Veera 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Veera 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Veera 6th February 2014 Written Update

Biji sees veera is so upset. Biji calls ranveer and veera says, veerji is not here. Biji says, i have some urgent work. will you come with me? veera says, you asked me then how could i says no to you. Gunjan come and ask, why are you so upset. Ranveer says, i am trying to do everything right but i cant do it. how could i make happy to veera. Gunjan says, she is not upset for you, give her some time. i also travelled from that moment. She is upset from herself. Ranveer says, yes, you are right. I will give her time.
Gunjan says, whenever you will free then complete the song that you had written.
veera and biji pray in gurudwara. biji says, veera do you know ranveer has written letter to rab ji and your life is not end here and i know their might some changes in life and we have to transform us and live. We are powerful from heart.
ranveer is also upset for you.
Baldev and his friend do some mysterious work. baldev look to veera. Baldev tries to fell veera. Veera says, leave my way. Baldev says, no i will not leave. Veera moves silently, baldev says, why veera dont say anything. Baldev heard radio and run away.
veera says, sorry to ranveer. Ranveer says, leave me alone for sometime and silently passes smile. Veera dressed like a master ji and says, you are not completing your home work and how dare you to angry with veera. You will get punished because you angry with veera. Ranveer hug her. Veera says, sorry. if i will do that thing again then slap me. Our name doesnt meaning when it will individual it has a meaning when it combined together.
Ranveer write song for gunjan. Gunjan comes and says, what you are hiding from me. Have you completed that song. you are writing song for me but shy to show me this song. Come on sing please.
Ranveer says, before i will sing this song, i want to say something to you. Ranveer says in a heart, why i cant say anything to gunjan. bansari taiji calls gunjan. Gunjan says, if you want to say something then say it. Ranveer says, if will tell you later, you go now. gunjan turned around then ranveer called her name.

Precap:- ranveer record his voice and propose her then dalveer gives cassete to gunjan.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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