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The Episode starts with Veera asking can she go and meet Baldev. He nods yes. She smiles. Balwant tells Baldev that he is happy as he will be free from the house. Balddev says I m glad that you trust me now, I did not do any wrong work, if truth did not came out, it was fine, as I don’t care now, it was a test for my love and my love failed. Balwant says no, Veera loves you a lot, she trusts you, so she proved you innocent. Bansuri hears them. He says that day she spoke bitter, as Ranvi was blamed. Bansuri asks why are you supporting Veera, Baldev loved Veera and she just did drama, she did not come to see him when he got wounded, she does not worry for anyone.

Balwant says no, don’t feed this in his mind. She argues. Baldev takes a box and goes out of the room. He opens the box and sees Veera’s

pics. He looks at the souvenirs. He reads her love letter and Simran gives him the matchbox, asking him to burn everything. He asks what. She says Veera does not deserve your love. She says burn everything. She says her love was very weak which got shaken up by a small blame, what will she do if life brings more challenges. Baldev says you mind your own business. Simran says she got sweets when she got to know he is proved innocent.

He says you have it, I m going to police station to meet my friends. He leaves his phone. Veera calls him and Simran smiles. Veera says why is he not taking my call. Simran sees Veera’s pics and smiles. Veera keeps calling Baldev. Simran takes the call and says Baldev told he does not want to talk to her. Veera says give him the phone. Simran says wait, I will try and says he does not want to talk. Veera cries and ends the call. Simran deletes the call log.

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Baldev comes to the police station and tells Rajveer that he wants to meet his friends. Rajveer says this is not tea stall, come tomorrow morning in visiting hours. Balddev says I want to meet now. Rajveer says your name is cleared, what will you do meeting them. Baldev says you don’t need to meet them. Rajveer says if they say you made them helpless to accept this blame, and Veera will also believe me, as she regards me right. Baldev says play all evil games, but when I get angry, I won’t care for your uniform.

Baldev is shocked seeing Jaggi beaten up. Gulati says we have to show him to doctor, he can even die. Jaggi says we told them everything, and even then he had beaten us a lot. Baldev says nothing will happen, I will come with you to hospital. Rajveer stops him and says you can’t meet him without police permission. Baldev says stop me and show, you played enough games, if you play any game, I will kill you and bury you, no one will know, this is my pind, they are my friends, if they do mistake, we will manage it, we will fight and kill anyone who harms us, I m going to meet my friend, I m enough for you.

Its morning, Baldev comes home. He sees his phone and says he forgot it at home. He says maybe Veera called or messaged. He does not see her calls and gets annoyed. Veera looks at her phone and thinks Baldev did not call or message, it means he is annoyed. She gets his number switched off. She thinks she should go her home to meet him. Veera tells Ratan that she is trying to talk to Baldev and he did not take her calls, will he be annoyed always and will never forgive me. She says its my mistake, I did not trust him. Ratan asks her to meet him. She says yes, I thought so, but I thought to come to temple with you and pray. I was praying that things get fine, Baldev and Ranvi don’t get along well. Ratan says yes, this is life.

A lady meets Ratan and Veera goes ahead. She meets Bansuri and Simran. She talks to her about Baldev. Simran says she will meet her near Gurudwara and leaves. Veera asks does Baldev not know he is proved innocent. Bansuri scolds Veera and says Bladve does not want to see her face now. Ratan says she is thinking to get the Pind cleaned as it was junk left post Diwali crackers burnt. Bansuri asks Veera to stay away from Baldev and its all over. She leaves. Ratan comes to Veera and says lets go. Veera says you go, I will come.

Gunjan says she is feeling bad that she did not trust Baldev, he told many times and no one trusted him, and we reminded him his old mistakes. She massages Ranvi’s head and he also realizes that he made mistake to blame the innocent. He says if trust breaks, its difficult to earn it. She says even Nihaal told us that Baldev can’t do this and we did not agree. Ranvi says Veera defended Baldev, but it was our mistake. He says he is feeling very bad. She smiles and kisses him. She says I like this about you, that your heart is so clean. He kisses her and says I like this about you, that you find everything good in me. She thinks Ranvi’s peaceful smile is seen after long time, now he will agree to Veera and Baldev’s relation.

Simran comes home and takes Baldev’s wallet. Amrit holds her hand and she gets scared. She sees its Amrit. Amrit asks her to keep wallet back and not steal. Simran says I thought to get wine and go disco. Amrit says have patience, do all this after marriage, be Bansuri’s bahu and then fool her. They are shocked seeing Bansuri standing.

Baldev tells Veera that if she feels they are not made for each other, lets end it, we are strangers, I will free you of my love as you freed me from the blame. She cries.

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