Veera 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 5th February 2013 Written Update

Teacher tells everyone to go to classroom veera shouting from store room’ veerji save me’.there are mouse in the dark room.. veera all scared’.she says veerji I am hungry’ and ranvi gets this vibe but ranvi ignores it..gunjan offers ranvi chocolate’ranvi denies gunjan says don’t do drama ranvi keeps it in pocket gunjan says eat now..ranvi says I will share with veera and eat’ gunjans says your hungry from morning’ranvi says I am hungry but if I take out Tiffin teacher will scold..gunjan says I will take veera home after school ranvi says no I didn’t ask beeji’ veera in store room hungry.. she has flashback of ranveera scene where veera has cooked invisible foods and ranvi says so much food and veera asks I cant see any ranvi says its here see and he draws drawings of make

ki roti sarso ka sag chole bature and tells veera to eat it’both laugh’flashback over) veera now is seen drawing things on wall on she says I have made everything veerji now you come and feed me she imagines ranvi there’and ranvi feeds her (BG veer ki ardaas veera)ranvi now offers imaginary water and veera drinks it’ veera touches her stomach and says veerji’in class ranvi is feeling restless’he is playing with pencil he cant concentrate on studies’now we see the teacher who has punished veera she says let her be here till school, gets over’

[Ratan and MC in khet]
Ratan says why did u get food MC says its for me I get bored eating alone.. so thought to eat with u ratan says glad u came I am feeling unwell MC checks her and says your ok’and she says god will do good ratan says god is not listening to use ‘ratan eats roti and says its sour’MC says wait and she has it then ratan tells her may be she made roti with old dough I had kept it on one side ‘ MC says why didn’t u tell me this I will make hot rotis ratan says we will have it later MC says no I am hungry’ and I don’t wanna be slim chaiji from moti chaiji

[Back in school]
School is over’ and veera says now teacher will get me out’and ranvi runs out from class to meet veera

[Ratan scene]
Ratan asks the man how your hurt and he says I was robbed when I was going to deposit your money in bank I fought with them the person says I am sorry my wound will get cured but what about your money and ratan says yup I have to pay money’then villagers say how cum thief’s are coming we have to find out’.

[In school]
Teacher gets a calls and she runs away .. and ranvi is finding veera..he goes in her classroom but finds her back he wonders where is veera he starts shouting veera ‘ veera looks from a hole and says teacher ji get me out.. she shouts and says where u went’.

Baktavar blames shamsher he says your daughters marriage is fixed and even sahukar didn’t give u money so you stole it’. Ratan says baktavar I trust him baktawar says I know but now a days anyone can ditch you’ shamsher says I have eaten their salt I will die but won’t do such thing ratan says i trust u the person says I want to live in this pind you can search my house’ ratan says no need but baktavar stresses that his house should be checked and ratan agrees she shamsher bro I trust u but to prove pind people wrong I will search your house and they all leave

Part 3
Veera shouting teacher ji get me out ranvi shouting veera veera sees this through hole and says veerji I am here’.veera banging the door’she starts throwing chalk now so that it hits ranvi’ ranvi gets the chalk but ranvi does not get the place he looks here and there’ veera again throws chalk’she gets tired now the chalk falls down..

Precap- veera is thirsty and she says veerji I am thirsty’ and she sees acid bottle’ and goes to drink’it she opens the bottle cap and touches’ her mouth near it’

Update Credit to: Rashu

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