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Veera 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev and Billa coming home. Bansuri tells against Veera and Billa recalls Veera’s words. He thinks to do something to make Baldev and Veera together. Baldev says he has found a solution. Billa messages Veera to talk to Baldev as Bansuri will be going out for sometime. Veera is glad and comes home. Bansuri scolds her. Jaggi calls her and fools her. Bansuri leaves. Veera goes to dry clothes and asks Baldev about his task to prove her love. She falls and he shouts Veera. He holds her. Mahiya…………….plays………….. They have an eyelock. She asks do he need any proof for her love, till when will he be like this, forget everything, we should heal each other’s wounds, and start life afresh.

Baldev says you will know the task to prove love at night. He leaves. Gunjan

does not work well in rehearsals by her vomits and unwell state. She worries and thinks to find out. Dolly says Mona is doing better than you. Gunjan hears Dolly promising Mona that she will give the role to her. Dhingra asks Gunjna not to give chance to Mona to win the role. Gunjan says yes. Its night, Veera scared by Baldev’s sudden appearing. He laughs and says you used to be tigress and now you are afraid of me.

He says he has thought what she can do to prove her love. She says she is ready to do anything. He says he has made her wait a lot, but he took time to prepare everything. He shows her the papers. She is shocked seeing the divorce papers. She asks him about divorce? He says he wants divorce from her, if she loves him, she should give it to him. She recalls their love moments and cries. She drops the papers and moves away. He asks what happened now, you wanted to know the condition.

She asks does he want divorce. He asks her to say will she agree or not. Baldev says you can do anything to show you are great, we don’t have love in between us, we have pity. She cries. Bansuri comes home and hears them. She worries that they are together. Veera says I don’t know what expectations you did from me, but I know I should not expect anything, you are asking for divorce. The truth is I still love you. Mahiya………………plays…………………. She says she will do as he says. She says she will give him divorce. He is stunned.

He asks her to sign the papers and stick to her words. She says I will sign on it, its my condition as you asked this. She says you give me one month time and you have to have any one meal with me every day. He asks why should he agree. She says think its gift for me, I want to spend one hour with you for one month, this is my first and last gift for marriage. He says he is understanding, she will play another game with him, he won’t be fooled now. She says you are determined to leave me and used my love against me, how can I change your decision then. She says but you will go far from me, right. He looks at her.

Gunjan wishes the test is negative and she does not want to get pregnant. She worries and does the test.

Update Credit to: Amena

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