Veera 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 5th March 2014 Written Update

Veera trap manoj by acting that she wants to do acting in a movie and manoj got trapped. Manoj asked to veera about herself. Veera says, i left my home to do acting in a movie. Manoj says, do as i said then see i will made superstar. Veera bring out truth from manoj. Veera got a call from chaiji but she didnt pick it up. Ranveer asked to chaiji, where is veera. I think she also doesnt forgive me. chaiji says, you go and get ready, i will call her regularly and whenever she picked up the phone, i will tell her to come at temple. Biji gives wedding dress to ranveer and says, dont think that i will forgive you. this dress was wore by your father at our wedding.
Manoj says, now i got energised. Veera says, no please drink complete bottle. Veera says, if you will not make me heroine. Manoj says, why you say this. Manoj then told the story. Veera record everything. Manoj says, but now nobody will come in between us. Veera says, now i will show this proof to everyone. Manoj got violant but police come at right time. Police bring manoj with him.
Ranveer and biji takes blessing from sarpanch ji. Pind wales come and says, you did wrong today but you did right by taking this decision.
At Balwant ji’s home, wedding work is on fire. Gunjan got dressed up. Veera called to chaiji and says, i want to give good news and chaiji says, your veer is going to marry with gunjan. Veera phone get discharged.

Precap:- veera says, i will not happen this and here wedding program got started.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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  1. Come on Veera
    Stop this wedding : I hate gunjan . She doesn’t deserve an evil, ugly, lazy and illiterate girl to marry a good- hearted, handsome, hard-working and smart person like ranvi to marry her . STOP THE WEDDING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

    1. * meant is NOT doesn’t deserve

  2. raveer should not marry to gunjann.she doesn’t deserve him

  3. I hope this marriage dont effect baldev and veera love story
    I think its not RANVEER every one call ranvee and full name is ranvijay

  4. Gunjan does nt deserve Ranvee but he loves her and thats good that after all Ranvee is getting his love…I think this will cause VeeBa’s luv story take some interesting turn….

  5. I think ranveer is finally get herluv so its not bad i think vera can stop this wedding veera u r best sister of world . U get many sucess in life so keep it up

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