Veera 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Veera 4th September 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Ranvi running out of the house to take revenge on Nihaal. Ratan stops him and tries to put sense into him, in process revealing the fact that Nihaal has left the village. Chai ji looks on sadly. Ranvi says he’l go find him and get even. Ratan gets furious and yells at him saying he doesnt care one bit about them but just his revenge for something thats not even Nihaal’s fault.

Later Chai ji asks Ratan sadly whether its true that Nihaal has gone. Ratan confirms and is worried what would happen if Ranvi’s anger never goes away but Chai ji comforts her that he would soon calm down.

Next morning Ranvi comes running and hugs Ratan and apologizes and tells Chai ji and Ratan that he would now take care of everything in the house, be the man and they would start fresh. But he requests them not to let Veera know anything. Veera comes and asks them what they are hiding but Chai ji manages to divert her attention in a cute little ‘Moti Chaiji vs. Cheechri’ session.

Its teacher day in school and Veera and Ranvi go to school and its decided that students will be teachers for a day.

At home, Ratan is setting the cupboard when she finds the kurta she boight for Nihaal and ets emotional. Chai ji consoles her.

Veera is made the teacher of Baldev’s class and is told if anyone misbehaves she should complain. She starts being the teacher and asks everyone to take out their books. She personally scolds Baldev when he takes out a torn book and says she will ask a question and if he answers correctly she’d let him off the hook or else she’d punish him. Baldev is unable to answer.

Veera asks him to become the murgha in front of the class or else she’d complain. And Baldev is forced to do as asked and the class laughs. Then she says he needs to cocka doodle doo too. And Baldev has to do exactly that. Episode ends at Veera’s wiggling eyebrows.

Update Credit to: Elmofuj

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