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The Episode starts with Gunjan clapping for Ranvi’s song. Chai ji says she has made the food, if I don’t care for you, Ratan will not leave me. Ranvi says you have always kept good care o us, more than us. Chai ji says you less I have, and calls Gunjan Chandni. Ranvi says Chai ji is calling you Chandni. Chai ji leaves. Gunjan says we heard your voice after a long time, you were changed a lot, I feel my old Ranvi is back now. Ranvi apologizes to her. She goes to kitchen. Ranvi comes there and plays the guitar and sings Tujh se pehle tere baad……….. He acts romantic and gets her closer. She makes reasons and he lifts her to keep the flour box up. It falls on his head and she laughs. They have an eyelock.

Veera recalls Baldev’s caring for her and smiles. Baldev comes home and she gets hurt.

He cares for her and moves away, saying he is going to Jaggi’s home to see movies. She says you can’t do this, you can’t think I m toy, I m also human, you show you hate me a lot, you then show care, what do you want. He asks what should I do, get husband’s right, shall I sleep with you? She says it does not mean this, you can always love me the way you used to do before, accept my love, when will you believe I love you. He says fine, can you do anything I say to prove your love. She agrees to him.

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He asks really? She says I m sure of it. he says so its decided and writes he will test her. She asks what does he mean. He says I have to make preparations. She thinks what is he upto. Its morning, Gunjan sees Ranvi sleeping and kisses him. the alarm rings. She says she has to get ready and work well in rehearsals. She gets ready and recalls Mona’s words. She thinks she will take extra dress and keep it hidden. She greets Chai ji and says she has to do much rehearsals. Chai ji gives her milk. Gunjan gets vomit and rushes to washroom.

Veera wakes up recalling old moments with Ratan and pre marriage days. She thinks Baldev did not come home yesterday. Gunjan worried and checks her date exceeding a month. She says am I pregnant, and recalls the show chance. She says no, I can’t be pregnant. Veera greets Balwant and asks about Baldev. He gets angry thinking he did not come home at night and goes to get him. Bansuri comes and scolds Veera. Veera answers her taunts well and calls her as thorn in her marriage. Bansuri is shocked.

Ranvi sees Gunjan and asks did she not go yet. She says I was going now. He asks is everything fine, why do you look worried. She says I m fine. He says I will drop you. She again gets vomit and runs. He asks what happened and worries.

Ranvi tells Gunjan that he will take her to hospital. She says she is fine, and goes or rehearsals. Ranvi and Chai ji see Veera in market buying vegs and talks to her. She asks him to come for lunch. He says Baldev will not like it. She says she did mistakes but she learnt from it, she learnt to manage relations, she is sure she will manage her marriage. She prays to Lord. Ranvi hugs her. Baldev sees them happy and is shocked.

Baldev tells Veera that he did late to tell is condition, and gives her a paper. She is shocked reading it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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