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Veera 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arora praising Ranvi’s song and thanking him. Gunjan says I will go now, I m feeling hungry. Ranvi smiles and says come. She gets glad seeing his behave happy. Veera hears Manjeet and Bansuri talking against her. Manjeet says if Baldev becomes sarpanch, the mall will be definitely made. Bansuri says Veera will oppose it. Manjeet says don’t worry, Baldev does not agree to her always, tell me what did he agree. Bansuri says he agreed to make school. Manjeet says yes, then he decided for the mall, he does what he wants, once becomes sarpanch, he will make this pind like a city. Bansuri says it will be good, he will become king and Veera will not rule over him. They see Veera hearing them and smile. Veera leaves.

Ranvi brings Gunjan to a Dhaba. She wishes Ranvi always stays

happy. She sees him looking at a kid. She says I know you wanted a kid and your happiness lies in children, but now I want a child, and become a mum. He smiles and makes her have food. Veera thinks Baldev will not listen to me after becoming sarpanch and recalls the last time when he fought for elections. She says Baldev will not manage well, he will use all pind money to change it in city.

Ranvi comes to meet her and says Gunjan said she wants to meet her Biji and I came to meet you. She asks why is he looking worried. He says yes, I m worried. She asks why. He says Gunjan’s Tai ji said you did not fill election form. He says I know Baldev stopped you, how did you agree to him, you will be better than Baldev. She says she does not want to spoil her relation. He says your love is true, how can it break so soon, and explains her that Baldev’s anger does not make him think anything, you are educated and is more smart. He says Baldev will also think about pind, but you will also do better for the pind. He asks her to think once about it, Baldev wants to make this pind a city, you need we don’t need mall, we need other imp things.

He says trust me, there will not be any problem in your relation. Chai ji tells Ratan that Veera did right to refuse for the elections. Ratan is worried and says Baldev will win, but he will not be right. Chai ji asks why. Ratan says its big responsibility to be sarpanch, people pressurize and decision should be taken by patience and not anger. She says Veera was better for sarpanch post. Veera calls Ratan and asks her to reach panchayat office soon, come there, I will tell everything there. Manjeet asks Veera where is she going. Veera says I have some important work and leaves. Manjeet says I wish my plan works and she goes to panchayat office.

Ratan tells Chai ji that she has to go. Chai ji says what work Veera has there. Veera and Ratan meet and she tells her that her decision to take back her name was wrong. She goes to take the form and fills it. Ratan smiles. Chai ji smiles seeing Ranvi and Gunjan happily coming home. Ranvi jokes on Gunjan and she beats him. Chai ji asks him about his recording. Gunjan says it was superhit. He asks about Ratan. Chai ji says she went to meet Veera, she called her at panchayat office. He thinks he knows whats her work and smiles. Manjeet tells Bansuri that Veera has gone to give her name in elections.

Manjeet says Baldev and Veera’s marriage can break by this matter. Bansuri says why do I feel this is imp for you, I just want Baldev’s happiness and his sarpanch post, Veera is Ratan’s daughter, if Veera becomes sarpanch then what will we do. Baldev comes and they get tensed. He says Biji explain Bhalla ji that he parks his bike near my jeep. She makes him have laddoo. He says he will win, as there is no strong contender.

He asks about Veera. Manjeet says she is not at home, she went out and did not answer me. Veera thanks the men and gives the form. Ratan asks her how did she change her decision. She says someone made me realize that my responsibility is for pind. She says she will manage home fights. Ratan says whoever said this, I think I know him, Ranvi right. Veera smiles.

Baldev argues with Veera and scolds her for contesting for elections. She says she is his wife, not maid.

Update Credit to: Amena

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