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The Episode starts with Neel standing alone in the fields. He thinks about Veera and Ranvi’s childhood. He thinks of Ratan and cries thinking how Sampooran died. Gunjan is depressed as Ranvi is not believing her. She comes in the market and says this is why Sonia made me become late for home, and made me stuck in the market. Gunjan says I have to talk to Sonia and comes to talk to her in the hospital. She asks why did you prove me a liar, what is the reason, I regarded you my friend, loved and supported you like a sister. Sonia says no, you are mistaken, I m not anyone’s friend, sister and daughter. I will not answer you, think and do what you want.

Sonia says I m a doctor in this Pind and leaves. Gunjan says what happened to her, why did she become bitter for me, there is some big reason and I

will find out. Veera comes to Neel and says Nihaal Chachu. Neel is shocked and looks at her. He says who, what nonsense is this. She shows him the pics she got at his home. She cries and looks at him. He turns to her and she says you lied to me, what you did not call me Wrankhdi, you used to call me this in my childhood, you are my Nihaal Chachu. Neel nods yes. She hugs him. Nihaal cries too.

Gunjan comes home and sees Ratan. She says Biji, trust me, I told the truth, why will I lie, I can’t do anything to hurt your respect. Ratan says this time, I can’t understand, I don’t know you are lying or not, but this is not right, we have many questions, so tell me the truth. She leaves annoyed. Nihaal tells Veera that he wanted to go far from Pritampura where no one knows him. He says I came here in Poland and started working, then learnt new techiniques, I worked hard, he liked my work and when he died, he gave all his property to me as he was happy with me, people here called me Neel and thus became my identity.

He says I keep myself busy, to forget my past. He says but you found me, when I read your email and saw your name, I cried, I did not have strength to face you, I thought not to reply you, but I thought I have to help Sampooran’s dream so I called you here. I was afraid you will identify me, so I ran away, but you identified me. He says don’t think I want to trouble you with tasks, I want to help you, by testing you, to be satisfied.

He says I gave you such tasks to see how much strong you are, how much pain you can bear, as its required in a farmer. He explains all his tasks and what he wanted to see in her, patience, adapting capability, and to tell you to sell grains direct to customers. He says when you did these tasks, I was sure that Ranvi taught you everything well, I m happy and proud of you. She says but Chachu, I m sorry for not understanding you, I felt you are ….. Nihaal says that I m stone hearted man. He says I really want to help you in fulfilling the dream.

She asks why did you come here if you care for us, I cried for many days, searched for you, I asked Ranvi but he did not tell me, you tell me. He says I don’t have answers for this. She says come to Pritampura with me, everyone will be happy seeing you, please come. He says no, I can’t go, promise me you won’t tell anyone you met me here. She says no. He says your training will start from tomorrow morning. She says but why don’t you want to come. He leaves in his car. She looks on.

The family looks annoyed with Gunjan. Gunjan is hurt and talks to Ranvi that she did not lie, Sonia is wrong and is doing this intentionally. Ranvi says enough, don’t prolong this fake story. She says how can she trust her and not a wife. He says I m believing what I m seeing. Sonia is a nice girl. Gunjan says then what am I, cunning and bad. She is a liar. Ranvi says she is helping this village for free, she is good human being. She says why will I lie. He says stop it now, I can’t bear this. He leaves out of the room. Gunjan gets sad.

Its morning, Veera and Baldev come with Nihaal and Sahil to see some good farming fields. Veera says its amazing, but how can you grow all fruits and vegs at one place, is it possible. Nihaal says I will show you how and signs Sahil. Sahil explains them the different sections and how they give sunlight to the plants. Veera and Baldev smile. Nihaal says we control the sunlight by using shades. Veera says we needed such idea, but it was take much expenses for this setup.

Baldev and Veera bump into each other and suddenly water sprinkles on them and they have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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