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Veera 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi waking up and smiling seeing Gunjan. He says I slept for so long, why did the alarm not ring. She says I switched it off seeing you sleep well, do you have to go somewhere. He says to record song, I have to rush now. She asks shall I come along. He says fine come. She smiles. The people talk about who will win the sarpanch post. Manjeet and Bansuri fill Baldev’s ears against Veera and show her down, saying pind will decide whether it will be mall or school made. Everyone talk to Ratan and ask why did she resign. Ranvi and Gunjan come. Ranvi greets them.

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They ask Ranvi to tell Ratan not to resign. He says he will

support Ratan, she was tired of this duty, its good she is free now. They praise Ratan and think who can be a good woman to take her place. Veera comes and Ranvi says Veera…. He says no one can take Ratan’s place, but Veera is there to fight the saparnch elections. They all agree and get glad. Veera says I? Ranvi says yes. Veera says no, I mean I did not think about this. Ranvi says we all know Veera and that she has always done good for pind. He praises Veera and says she has all qualities of a sarpanch. He gets Dhingra’s call and says yes I m coming. He asks them to think about Veera and leaves.

They all agree to Ranvi’s suggestion and praise Veera. Ratan asks Veera to think and make her proud. Chai ji also asks her to do something for the pind. Veera thinks. Chai ji asks her not to say yes. Everyone say they trust Veera and ask her to say yes. Veera comes in the election office and takes a form. Baldev comes and asks for a form. They see each other and she asks what is he doing here. He says he decided to fight elections and asks her. She says I came for myself, I m also fighting elections. Baldev looks at her and asks when did she decide this.

She says today, I was thinking and came to take form, you did not say you are also fighting elections. He says come with me and they leave out. He gets angry and asks why does she want to be sarpanch now. He says you know my childhood dreams to become sarpanch and today you will not contest, you will not go ahead, she will think about him. She says she wants to become sarpanch, everyone trusts her and has hope from her, she also wants to do something for pind and fight elections. She says its Ranvi and Ratan’s dream, not yours and I always wanted to become sarpanch, after seeing my dad become sarpanch.

He says I used to think I will do good work after growing up, I will make people smile and take blessings, I know if I become sarpanch, I will become a better one than everyone else. He asks her to support him. She says I m but… He says we have bear a lot till now, we already have many matters and now you are bringing this election in between, take back your name, I want you with me, not against me. Baldev comes and takes the form. Veera does not take the form and tells Ratan that she will be with Baldev and support him, helping him in right decisions, if she stands against him, their relation will get bad and he will regard me his enemy and not take my opinions. She says she wants to support Baldev. Ratan smiles and agrees.

Baldev comes home and tells everyone that he has filled sarpanch elections form. They all get glad and Bansuri hugs him. She says no one can stand against him. Manjeet thinks Veera does look good, and she should use this. Balwant says he is happy, but its big duty, can he do it. Baldev says why not. Veera goes to her room. Manjeet says you will win as Veera is with you. Baldev says yes, I know, I told her to take her name back and she did it to support me.

Balwant says it means she was also fighting elections. Baldev says yes, she did not know I m also contesting. Manjeet thinks I will see how long Veera supports him.

Ranvi asks Veera to fight elections and says she is better than Baldev. He says Baldev takes decisions in hurry and she is more qualified.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. veer is unromantic……. veera have to make romance with baldev

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  3. good drama ha veera

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