom from Veera, he will leave alone without her. Veera cries in her room seeing Baldev’s pic. She says you want me to leave from your life, you loved me a lot, I felt I can’t have a life without you. She says my love got less. She asks did I not give you love anytime, how did it became simple to make me leave from your life. She recalls his words and his wish to marry her soon. She says I believed you can’t be away from me, so I was busy in keeping all relations safe, and did not think about you, I did not trust you. She says maybe this is why you don’t trust me, I will shower love on you in this month, that you can’t imagine, even if you wish to make me leave, I will go, I will be satisfied that I tried.

Bansuri hears this and thinks she knows what is Veera thinking to win Baldev’s heart, but I will not let your plan succeed, he will hate you, I will not leave you, just see. Gunjan does the pregnancy test and prays that its negative. Ranvi asks Chai ji for Gunjan. Chai ji says she has come, see in your room. Ranvi says she is not in room, where did she go, maybe in bathroom and goes. Ranvi calls out Gunjan and the pregnancy kit falls. He asks her to come out as he needs to ask something.

Baldev comes home. Bansuri says she was waiting for him for dinner. Veera comes and says Baldev… remember your promise right, I was waiting for you for dinner. Bansuri asks Baldev does e not value her. Baldev says yes, I value you but… and thinks he should not tell her about Veera’s condition. He goes with Veera. Bansuri says I know what you are talking about, see what I do. Gunjan comes out and asks Ranvi what he wants to ask. He says nothing, I need to go to loo and goes. She worries as pregnancy kit is inside.

A boy tells Veera about Ranvi’s accident. Veera runs and comes to meet Chai ji asking for Ranvi. Baldev waits for Veera and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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